Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saturday Smiles!

We know nothing of tomorrow;
our business is to be good and happy today.
                     Sydney Smith

Saturday morning I knew I needed to run some errands in town but I was enjoying my dream of that big turkey dinner my Sister was going to cook tomorrow, the one where I do not have to do anything but show up. I hum as I roll out of bed and think to myself this is going to be a fantastic day. I can hear the pitter patter of the rain hitting the window. I look out to see our Mother cows eating two of the bales of hay My Hero happened to bale last evening to feed them. Their tails are swooshing back and forth, they are happy. I cannot believe we are still baling hay, what a year.

I look at the huge field full of rows of hay lying flat. Those rows of brown rotting hay, with the rows of new green sprouts of grass showing between and the red tractor hooked to the yellow rake sitting idle making me only think of what a beautiful painting it would make. We had cut the short grass hoping we could bale to feed but it has managed to rain every day this week. I make my way out to the big kitchen window and see My Hero sitting there smiling.

He had discovered a garage sale in the paper that we must go and see on our way to get some salt for the cows. I forgo breakfast but do manage to gulp down a cup of coffee and we head for the old pickup.  While I am still humming My Hero gives me one of his silly grins, I love Saturdays.

 We take our time driving down the wet gravel road. Oh this has to be the most beautiful time of the year, the trees are all dressed in their fiery red, brilliant yellows and shades of green fancy coats holding their arms outstretched over the road acting as a canopy from the light rain that falls from the dark and brooding sky. This is truly beautiful. How could someone not be smiling driving through this and thinking of tomorrow’s turkey dinner?

The garage sale was a bust, it was cancelled due to rain but I am so glad we came early to experience this wonderful show of colour that Nature had rewarded us. We continue to the Co-op to get that salt and have a chat with some local farmers. Everyone has an opinion about the weather, the price of fuel, honestly the price of everything and they wonder how people are going to get by. We agree there are a lot of challenges to overcome this year but we all know it will be better next year if we can just make it through the winter. I am listening but humming in my head thinking of those beautiful leaves and the turkey dinner tomorrow, there will be plenty of other days to worry about that stuff. We bid goodbye and head back down those beautiful country roads for home.

My Hero heads out to fix the broken belt on the baler so we can hopefully bale that brown hay this weekend, I go to get that wood stove going. There is nothing better than a nice wood fire with a cold front moving in. I get the fire roaring and finish the laundry and head out to take My Hero some water.

 I see him standing inside the baler and asked him what was taking him so long. He apparently “Ran into a little snag”, and told me maybe I should go look in the shed and get a photo. Now my curiosity had kicked in, I wandered over to peer inside, wishing I had my camera. I was thinking it was going to be a Raccoon, or possibly the neighbour’s cat had new kittens or something. Just as I was getting close enough to the door to get a look he says “Don’t get to close it could turn around and spray you”.

  Now that was a fine time to tell me, I turned quickly and ran away from the door. It appears this Skunk will be spending the winter with us and My Hero has no problem with that as “It is healthy and happy”.

 My Hero can always make me smile but I honestly wonder sometimes if he truly believes he is funny or he just likes to see me run.



  1. I just swoon over these photos! Makes me feel so calm and happy.

    Your hero was a lil' stinker! lol! I guess we can't be mad though as he did call you back. ha!

  2. Sounds like we're not the only ones whose baler is always on the blink! Hope you get that hay up!

  3. I really like that quote...it reminds me of our sermon from Sunday about living in the present.

    Those leaves sure are beautiful!

    Isn't is something...the rain that we wished we had this summer...is now wreaking havoc on our harvest. It's the same thing here.

  4. Oh gosh, so funny. I was thinking the whole time something was going to happen and you weren't going to get that turkey dinner! A skunk! YIKES! I would have run too.

    Cindy Bee

  5. Probably a little of both lol. Men!!

  6. Your posts always make me smile! You do have a hero here in the real world. (thanks to Alan Jackson for the words)
    I hope the turkey dinner was delicious. Our turkey dinner is in November.

  7. A SKUNK! LOL That is unexpected:) Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. I wish I could join you for that turkey dinner. The colors are getting beautiful around here too...we are starting to have fires everyday now (had our first hard frost last night). Good luck with the baling.

  9. Tomorrow is simply too far away.

    I know nothing about the next moment.

    I enjoy what I am doing now.

  10. A turkey dinner sounds wonderful right now!

    Boys! Even Heroes have a naughty streak it seems. ;-)

  11. It must be a daily pleasure to live where the leaves change color so marvelously during fall. You are so lucky, Buttons!

    Sorry the garage sale was washed out/cancelled due to the rain.
    But hope that your turkey dinner will still take place regardless:)

    Will the skunk make its permanent home in the shed? Oh dear. What do you normally keep in the shed that now you can't get to while he is in residence?

  12. you two definitely belong together. :)

  13. Hope you had a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving, Buttons!

    I like your quote.

    There is ALWAYS something on the farm. Keeps us on our toes.

  14. Looks like such a beautiful drive! Stunning photos. I really like the quote as well. Good reminder :)

  15. Going to town to the feed store is one of my very favorite things. There is always someone there that you know and it is so laid back. Maybe the skunk will just disappear.

  16. so sweet you call your hubby your hero.. so, so sweet. I think he is funny ;) the trees here are still green. we don't get much red and yellow but when we do what a joy! the days are still hot and sunny. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving :) xxo

  17. A skunk would make me run too. :))

  18. LOL I was intensified right to the end of this post then gave out a big giggle ! Thinking to my self that's what Papa here would do to me lol . Wonderful post and photos ! Not the kind of perfume I would be wanting to wear lol Have a great day !

  19. Glad you didn't get sprayed! Sheesh! Cute story. Love the photos. :)

  20. i dream about those days also. in my dream, i am laying on the couch (any couch) RELAXING. there is a fire going, the house is filled with the smell of a home cooked meal. i can here the sound of the pots and pans banging together, the oven door opens and closes and i do absolutely nothing.

    then i hear "debbie, dinners ready". it's just a dream, i always cook holiday meals...but a girl can dream!!

    you should get a trap, for the skunk. they really can make a stink!!

  21. I'm glad your Hero called you back before you got sprayed by the skunk!! Yikes!
    Love the pictures you shared today, they look so very "fallish!" :)

  22. I hope you are able to fix your baler without much trouble.

    And that skunk would be in a trap if Shane had his way. :)

  23. Probably not the best winter company. Too bad about their smell, as skunks are cute little devils. Good luck with that little issue.

  24. I'm with Robyn....there IS always something on the farm!

  25. happy thanksgiving! oh dear we have had our share of skunks..but never spending the winter! good luck!

  26. Happy Thanksgiving Buttons and Mr. Hero!!!and skunk...?

  27. they're such cute little critters...it's too bad they have been given the gift of...stink! =)

    i love the fiery colors of autumn...and the brisk air...and the crunch of leaves underfoot...
    now if it would just get here already!!

    beautiful pic's!


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