Friday, January 11, 2013

Cadillac Boots!

On Thursday January 10, 2013 our sweet Leontien passed on to another place where she will never suffer. Her humour, compassion and strength have touched all of us. I for one am going to miss her more than I can express. I am truly heartbroken by her loss but I know she would not want us to grieve too long. This is a woman who loved life and would not want us to stop sharing the blogs that make people laugh. She was a sweet woman who just wanted to share love and laughter. This one is for you my dear Leontien. Bastiaan and her incredibly strong family you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you Leontien and you will NEVER be forgotten. Hugs B

Perhaps I know why it is man alone who laughs;
He alone suffers so deeply that he had to invent laughter.
                                     Friedrich Nietzsche 

Well I had to go walk the bush the other day to check the cows when I came to the creek covered with ice and snow, I took the chance that it was frozen and walked across carefully so that I did not have to walk all the way around, it must have been one of my lazy feeling days. Bad idea!!!

The next thing I knew I was standing in a foot of very cold water with my old snowmobile boots full of that water and wishing I could go back one minute in time. I pulled my foot out as quickly as I could but I could feel the ice water curling my toes. I pulled off the boot poured the water out of the one very full boot and put it back on. I figured I may as well finish the task at hand and rushed through the bush then back to the tractor as quick as I could.

At the house I pulled both boots off and put them beside the wood stove and pulled the liners out, the liners had holes in them, I was OK with that but needed them dry. I took a hot shower and let my cold feet soak in the water. I got myself dressed and headed to town to buy some milk replacer for Annie.

When I walked into the feed store I thought I would look at the price of a new pair of boots, I tried on a pair of green “Gum rubbers” I have no idea the real name but I used to wear these all the time. I had a pair for ten years and loved them. They were now on sale for $35. These new ones are not the same. I walked around the store with them on and the liner kept slipping down under my foot. This would not work for me especially when I strap my snowshoes on after chores and go. I did notice on another shelf when I was walking back to where I left my hikers a hot pink pair of Muck Boots. I had to look.

I took the display boot off the rack and turned it over, size six, my size. I quickly slipped off those “Gum rubbers” and slipped these on. Oh my…. my feet were singing, they were very comfortable and very happy. They fit like a glove, just like they were made only for me. I picked up the paper explaining about the boot. Arctic Sport, comfortable in temperatures from -40f to +60f that would be three seasons in my world. They looked and felt like rubber boots which I love. I deemed them the Cadillac of boots. I remember hearing the quote “That is the Cadillac of….” about every product known to man my whole life I guess that is why that popped into my head..

I searched out the box and then noticed the price stamped on the side. Yikes Cadillac price. The top was made of diving suit material claiming better than Gortex for 100% water proofing and breathable, the bottom had a thick, good tracked sole and reinforced at the toe and heel making them ideal for my snowshoeing too. Oh dear the more I read the more I wanted them. The very friendly salesgirl approached. I said to myself be strong, be strong.

She told me the benefits of these boots and that there was a year warranty on normal (not sure what that would mean in my world) use. Then I walked around in them, she showed me how you could roll the tops down to accommodate anything you are wearing. I pointed out to her the price was kind of high and I could not justify paying that. She said she would absorb the taxes which would be close to $20. I excused myself for a moment and pulled out my cellphone to get some unbiased advice.

After explaining to the person on the other end of the phone, I am sure you know who that was. My Hero says “Go ahead, you are worth it” I knew he would say that I just had to hear it once. In his defense I was probably “gushing” the advantages of these boots.

I have been wearing these new Cadillac boots for three days now, I have yet to go snowshoeing, but you know I will, it has turned icy out. Good news is they are very good on the ice, no slipping. I have been through water, broken through ice, tackled foot high snow, and manure (drat no chance of wearing them to the mall now). I have climbed over tree branches and followed the trails of deer through the bush, one hour or more every morning and half an hour before dark and my feet are toasty warm and still singing. The cows are very curious about the HOT pink boots, but do not seem to mind. I will let you know how they work out. I do have that warranty and you know I am going to be testing that.

 Price?  Well…. let us just say I could be looking at three and a half pairs of those “Gum rubbers” right now. Three seasons hopefully over ten years, I think it was worth it.

I know I am worth it. “I feel pretty, oh so pretty”.



  1. I was sad to hear about Leontien yesterday. Was just wondering aloud to a neighbor (who has met her) the day before about how she was doing!

    As for the boots? Pretty...and warm...and dry! You are worth it!

  2. Leontien was an amazing woman and she will continue to inspire for a very long time to come. Praying for her family.

    Love the hot pink boots! That would be just the kind I'd want~

  3. i really disliked hearing about Leontien. I know that loss is never easy, but she had so much courage and grace. and the true blessing is that she is now cancer free.
    I love your boots! i have short stock pink ones and a tall stock black pair. and in the summer i have to roll the tops down so i can get some air to my feet. you will truely get your moneys worth!

  4. So sorry to hear about your young friend passing.
    Love the boots.

  5. I was sad to read about Leontien this morning on FB.

    Those boots rock! And you sure are stylin' in them :-)

  6. You are worth it! After all, you are the cadillac of women!

  7. You left a beautiful and very true tribute about our beloved Leontien, Buttons. The world has lost a very special person.
    It feels like her *light* is already surrounded with infinite heavenly loving, where there is no pain anymore.
    My heart goes out to her family, for having a loved one in heaven is no consolation, when you'd rather have them here on earth, pain free.

    Eeek to the wet cold feet - brrrrrr! So glad you found and got the fabulous warm, no-slip-in-ice, boots!
    You are pretty - and worth it!


  8. You get what you pay for... I know you will love these boots for a long time to come. :)

  9. for as much work as you do and all your hikes through the bush, you deserve the cadillac of boots more than anyone i know. :)

    and your words about dear leontien are very touching. <3

  10. was not too long ago I was chatting with Leontien. She was such a vital, sweet and caring woman. Your words speak well of her.

    As for the boots...OUTSTANDING.

  11. I got to get me a pair of those, blue

  12. So sorry to hear the loss of Leontien I pray for the family .
    Oh I like your boots snazzy , great post of your boot shopping of course your worth it, we all are ! Have a good day !

  13. you, my dear, ARE worth it - because i know you'll use the heck out of them! yay for you!!! go, hot pink!

  14. Love your Cadillac boots, and you are worth it!

  15. You are worth it! Besides, you only have one pair of feet-and your new boots will pay for themselves in the long run.

    I'm so sorry about your friend, too:) Have a wonderful weekend, dear Buttons:)

  16. Leontien will be sadly missed. RIP

    Those are some pretty snazzy boots you bought. Like you, I don't like to spend money on myself... but this seems like a very good investment for you. You do so much trekking over hill and dale that you need a good pair of boots.

  17. such a shame to hear of Leontien's passing.

    Love the boots,


  18. Buttons, you are so worthy of those boots...they will give you many years of enjoyment !! The flash of color (while setting on your rock )will bring light to your day..

  19. It took me a full 24 hours to write something on Leontien's blog. I was certain she'd kick cancer's butt. God bless her beautiful soul. May she now be at peace.

    Glad you treated yourself to the boots. You get what you pay for, as they say. I'm sure these will last 3 times as long as the others. :)

  20. great rockin' that pink!!

  21. I was so sad to learn of Leontien's passing yesterday - a huge loss. She was indeed a lovely and inspirational lady.
    I am loving your pink boots. Enjoy wearing them :))

  22. I never knew or read Leonien's blog, but based on what I've seen in the blogger world we lost someone great.

    As for the boots. I have a pair of rubber boots that put my dad's theory of cowboy boots and galoshes to shame. Too bad I have so many frost bitten toes before I learned the lesson.

  23. So sorry to hear about your friend, Buttons. This kind of loss is hard, especially for her dear family.

    Your boots were a good investment! I am glad you have these good and sturdy, slip resistant boots to carry you through your day. The best part is that they are pink! xx

  24. Price be dashed- you are worth every penny and much, much more, Buttons- you are one of a kind and Priceless to many who love you.

    I was saddened when I read of Leontien's passing on her blog. She was a woman of incredible courage.

  25. Oop.. I forgot to tell you how much I adore you new hot pink boots.

    They are soo cool looking on the outside yet warm an comfy on the inside which makes for very Happy feet ~:)

  26. sort of a good news bad news post. so sad about leontien but great boots.

  27. I wish you strength to go on with your loss.

    Greetings from The Netherlands!

  28. wow, after not getting on here for a WEEK...i have MUCHO catching up to do!!) =)

    i love boots...i have a pair of ones similar to those...but not as HIGH...and they're not pink, but camo...their worth it if they keep your feet dry & snuggly! YOU're worth it!

    (sorry about your friend... :( )

  29. wow those boots were definitely made for walking!

  30. Sadness to see her go but gladness to know she is free.

    Jealous of those wonderful boots. You will make them work hard and the three of you will have some great adventures. Just remember to tell us about them.

  31. I came for a hug - hug to (((buttons!))) and yes, you are worth every penny spent and then more...

  32. oh...i hadn't heard about more suffering for sure!! bless all those who are missing her so much right now!

  33. So sorry to read of Leontien's passing but she has to be in a much better place with no pain now. And WOW! SNAZZY boots.

  34. Such cute boots! I love them! So funny that the cows are curious about the color haha. Sometimes you just have to splurge if it's worth it and an item you will get lots of use out of.

    I was so sad to hear about Leontien. Her family is in my prayers.

  35. I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend-- she was loved by so many--

    I just got your email and I'll remove your blog from the list--- I hope all is well with you. So nice to have met you and your lovely blog-

  36. Good for you for going for it and good for your Man for saying YES! You are worth it. You will get more use out of those than anything...except for something to protect you from bears! Hey, maybe you can run faster in them!

    Cindy Bee
    PS - I read the first part of your blog to my Shug and said.."Listen to this, it sounds like you." He has done that on our pond more than once. You people...STAAWWWWP! I cannot take it.

  37. They seem a very good investment for your kind of activities and they will hopefully last 3 times loner than the gum boots. They look neat too.

  38. Pink Mucks are so fun!

    J and I both have a pair of Neos. They fit over our regular shoes and are very warm.

  39. The boots sound fabulous! Now I'm feeling a tad jealous!

  40. So sad to hear that about Leontien.

    Send her flowers no more.

  41. Muck boots are a must for Canadians! My husband has a pair, and they are worth every dollar. I have green Dunlop rubber boots that, alas, will last forever so I don't think I'll be getting Muck boots any time soon.
    Although I didn't know Leontien or read her blog, it's obvious that she was courageous, and well loved, and that her passing has saddened the hearts of people all over the world. May her soul rest in eternal peace and light.

  42. I was so sorry to hear about Leontien on Friday. She will truly be missed.
    I love your new hot pink boots! Hurray for dry, warm, comfortable feet up there in the great white north!! :)

  43. Hi B, all that tromping around you do - you definitely need those boots! Enjoy their warmth and hardiness ... and cadillac comfiness!


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