Thursday, December 20, 2012

Frank and Friends! ( Part 1 of 2)

The longer I live the more I think of humor as in truth the saving sense.
                                                      Jacob August Riis

I know this is really good news for Frank and I had no doubt that he would find friends with his charm and that smile but I must admit I have my hands full now.

You see Frank wanted to show his new found friends the farm and asked if I could show them around. I told him it may not be safe and I was not sure if the girls would listen to me. The farm can be a very dangerous place and HE does not always listen, so how could I believe they would.

Frank assured me that Florence and Rebecca would be on their best behaviour and so would he. He only had one request, “Could I please wear the Bear Bell because I am a little afraid of seeing a Bear and I really love to hear it jingle?” OK you can wear it but you will all have to ride in the tractor buckled up in my back pack. “Oh but that would be so crowded.” Sorry Frank that is my rule. “OK, OK” “Can we go now?” Yes go and call the girls. The girls come bounding up the stairs.

Frank, Florence, and Rebecca with her long Blue mane jump into the backpack. Frank was bragging about the Bear Bell and the girls asked if they could have one. I told them that was the only one and Frank jumps in to say “I will scare any Bears off, do not worry.” The girls were smiling.

The trip on the way down to the cows was not a quiet one. “Move over Florence” “Buttons; Florence is taking up all the room” OK Rebecca take it easy, Florence you have to share. “Oh fine then” Frank jumps in “Be good or Buttons will turn this tractor around” Thanks Frank.

Well the ride went well but as soon as I stopped, turned off the tractor and opened the door all three of them jumped out of the back pack, raced across the grass and mud then ran to check the cows. It was all I could do to catch them. I do not know how they jumped up on top of the bale but I let them sit there while the cows came to check them out. Rebecca was a little afraid and Frank was going to shake on the Bear Bell to frighten the cows. I told Frank NO that is for hiking in the bush, and the cows will not hurt you. Rebecca let one of the calves come very close and said she felt her breath on her face. She was smiling and calm after that. Florence was just plain excited.

I told them it was time to go deeper into the bush to check for more calves I know #16 is so cute but there may be more. I informed them they are not going to run across the mud so they had to get in the back pack again and I would carry them. Frank said “No we will be good, we promise” I reminded him about the jumping out of the tractor and running up to the cow’s thing. He did not say another word and he jumped into the back pack with Florence and Rebecca right behind him. I let them settle down a little in the back pack, as they argued about who was sitting where and I ignored them and counted the calves. Some of the calves and their Mothers came to check them out. That kept them quiet for a while so I let them be. OK let us head into the bush and see what we see.

“Yeah!!!” they started singing, “If you go out in the woods today…….” I joined in. dah dah, dah dah, dah dah.

To be continued………



  1. how fun! and those beautiful babies... i could sit and stare at them. they look like bald, fuzzy little bears! take care B...

  2. ~Today's the day.......


    Can't wait to see what else you see!


    The Goat Borrower

  3. Nothing like a plaid reindeer named Frank to give you a new perspective on things lol.

  4. So happy that you are back to your old silly self, I worry when you get down in the dumps, even though I understand why.

    Love You, BA

  5. Okay, so you have officially entered your 2nd childhood. Which is always much better than the first.

    You need to start raising some of those rainbow-colored horses. More money in those than cattle, I think


  6. Love, love, love those little calves! They are so cute! And the look on the cow's face in that second picture is priceless..."What on earth is that creature doing in my hay?!" :)

  7. haha, what a cute story :) love the photos, made me smile!

  8. What a lovely story and photos ! Laughter is the best medicine mum always said ! Have a good day !

  9. Frank and Friends are getting quite the tour. (Now I'll have "Teddy Bears' Picnic" stuck in my head all day--I guess it could be worse).

  10. the cowlick was too funny, but those calves are adorable!!!

  11. That cow does look a little skeptical about Frank and Friends in her hay!! LOL!!

  12. Well it looks like Frank is having way to much fun. What is he going to do when you put him away for the year...... Or .... maybe you won't put him away.

  13. So funny! I love the photos of them with the cows!

  14. haha, too funny! It's so important to have fun! Adorable calves!

  15. Ah Buttons your post made me smile :))
    Such a lovely post - I can hardly wait for part 2.
    Those calves are so so cute.

  16. Wonderful babies, and Frank getting to carouse along with them:)

  17. Nothing like a little lick from a cow!

  18. wonderful post!!! Fun at the farm, what could top that?

  19. Gotta love the enthusiasm of Frank, Florence, and Rebecca! :)

  20. hahahaaa!!! this was FUN! great shots...i love those CUTE babies...and Frank's not too bad either! =)
    a COW kiss!! i don't know if i should say COOL or UGH! haha

  21. It's like a sweet children's book!

    Hope you had a very blessed Christmas!


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