Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What's up?

Every fact that is learned becomes a key to other facts.
                            E.L. Youmans

Well…. that would be My Hero, I knew this day was coming it is a phenomenon of November and sometimes December. This man makes me cringe as he balances on the ladder then moves off the ladder to run around on top of a rusty roof that I am not exactly sure is that solid. He assures me he is fine and not to worry. Well I have certainly heard that many times before. I walk back to the house. I have learned from years of previous experience, and shaking knees, I am calmer away from him. I sit at my kitchen table writing and turning my head every once in a while to make sure he is still up. I always pray the day never comes that I look and he is on the ground. Irrational fear maybe, but I cannot help it.

The drive shed is where we store equipment like the hay rake, the discbine, an old IH combine and all our winters’ supply of wood. This building except for our house is supposed to be the newest building, being built in the sixties I think. It is also the building that seems to need the most work due to a shabby building design, neglect and so much wear and tear. The doors except for two are missing from being torn off by windstorms of long ago and have never been replaced to accommodate the new much larger farm equipment.

 Our cows used to spend the winters walking in and out and continually scratching against any piece of loose wood. New boards have been replaced on the back by My Hero last spring in an effort to keep this building standing. I remember when we first moved here in the eighties the foundation had huge cracks due to, we were told, by the blasting and ultimate vibrations made while construction on the gas pipeline miles away. It has always leaned a little to the west; no doubt those east winds blowing have taken their toll. A dilapidated building but still very much needed, and with its own special charm.

During those powerful north winds created by Hurricane Sandy weeks ago My Hero came home that night and asked if I had noticed the drive shed leaning. I had been continually checking our barn roof here and the neighbour’s barn but I never noticed that, he always seems to notice things I miss. I looked out to see the roof dipping in the middle, oh yeah now I see it. Those north winds had knocked it off the corner cement support and now the roof was sinking closer to that old combine and lucky for it that piled to the roof firewood was helping to prop it up.

My Hero that weekend used the tractor with loader to lift up the corner of that drive shed and positioned the cement support back under the corner, I watched as the roof magically returned to its old position. I do notice some things. This brings me back to the roof and today.

My Hero moves back and forth across this roof with a screw gun and a pocket of very expensive screws. I want to stress very expensive, one bag of these galvanized screws with a special head cost $100 (500 screws). We bought two bags (1000 screws) that was $200 plus tax. I sometimes wonder if the screws are worth more than these old roofs. My focus goes to the sunlight bouncing off the sparkly diamond like screws on the barn roof that he had replaced. I remember those days last December, January, and February when there was no snow on that roof and he was dangling from it, and I still get those shivers down my spine.

 I look back to My Hero and am thankful he is only on the drive shed roof today and not the higher barn roof but I am sure that day will come again very, very soon.

This is why I always wish for snow, he cannot go up on the roof in the snow. Well at least it makes him pause and think about it first instead of grabbing that ladder, the screw gun and those diamond priced screws.

Every time we go to an auction he is always on the lookout for a much taller ladder. Yeah!



  1. Hey....cows gotta scratch, eh? ;)

    Taller ladder? My goodness!

    Here's hoping for snow...and and INSIDE Hero! :)



  2. I'm not one bit better; my heart is always in my mouth when the Great Scot is doing something like that.

    Here's hoping for snow (for you guys anyway!)

  3. EW! I can feel the shivers going up my spine just thinking of your husband up on the roof. I fell off a ladder in the 1990s painting the second story of my home. I will NEVER climb a ladder up that far again. NEVER! I have scars on my body and on my memories. I hope your husband is very careful.

  4. I won't go up on any roof, but it doesn't bother my husband at all. Creeps me out! Once he was on our house roof (we have a steep A frame log cabin) and he had gone out through our master bathroom window. Well Pierce was maybe 3 at the time, and he saw the window open and he cranked it shut, locking my husband out on the roof. We kept hearing lots of banging, but as Paul was up there cleaning out the chimney for the wood stove, I didn't think much about it. He was stuck out there for quite some time before I finally went to check and realized he'd been locked out, LOL!

  5. No wonder he is your hero!! Your Husband trys to keep everything running smoothly and working. He is such a hard worker.

    I used to always be the one to be up on a roof, the older I get the more chicken I get. Haven't been on a roof in years and at my age, I don't plan on doing it ever again.

  6. I'm shaking for you/him from here, Buttons...I am terrified of heights! I'm sure he's very careful.

  7. I have never been fond of heights (falling from, rather than looking from), but husband is even worse.
    I like the sunlight coming in through the boards in the second shot!

  8. i always get wobbly when i'm up on a roof...never seems that high from the ground!
    have you heard of folk magazine? it's new and submissions are from bloggers. it's a beautiful magazine. i got my second copy in the mail yesterday and was thinking of you and your stories and i think you should submit some of your stories to them! seriously!

  9. The roof is 'verboten' to the husband now. A lack of attention makes him particularly dangerous up there. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your hubs gets down safely.

  10. that is nerve racking. i'm glad our roof is relatively flat for this very reason.

    i'm baffled by how much a galvanized screw cost! no wonder you you need a sell cow on occasion!

  11. My friends hubby does the same. She said . As much as I tell him I dont like it. He still goes up. Saying I will be okay.

    My dad was the same as he got older till the day he fell off the ladder and broke his arm. he never listen to us. He thought he knew better. That ladder looked so big and he looked so small.

    Something in men with heights. They have know fear.

    I think they are in their childhood forever.

    Women just have to grin and bare I guess.

    Talking only makes it worse it seems.

    The older they get it gets worse.


  12. i remember your posts about his roof-clambering adventures last season. yikes!

  13. Gosh, I hope your hero doesn't have a mishap on the roof. I would be so tense the whole time. I had no idea nails were so expensive. Yowzers. Happy and SAFE Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!!

  14. I certainly understand your concern for your Hero! I always get nervous when my hubby gets up on the roof and ours is pretty flat and only 8 years old!
    Those stinkin' self-sealing screws ARE priced like diamonds!

  15. we have a 32 foot ladder to climb up the side of the house to clean out the gutters, it's a nerve wracking job!!


  16. I like the shot of him on the roof. Is there nothing he can't do? Happy Thanksgiving Buttons!

  17. It always makes me nervous when my husband gets on the ladder! I have a hard time watching.

  18. J does things that make me nervous too! It really made me worry when he was here all alone. How long would it be before I found him?

    There is always something to fix on the ranch.

  19. I have to stain the sides of our cabin and I kick myself for not extending the porch and upper deck, because I don't mind the height it is how tall the ladder is that bothers me.

  20. Our adult boys paid a visit to the farm last weekend....I put them to work up on ladders hoping with a long to-do list. I am hoping it will temper my version of a Hero's quest to climb one for a few weeks.

  21. Your fears are not unfounded. Hopefully he is still young and has good balance. The older you get the worse your balance becomes. We have had 3 friends recently fall from ladders. One unfortunately is now a paraplegic. remind him to concentrate and take care.


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