Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mind Games!

The mind is like the stomach. It is not how much you put in it that counts,
        but how much it digests.
                              Albert Jay Nock

Driving slowly down a very narrow winding and dusty road heading to see my friend Nancy in Nebraska I am enjoying the view as I look down the cliff side of the mountain, suddenly my heart starts racing my palms are all sweaty making it difficult to grip the wheel, I turn my attention away from the breathtaking yet terrifying view and instantly see a wall of yellow brick in front of me, I turn the wheel as quick as I can but the next thing I know the air bags go off. I feel those bags slamming into my face and chest and I can feel the blood running down my face. Everything goes dark.

Have you guessed? Yes just like that annoying TV episode of Dallas decades ago, (Death of Bobby) it was a dream. What gave it away for you, it was the Nebraska thing wasn’t it? I knew it was a dream as soon as those airbags in my tractor exploded in my face, my tractor does not have airbags. You would have thought I would have clued in as I was driving through those beautiful snow covered high mountains along a dusty road. I am pretty sure there are no mountains in Nebraska or on my way there but you never know as I have never been. Even driving a tractor to Nebraska from Ontario would not have been my first choice for transportation but I just kept following this trail to see where it was going. Sometimes my real and my imagined walk along a very fine line in my head.

I bet you thought that would be the end of this dream once I hit that wall because we all know if you fall and ultimately hit the ground or you die in your dream you die in real life (I read that somewhere). Well apparently I did not die because this dream just kept going and getting more and more elaborate.

 I opened my eyes and seen this man towering over me, I see a horse pulling a stagecoach, and pretty dressed ladies with bustles and feathers in their hair (I kid you not) I am pretty sure while the blood running down my face and even with my blurry vision I recognized Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke. There was Festus and Dirty Sally too. They all surrounded me and started asking me if I was alright. I told them yes I think so and then the questions started “Why was I driving my tractor down this road” and “Why did you ignore the warning sign?” I asked what sign. In unison, they all shouted “The no tractor sign” (of course) I must have missed that.

Miss Kitty pulled up her bright red beautiful dress and ripped off a piece of her lacy white ruffled petticoat and wrapped it round and round my bleeding head. Festus and Chester carried me back to the stage coach. I slowly climbed inside and the drover maneuvered the horses around my now smashed tractor and I was told we were heading to town. I rested my head on the back of the seat and fell asleep; yes I realize I fell asleep in my sleep. At his point I was positive it was a dream and figured when I woke up I would be back in my bed at the farm in Ontario and not in those darn snow covered mountains near Nebraska with the cast of Gunsmoke.

I opened my eyes and I was being carried into a thrift store that looked like a Saloon except there was no player piano, dancing girls or poker players with guns and holsters. There were rows of bookshelves with dust covered old leather bound books and I just wanted to run my fingers through those pages, I was placed on a huge table. Doc with his little glass spectacles resting on his nose (I kid you not) was there with his little black leather bag and he pulled out all kinds of interesting old bottles with skull and cross bones logos. He unwrapped, round and round, the piece of Miss Kitty’s petticoat covering my head and poured some glowing green liquid on a rag, then dabbed it on my head and told me I was going to be fine.

“Did you not read the sign, no tractors?” he asked.  I replied I did not see it but speaking of tractors I have to fix my tractor to continue to my friend Nancy’s house. Marshall Dillon (yes it was him) said “The boys already pulled it to town and the mechanics are working on it”, I looked up at his big cowboy hat and blue eyes and said Thank you.

After getting patched up and downing a glass of milk poured from a brown whiskey jug by Doc I wandered over and let my fingers slide over those dusty old leather books, I could actually feel the history oozing from them. I grudgingly pulled myself away and I wandered out the swinging doors to see my tractor sitting there in front of me. The mechanic dressed like Mr. Spock (I know a little weird right?) told me they could not fix the airbags but it was all ready to go. He handed me the bill.

I immediately woke up to see my window, my comforter, and My Hero still sleeping. I felt like I had just been hit with a wall of yellow bricks and those airbags. Drat, I tried to go back to sleep and catch the ending but; that is not how a dream works does it now?

Am I the only one with those weird dreams that you would really like to go back and finish?

By the way Nancy; just how far is Nebraska?

This story has been approved by my Mom. 




  1. You dream like I do! The Great Scot always says that I don't have dreams, I have movies, hehe.

    Funny thing, my Granny always told me that when we die in a dream it means our lives are about to change.

  2. Oh my Gosh, what a dream. At least you got to see Matt Dillon.

    I did run over to visit Nancy myself and I am now a follower.

  3. Well at least you have good choice in people to visit!

    I think this is the time of year for impressive dreams. I've been having some real doozies lately, mostly involving two of my grandparents who have passed some years ago. They can be unsettling at times.

  4. What a dream! Of course I shouldn't be surprised that your dreams are vivid and in color and full of adventure and excitement...after all, they're yours! :)

  5. Wow, what a dream. I to have had a dream and wake up before it is finished. With so much going on for you right now I am not surprised you were on your faithful tractor heading out of town.
    I can see Mom laughing and enjoying this story as you told it to her.

    Love You, BA

  6. Ontario to Blair, Nebraska? A mere 991.21 miles. By tractor - prolly 1 month. Or more -- I don't know.

    The yellow bricks -- this is Oz, after all. :)

    You must be taking some good drugs to have such vivid dreams.

    I'll be waiting for you by the mailbox, with a bag of peanuts.

  7. I often go back to sleep and finish a dream but I suspect that my brain is now involved on a conscious level. I have also had dreams where I knew I was dreaming and, because it was scary, actually changed the dream into something more acceptable. It is a whole other world in your dreams.

  8. You have such a wild and active imagination, Buttons. How entertaining!

  9. I have weird dreams a lot. Your dream was awesome. :-)

  10. you are such a goof. thanks for sharing your dream. :)

  11. Wonder if anyone has written a book of their dreams may take a long time to write though for me as I hardly ever remember mine ! You write so well whether a dream or not ! Have a good day !

  12. Wow. That's amazing.
    I have one son that dreams like that and loooves to share his dreams at breakfast. :)
    I just usually hate dreams.

  13. "This story has been approved by my Mom." lol!

    Miss B NE is a long way. But, like you I would love to meet Nancy too.

  14. I had crazy dreams all night last night! What is going on with us? Your dream was super entertaining! While you are making the trek swing down to Missouri!

  15. Oh my gosh, what a dream! I must be slow because I totally believed you in the first paragraph haha. Glad you didn't get in a car wreck after all!

  16. I have odd dreams like this too!! Last night, I dreamt that one of my coworkers owned an art gallery/cafe called The Red House, and if you went out the back door you were in the country, but if you went out the front door you were in town. After a beautiful lunch for me and some friends my coworker handed me a can of chilled sparkling white tea (yes, tea), with highbush cranberries in it that she picked from her property out the back door. This morning at work (in real life!), I want to thank her for the chilled sparkling white tea with highbush cranberries. Haha!!!

    Thanks, Buttons :) It's nice to know I'm not crazy with these wacky dreams, or if I am, that the rest of humanity is crazy to.


  17. What a dream! It would be fun to go meet Nancy though, even on a tractor! I have had a few dreams that I wished I could finish but it just never seems to work, durn it all! Strange that you woke up as he handed you the bill...

  18. Whew, glad you got out of that one alive! Maybe you should reconsider what you have for a bedtime snack ;)

  19. haha!! what a dream!
    i have vivid, wild & crazy dreams...and talk in my sleep constantly. i wake myself up, i talk so much! and then, yes, i want to get back to sleep quick & finish the crazy adventure.
    but it never works like that.

  20. Oh, Buttons, you had me laughing. I have some weird dreams sometimes, too. The closest I ever got to the cast of a TV show was Jerry Seinfeld helping me get off an escalator. You really had a doozy there. Had me going, wondering how it ended up. I loved Festus. Maybe I should go see if they play Gunsmoke reruns. I suddenly have a hankering for my old friends from Dodge City. LOL

  21. What a cool dream! I have some strange ones sometimes. Makes you wonder about their true meaning.

  22. LOL... your dream reminds me why I never see scarey movies. My mind will take one and ELABORATE on it beyond anyone's wildest dreams and my nightmares. Silence of the Lambs was a 2 week non-stop nightmare fest.

  23. Well, there was the one I had a long time ago where Becky and I were driving around in our old white car with the old farm couple from the American Gothic painting in the back seat. They even had their pitchfork with them. We were giving them a ride to some where, but it was never really clear where or why. Whenever we would go around any corners or curves they would look startled and go "woooo" as if it were a thrilling carnival ride.

  24. Now that's what I call a dream. I wish I could remember my dreams. But I never do. I really did enjoy reading yours.


  25. Wowza, that was some dream!
    Can't say I've ever had such a complex dream but you're right, if you wake up too early you can never get back into it.
    Relieved to read it was only a dream though.

  26. lol!! so glad you survived the trip!


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