Thursday, December 13, 2012

Calm, Crazy then back to Calm!

Genuine simplicity of heart is a healing and cementing principle.
               Edmund Burke

The day started out wonderful, I was back in the bush enjoying the smells, the peace and quiet, and enjoying those cute little faces of the new calves, some hiding and some frolicking about on the hay. I could hear the loud babbling of the stream that was only trickling just last week before the heavy rain. I was trying to find a way to cross it without getting wet. I could hear the crunching of the frozen ground while I walked back and forth along the stream trying to find a narrow spot to jump. This is the life I love and always feel so calm and at peace.

Fast forward a couple of hours.

I am walking in a mall that smells like a mix of cinnamon buns, and floor polish. I hear a different Christmas song blaring from every store I pass. I see the faces of heavily laden with parcels people, some smiling others looking sad and some like me, perplexed as to why they are here and totally out of their element. I can hear the babbling of coffee being poured into paper cups in the coffee shop as I pass. I do love that smell.

I must say I rarely go to a mall but I was on a mission to find my MIL a Christmas present and I thought I would venture out and hopefully find something wonderful. I was in this particular mall for well over an hour before I realized I was not going to find anything and finally gave up.

Empty-handed I headed to the door and hopefully on the right level and the correct exit, into a sea of unfamiliar yet similar looking vehicles packed like sardines in a parking lot. I immediately head to my Jeep. How did I know it was mine you ask?

I jump in, back up and then remembering I had not eaten because I was running late because I slept in and spent so much time in the bush. Now getting a little hungry I headed to Timmy’s to grab a coffee and a muffin and use their free WiFi. It still amazes me as I sit here eating my muffin in the hustling, bustling, and I must say crazy busy city that I can keep myself calm by looking at my farm in the palm of my hand on my Iphone. Looking at cute little faces and photos of the bush.

I look out the window to see my dirty old Jeep and think maybe I should just go home or at the very least go and find a car wash. I decide against the car wash until this season is over so I will always be able to find it. I decide I will try out one more place a big box store.

I walked around this store for another hour with my eye on my watch the whole time knowing the sun goes down so early and I have to get home to check the cows. I finally found something, I decide on a set of security night lights for my Mom and MIL. It is a flashlight that turns on automatically if the power goes out, a night light and a motion sensor flash light for those nights of wandering around in the dark. This will be great for both of them. It will keep them safe. (Don’t tell them). The set of three should work very well.

Successful but wondering "How" people do this?
I finally jump back in the Jeep and head for home after a quick stop to check on Mom, I make her a tea then remind her Pearly will be making her supper tonight. Tess had made it last night. Lizzie takes care of weekends. Thank goodness for great sisters and a system that works. I will see her tomorrow again. A big hug then back on the road again. I am so lucky we have flexible days to make sure Mom is always taken care of especially during calving time.

 I make it home and rush to pull on those dirty coveralls and run to climb in the tractor, I drive down to check for new calves. I check all the bush and watch as the sun goes down while enjoying those cute little faces. Still only eleven calves.

Back to the house to make supper.  Aaaahhh.


Happy Birthday BA, hope you are not stuck in the mall:)


  1. As my daughter used to say "Malls are the BAD bad Momma!" Thank goodness you could return to the farm for some peace and quiet.

  2. You know, you take such beautiful photos....a nice gift would be a photo of something with meaning to the recipient..framed. Don't waste your talents girl.

  3. It is nice to have some of both isn't it? Malls and farms?

  4. I dread shopping, especially this time of year. It is crazy out there with everyone pushing and shoving to get at the deals.

    I would rather be home and most likely on the computer.

  5. HA HA HA, your jeep looks exactly like my minivan. We live on a gravel/dirt mountain road.

    I hardly ever go to the mall myself. Unless I'm looking for something very specific.

  6. Your Jeep looks just like our car...not hard to find in a parking lot, eh?! :) I just love looking at the pictures of your cows and their calves...they look so happy and content!

  7. I can never find anything in a mall either. ;-) I am glad you found the perfect gift.

  8. I prefer to spend more in the jungle than in a mall.

  9. These days, when I go to the mall, it is for coffee and writing in my journal. I just stay out of the stores. I agree with that comment about you should give copies of some of your photos!! I framed one of the mist at dawn to send my former in-laws, and DD is saying she cannot take it, despite having a drive to and from the airport. Just when I thought I was reaching some sort of detente...

  10. And then I forgot to say how much I love that first photo, of the calf peeking through the branches!!!

  11. Love the pic of the momma and baby peering out of the bush!

    Also love the idea if the lights- I have been know to give flashy flashlights for Christmas too.
    Warmth is my other passion - like to keep people warm , so just keep on knitting.
    Did you know that you can knit by candle light, flashlights and almost no light?
    Off topic I know, but just got thinking about your gift of light.

  12. i detest malls. i abhor most shopping. i'd much rather be hanging with the cows (or horses or dogs), too. :)

  13. Haven't spent a penny Christmas shopping in malls yet this year! Love the peekaboo photo.

  14. ooohhhh b, i know the feeling oh so well. you may think i am a shopper, but i detest the mall!! won't go there, never, not ever. i will however park by the apple store and enter the mall, only to visit apple.

    i have shopped on-line for all my gifts. i have also picked up a few personal, handcrafted items at local craft shows, which i LOVE!!

    i am wrapping today and i am filled with glitter. i'm home, my birds are chirping and i am happy, very happy!!

  15. The contrast between town and country really resonates here. And I love that little calf in the last picture.

  16. Practical and useful Christmas presents! Must feel very good indeed to have found those out in the cray bustle of xmas shoppers, and then be back home in the peace and tranquil pretty space of your land:)

  17. Lovely photos of the calves I especially like the first one peeking out from the bush . I cant stand malls and all the hustle and bustle of it all especially in the big city's that's were Papa and I like to go to our country towns with small shops and boutiques it is much quieter . Glad you were able to find gifts for your mum and MIL ! I am a home body and if we have to go out we are always soo relieved to return to our home sweet home ! Have a good day !

  18. Forgot to say Papa and I are giving our photos as gifts on calenders and family photo collage plaques this year the only place we have had to go to is staples for them to do the calendars and plaques and that is in a small town just minuets away. I have been busy creating and printing cards here as well ! I agree with the other bloggers here your photos would make wonderful gifts for your family and friends ! Have a good day !

  19. Those baby hereford pictures just slay me ;)

    and the other day while taking a dump run (LOL) to get rid of more fire damaged stuff, I did see some HEREFORDS in a field!!! Someone is getting wise around here lol

    but then I also had to stop to let pass in front of the truck two wandering alpaca's- they were moving with was definitely a wtheck moment...

    And thank you for shopping at the mall because some brave women need to do that for us, us ones who timidly online shop...LOL

  20. What a cute little calf! I bet it is so nice to see all their little faces. I'm glad you finally found a good gift for your MIL! I hate malls this time of year. Well, I always hate malls actually haha.

  21. Oh yes, I agree B, Malls are there only to be visited sparingly. I always feel overwhelmed at the odd times we go to one in the City. I can't make a decision on anything either because there's too much choice!
    Beaut you found such excellent gifts though, so your visit paid off in the end ;D)
    Beautiful new calf photos.
    Cheers :D)

  22. I think someone need to was the jeep. stunning photos, and i love reading your daily blogs. A breath of fresh air.

  23. I don't know how people live the city life. I used to do it, years ago. But I couldn't take the crowds anymore.

  24. My daughter used to swear that malls suck the life out of a person's soul. I hate going in them and only as a last resort. You car is like a chalkboard in reverse. Do people leave notes on it for you? That's something they'd do around here. I can never find my car, so maybe I should let mine get like yours. lol

  25. I'm with you, Buttons, hate malls, love dirt roads and quiet, peaceful landscapes. But sometimes we must venture...... My truck looks like yours - dirt road, too. You can write your name on it just in case you need to. he he. Love your little babies. xx

  26. Wish I had those cute little faces to come home to after working in the crazy world of retail. Love all the new babies you have posted.
    Wasn't working today so had an awesome day, lunch with H and spoke to all 4 kids.

    Love You, BA

  27. I am with you! I hate Christmas shopping. I try very hard to go in with a plan, otherwise it gest very easy to get overwhelmed. The only problem with dirty jeeps and shopping is sometimes things other than the jeep get muddy, like me:)

  28. You are lucky to have the sounds of nature around you. Must be strange going to the hustle and bustle of city life.

  29. What a day of contrasts! Like you, I'm never happier than wandering around our farm....though these days it's more often just my garden. That, too, has a calming and a grounding experience so that I can face life only takes a few moments...strange isn't it? Love the photos of the calves and well remember seeing the same hiding tricks. Sometimes so well hidden, aren't they? What a good idea for gifts...and our farm truck used to look much the same. Our car gets so messy it's just not worth washing it so I wait until I go to the Midlands to visit my mother! Not worth it otherwise! Take care my friend. Joan

  30. A mall is not my favourite place to spend time, that'a for sure. Tim Horton's in MY kinda place. :))

    Sounds like you have found a practical gift. Kudos!

  31. Cute pictures of the babies! :)
    I can't remember the last time I was in a mall...

  32. i hate shopping...
    (of course, i have to...for essentials)
    and i never go to malls. ugh.

    so nice to get back home...and hear the familiar MOOS!! =)

  33. i do my christmas shopping online. let the ups truck get dirty instead. ;)

  34. I do not go to malls...ever! The crowds make me crazy...

  35. Hello B, out of my most profound respect for your Quiet Tuesday on your more recent post, I returned to this one.
    Am finishing up my blog year - off to visit our dear children - but wanted to send you my heartiest warm and kind wishes for a peaceful, relaxing Christmas.
    Looking forward to our exchanged visits across the blogosphere in 2013.
    Thank you for your friendship. Susan xx


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