Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Frozen Buttons and Pens!

Every drop of ink in my pen ran cold.  Horace Walpole

Sitting here this Sunday morning looking out my big window now covered with raindrops creating a veil of mist distorting my view, I have a laundry in and my Crockpot ready to go I reflect back to the cold Friday before.

While sitting perched on a stump in the bush waiting for Mr. Weasel to come back I remember that feeling of profound peace.
I pulled out the pad of paper from my back pack and set it on my lap so I could write down the thoughts running through my head. I searched the bottom of the pack for the pen that I know is always there; I remember the whistle I had left on the kitchen counter before leaving my warm sanctuary. In the search for my pen I pull out my water bottle and remove the cap, I take a sip of water, shock grips the sides of my mouth as the cold water flows; I put the cap back on and set the bottle on a rock.

 I continue to dig around and pull out random things searching for this elusive pen. My extra socks in case I get my feet wet, an extra toque which I immediately pull on top of the one I am wearing; I am very cold at this point. I wish I had brought a fleece jacket also. I find a pen and try to write, I make very large circles trying to get the ink to run onto the paper, no luck. I throw the pen back into the pack and look for another one. I grab a large bright orange pen from the bottom and notice it is the same colour as my orange windbreaker, I smile. I must admit this jacket does not seem to have a huge effect stopping those winds, even though the Pine trees are trying to block it. 

I click on the pen and make large circles on the paper, it does not work either and tears a hole in the paper, and I assume both my pens are frozen and throw it, along with the socks and water into the pack. I decide to move on and give up the idea that Mr. Weasel is ever coming back.

I climbed over the rocks and walked through the Pines heading deeper into the bush, surely the winds could not penetrate this far in. I stop to take photos of huge Puffballs now reduced to artful containers full of dust.

I make my way to the barbed wire fence line, strung there years ago to keep the cows from danger on the other side and to protect the hardwood full of those Beech, Sugar Maples and the Shaggy Bark Hickory’s that I love.

 My thoughts are interrupted as I look out this big misty window and see My Hero struggling to lift a gate onto the bucket of the tractor. I run downstairs to put on my boots and grab my coat, I head out into the rain.

After helping lift the gate above his head with the bucket and then climbing out of the tractor My Hero informs me our first heifer calf was born last night, I think to myself my days will be filled with a different purpose and busier. I asked if he needed any help and he answered “No, everything is fine” so I head back into the house and out of the rain.

I sit back in my chair, in front of my distorted view and drift back to those thoughts, and my story.

As I walked along the barbed wire fence line heading for the sap house, I can see the post leaning and check to see if the wire is broken, it is not. The Chick-a-dees flit from branch to branch one step ahead of me as if they are daring me to follow them. I love listening to them and watching them peck at the dried juniper berries. BANG….. BANG. I think of my whistle sitting on the kitchen counter. The noise is coming from the sap house, I stop in my tracks. It gets louder, Bang, Bang, Bang. I decide to turn around and head back to the laneway and back to the house.

Walking north and with that Arctic cold wind biting my face, I wondered why I had walked so far on such a cold day; I raced down the unsheltered from the wind laneway. My mind drifts back to the noise and what it could possibly have been. A Bear, a Moose (they are not usually here but I have always wanted to see one in our bush). Maybe it was a Raccoon or possibly a Chipmunk dancing on the tin with oversized shoes, I laugh envisioning that in my head, a whimsical cartoon running over and over.

I finally reach the gate and struggled with the chain wearing those red fuzzy gloves; not helping was that cold wind pushing against it. Finally I make it to the house door put the key in the lock and open. The warm air rushes out surrounding me like a warm hug, I shut the door locking out that cold Arctic air.

It is Sunday morning. I am looking out the misty window watching my Hero work in the rain. I rush down to check my laundry.


Thanks to comments from Theresa and Nancy I did a little more research on my friend Mr.Weasel from yesterdays post. Due to the larger size of him/her I am almost positive it was an Ermine. They are longer and heavier and I had never seen one before. Thanks girls. Welcome Mr. Ermine. 


  1. An ermine! I am so fascinated by your ermine then. I hope you get to see him again.

    Brrr, your writing today made me shiver!

  2. Don't be going out without that whistle again..
    Frank is on his way..the post office promised me three business days.

  3. How about a nice warm mug of hot cocoa with a bit of raspberry syrup drizzled in it? I'll share!

  4. Ooh! Scary sound coming from the sap house!

    An ermine? How exciting!

  5. My favourite photo is the third one, with the leaning fence post!!
    As for writing in the cold, what about using a pencil... I would just keep walking, and do my writing in the warm house...

  6. Wow, I've never heard of an ermine! He was cute, whatever he was :)

    Exciting that you got your first heifer calf! I love tiny babies :)

  7. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your first heifer calf! Your adventures today made me cold...I think I'd take Jacqueline up on that offer of hot chocolate with raspberry drizzle! :)

  8. An ermine - wow, that is even more interesting than a weasel. he was beautiful all white like that!

    It sounds brrrr, chilly. I wonder what the loud banging was, and if it was a bear, am glad he or she didn't see you! And what could it have been banging together? Nuts to crack wouldn't be that loud, would it? Trying to break into a tree for honey they just do with their paws, right, so that wouldn't be noisy. Hmmmm.

    Glad you are inside again and warm. It has to be VERY VERY very cold indeed for pens to freeze!

  9. I got cold just reading this Buttons. Your words are so descriptive I feel like I am there with you.

    Stay warm today!

  10. Would love to take one of these walks with you my friend. Stay warm. :)

  11. I feel like I just went on that walk with you and had to turn on the small heater on the table next to me, that's how cold I got. An ermine is just beyond fabulous and I now have to go back and read about him.

  12. Sometimes I think the only way to work through the stuff swirling around in our head it to do like you, Miss B. Think about and process it and take in nature. There is something about being out in God's beauty that puts our troubles into perspective.

    Glad to hear you are getting some much needed rain.

  13. so now we need to find an insulated writing pen for you. :)

  14. I just love the way you write . I can imagine it all in your words , in some ways it sounds like me especially what you though the sound was a chipmunk with big shoes on a tin roof lol I think things like that to and make myself smile at the nuttiness of it ! Wonderful photos . I think you should write a book about living in the country and all that goes with it you write so wonderfully . Have a good day !

  15. I've missed you Buttons, but I'm back now. I even have a pen that works that I could send you if only I knew how to attach it to this comment:)

    My husband called the other day to say that on his walk to work he saw a deer hanging out in front of the city pool. Unfortunately, it did not appear as though the deer had brought along a swimsuit...:)

  16. If it's cold enough to freeze ink in a back pack, it's too cold for me!

  17. I've never heard of an Ermine! Off to google!
    PS Do you know how often I learn something when I come here? Often!

  18. I feel as if I am going on an adventure with you when you write these posts. Wonderful writing!!!
    Have you ever thought of writing a book? You'd be great at it!!!

  19. i wanna know what's in that crock pot? :D i just love the way you write, i think i tell you that every time i visit...tell me if it gets old lol.....what are those "puff balls"?

  20. Beaut to read your story B, almost there with you... oh that cold though. Love how the warm air rushes out and surrounds you like a warm hug - beautifully put!
    How thrilling to have seen that white ermine :D)

  21. Cold enough to freeze the ink in your pen is way to cold for me! I'm with Tanya, I just love reading your posts! You keep warm up there! How fun that is was an ermine, much nicer than a plain ol' weasel! :)

  22. Now that a story. I loved it. I was getting goose bumps just reading it.


  23. An ermine? wow Buttons you sure have had some adventures these past few days.
    BTW_ I love my crockpot ;-)

  24. The pictures look really chilly to me. brr
    I have a friend who has a cowboy husband and last summer, they were tending to about 14 calves...apparently, if the cow mamma gave birth to 2 calves, she tends to forget one and just take care of the other one..is this also the case in your farm?

  25. I love this story! I never leave home without my whistle; my mother gave it to me. She got it when she toured a whistle factory on a seniors' bus trip. I coveted it for years but never told her. One day not so long ago when I was there for a weekend visit she asked me if I wanted it. It's on my key chain.
    wonderful writing Buttons. happy week to you.

  26. Buttons how I love your stories. I wish i could put my thoughts to paper as beautifully as you. im so scattered that what i want to say doesn't always come out the best. im back to posting and reading. so keep up the wonderful work!

  27. Oh I wish I had such a beautiful spot as yours to visit.

  28. I felt like I was out there with you, Buttons, frustrated with that stupid pen and listening for sounds and helping out with chores. How wonderful to have a new heifer and to have seen an Ermine and those puffballs.....I just don't know what to say about those, wow! You don't want to come face to face with whatever was making that noise, though. Be careful and stay warm. xx

  29. You guys get some terribly cold weather up there. I wish I could bottle up some of our sunshine & warmth and send it your way. We are expecting a high of 80 today.


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