Monday, January 21, 2013

Attack of Domesticity!

The domestic hearth. There only is real happiness.
                           Anatole France

This quote gives me pause for about a second, while reading some of my older posts and realizing this whole ‘Domesticity” thing seems to be lacking or at the very least taken a back seat in my busy life.

I am a very busy hardworking farm woman, a dutiful daughter to a Mother who needs all of her family right now, I like to think an accommodating eldest sister trying to keep everyone happy, and hopefully a good friend when needed but….. I have to admit with all these things going on in my life I am missing those simple things involving domesticity.

I miss the true art of cooking and not rushing to throw something on the table, be it my table or my Mom’s, it has become so easy to just throw things in a Crock Pot and forget it. I miss cleaning my house and that sense of accomplishment at seeing shining floors, sparkling bathroom fixtures and dust free furniture. I miss the aroma of baked goods floating through my house. I truly miss sewing; I loved to leave my sewing machine sitting on the table in front of the big window and create quilts or something as simple as a pillow covers or a simple apron. I miss that inspiring feel of the different textures of the fabric, the feel of the cold metal scissors in my hand, but mostly that soothing sound of the machine humming while the fabric flowed picking up beautiful precise stitches as it went.

Friday after dealing with Annie, Cute Calf and Crazy Cow and making sure all the cows were looked after, I took a photo of Cute Calf (below) to show you how truly cute she is and then I drove the tractor to the gate just outside Gracie’s Lane, I climbed over the fence and made my way to that place that calms me and truly keeps me centered in my sometimes crazy roller coaster world. I sat on my rock and pulled my camera out of my pocket.

 I took a photo of those Cadillac boots first visit to my rock, it was so cold, I pulled my hat down low over my ears and I watched as the cool wind bent the tree branches, they creaked like an old floor board. I suddenly heard a loud snap, first I looked up above my head and then I looked to the west and seen nothing. My heart raced but I was not afraid, I have never really been afraid of anything I hear or see in the bush. I must admit I feel like I have more control back here than anywhere else in my life. I suddenly see a Pileated Woodpecker at the bottom of the ridge; I took the cover off my camera again and focused then pushed the button. Nothing…. I truly thought my camera was frozen, I tried again same problem, I watched as the Woodpecker flew off to places unknown. I was disappointed. I kept trying to snap photos of all the beautiful things I see, the images were now all distorted. Defeated I headed to the house. Oh I truly hoped my camera was only frozen, I know it is shockproof but I am now wondering if it is Crazy Cow proof after the fall and it being in my pocket at that time. Drat.

I decided since I had nothing else to do I would bake some zucchini bread without zucchini (that’s another story) from a recipe my friend Jacqueline posted on her blog, I made some chili from scratch, baked some brownies and then cleaned my kitchen. I continued on, I scrubbed the bathroom making the faucets, sink and tub shine; I vacuumed, dusted, and washed the floors. Oh I was starting to feel that domestic feeling coming back.

I now think I have truly found the secret path back to my domesticity. Broken camera, no snow for snowshoeing ,and a bum knee from Crazy Cow means no time in the bush meaning more time in the house making me want to cook and clean to compensate for feeling sad, hungry and I must admit extremely bored.

I guess that being less domestic had more to do with discovering that something that means so much to me and not only about those moments with others like I thought. I am thinking I may just pull out that sewing machine and use the pattern for an apron I picked up from the lovely ladies at the church thrift store. I could take a pattern off it and make a couple of different styles. That would be fun. Yes domestic Buttons is back. I think My Hero is going to like seeing that old “June Clever” type of woman he married.

I would love to show you photos of my domestic bliss afternoon but my camera is still not working. Oh I truly have to get that fixed. It seems the domesticity I had revisited has now become less appealing and I find myself looking out the window staring at the bush.

Oh the weather report is calling for snow; my knee is feeling much better. Oh I cannot believe it has only been five hours. The house sure is pretty and smells so good, wish I had a picture.


I would like to thank Vicki at 2 Bags Full for putting together an incredible Grow Your Blog event that required a tremendous amount of time and effort on her part. Thank you Vicki. There are so many blogs to search through and I am sure everyone will find something to their liking. Bringing Bloggers together is a wonderful thing for all of us. You are to be admired for your work and your kindness. Thank you so much. I am off to check out some more blogs now.

Hugs B


  1. That's a great way to make lemonade when life (or a Crazy Cow) gives you lemons. Enjoy your time in your home and take care of that knee!

  2. The little white calf is so cute :)
    Good luck with your camera, and I know you will miss it if it's gone bung.
    You take care my friend and enjoy yourself there..hugs M xoxoxox

  3. I hope your camera is back in working order soon, Buttons. Meanwhile, enjoy you time cooking, baking and cleaning.

    By the way, I made Jacquieline's bread too...only I did have zucchini. It;s very good. :)

  4. They say a clean and sparkling house is a sign of a bored housewife. Your story makes this sound true.
    Hope your camera can be fixed and that your knee gets better.


  5. B...the same thing happened to my camera a couple of weeks ago. It is working now for the most part but has it's moments with blurry pictures. When that happens I take out the battery and put it back in. Do you have a little case or cover for your camera? I do and it helps as I always have hay in my pockets. The cold also has an impact.

    Boy, you got ambitious with your house! I take it you have things figured out with crazy cow and cute calf. We are getting some very cold weather here for the next three days. You?

  6. I will be in the wings cheering you on with the new projects. Have fun!

  7. That calf is soo sweet ! My Nikon D 3100 camera does the same thing in really cold weather , the cold gums up the workings of them it will work again after it warms up even in the extreme humidity they don't work well either . Lovely post . Have a good day !

  8. Oh my goodness..Cute Calf is adorable!! And does Annie look just like her? There's something about the all white...or all black calves that just melt my heart!
    Have fun being domesticated, Buttons! I wish I had your energy! My house gets put on the back burner WAY too often!

  9. I love cute baby cows. I need to get myself out of my own rut and back into feeling the satisfaction of feeling domesticated. With me I think I need to bring back some sort of daily routine back into my life, moreso then what I have been doing. Stay warm too, as it is going to be really Brrr this week.

  10. PS wish I was closer for a cup of coffee and a slice of Zucchini Bread with no zucchini? with you. *smile*

  11. My boys knocked my camera over last spring and I had to get it fixed. They messed up the lens, so it couldn't focus right anymore. Hope your camera recovers!

  12. Oh no! I hope that camera is just being persnickety and is not actually broken.

    I know what you mean about delving back into all things domestic. It is a great feeling to get those projects accomplished.

    Sending good healing vibes to your knee and to your camera.

  13. Like everything else...domesticity in moderation lol.

  14. If you lived closer I would certainly let you clean my house and cook my meals. I am now feeling guilty and should really get busy as being January there are no hours at work so I really don't have the busy and tired excuse.

    Love You, BA

  15. With three dogs I've given up on keeping the house sparkling. But hey, go you! Was the zucchini-less bread a success? Just curious. :) Cute calf really is a cutie patootie. Hope your camera is ok! Have a great week!

  16. Oh man, sorry about your camera, it could have been just too cold. The calf is too cute, I would agree. I love working around the house, and I LOVE aprons, I hope you post photos of what you come up with.

  17. There seems to be time, in this life, for a little bit of everything, eventually. Never a lot of time for anything. Be thankful for the time you got for the zucchini bread baking. It sounds wonderful. The calf looks so new and pure white. Are you sure you didn't clean and shine him?

  18. Cute calf is really adorbale! I can see why you love her so.

    I hope your knee continues to heal. You have made me want to clean my house...but I have to go out in this terrible arctic air. Maybe another day. Be well.

  19. what a cutie! hope your knee continues to heal and your camera comes back to life!

  20. I love the smell of a freshly cleaned house and the satisfaction that it brings. And having the time to actually enjoy cooking a meal is wonderful.

  21. Poor camera! :( Your calf is so cute! You just reminded me that I need to do some cleaning. :)

  22. What a fabulous story! I am so glad I discovered your blog through Vicki's Grow Your Blog party! I am sorry about your would have been nice to have a picture of a pileated woodpecker. We have a couple of them here on the old farm we live on but I have never been able to get a photo of them, yet.
    Well, I have a few more blogs still to visit but I'll be back for a visit again soon my new friend.
    Beth P

  23. That is a cute calf!

    Put a camera in my hands and domestic chores no longer exist for me. I've spent too many years cooking and cleaning. I have a lot of photographs to take!

  24. I also spent the day cleaning, making bread, finished my quilt top, and bottled some wine. It felt good.

  25. everything you mentioned - cooking, cleaning, sewing, baking - none of it appealed to me one iota. :)

  26. Hi June Cleaver...loved ready your blog today (every chance I get) maybe it give me the domestic feeling back too.

    What a beautiful calf!

    Take care...
    Hugs fr auntie m

  27. That is a CUTE calf indeed! Love that little wooly face!
    Just as long as you are happy, the chores can wait! (But I do love the smell of a clean house!)
    xoxo Cindy

  28. I love this post and look forward to reading your adventures often.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog in the party!

  29. I adore your June Cleaver side too. Domesticity gets a bad rap sometimes, but I find it to be very grounding and very comforting.

    Love your beautiful calf, B. xx

  30. Domestic Buttons...I love it! And Cute Calf is too adorable! Hope your knee keeps getting better ;)

  31. oh I was so glad to read at the end that you haven't gone entirely over to the domestic side lol!!!! Lots more adventures out there for you :D)
    Although, knocking out a beautiful bit of hand made craft is a nice change sometimes isn't it.
    Cute calf certainly is cute... pity about his Mum!
    Cheers now :D)xx

  32. oooohhhhh b, i LOVED this entry! i love being home, i love cleaning, organizing and baking!! i do enjoy cooking occasionally!!

    i adore those boots!!

  33. Oh, I know whereof you speak - I suffered severe withdrawal when my camera's shutter finally exceeded its built-in photo threshold in only it's 3rd year (I did finally make do with an old P&S).

    Good luck with it - but enjoy the domesticity while it lasts.

  34. I do love your enthusiasm, Buttons! No matter what you are doing, you do it with all your heart! It is difficult to juggle so many balls in the air at one time and you do have to let some things slide. You are doing a wonderful thing, taking care of your elderly Mom, and I know you will not regret the time you spend with her, even when it takes away from some of the things you love to do. I do hope your camera recovers and you find time to do a little sewing, but I know you are like me, you get bored after a while and need to get out. Everything in good measure, I like to say! Hugs to you xx

  35. Cute Calf is adorable, it's a shame her mom is such a stinker!
    I hope your camera gets to working, I love seeing your pictures. I know what you mean about the domesticity thingy, I have been falling down on the job a bit lately myself! ;)

  36. by the sounds of all this, you may need to have a drink in your hand for your hero when he comes in the door! (wait, did ward cleaver drink? or am i thinking of mad men...)


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