Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crunch Crunch!

Nor will that morning come which is not strange,
who have, each day, such wonders to exchange.
                           Conrad Aiken

I know it does not look like this belongs in this story
 but you will get it by the end.
It is early mornings like this one when I miss my camera the most. There is a low lying fog hanging in the air, the sun is not yet up but its faint early warning light pierces the clouds. There is a thin film of beautiful sparkling ice covering everything in my view. The trees in the yard are covered with mist and beautiful oh how I love these mornings. I try to hold this view tight in my brains memory card knowing I may not see it again.

I head downstairs to get dressed in those old worn coveralls, those pink Cadillac Boots and head over to mix the milk replacer and pour it into the bottle. I put some wood in the stove knowing it is going to be so much warmer today but not wanting the stove to go out just in case. Out I go to be surrounded by the beauty I cannot preserve but I certainly can enjoy with an unobstructed view.

I walk through the snow that had fallen now covered with a thin layer of ice. Crunch Crunch, oh how I love that sound. I try to open the chain on the gate but have to bang the ice off the rusty hook all the while juggling that bottle. The tractor tires, the fence, and the wood pile in the barnyard are smothered in a mixture of what looks like diamonds and cotton balls, incredible. The tractor has a thin layer of ice on it. I start it up put the bottle behind the seat and grab the ice scrapper. This is probably the only thing I do not like about freezing rain that, and having to drive in it. It is certainly not the incredible photo ops it has always provided. I save the images of this in my brains memory card.

Driving down the lane way the trees hang low to the ground, the frosty white Juniper and Cedar branches call my name. I am sorry I cannot save your beauty to share today. There is Annie, I stop to pick up a couple of bales and proceed to break them apart, while everyone is eating with tails wagging Annie bounds quickly over to the tractor now parked and silent. I step out of the tractor. Crunch crunch. The bottle drains faster than it took for me to mix it up and Annie as usual follows me around looking for more. I walk among the cows always watching Crazy Cow, she seems to be calmer now but I will never trust her again, I think of my camera smashing to the ground supposedly safe in my pocket. Annie runs off in the other direction behind a cute little red calf. I head to the bush to look for another cow that is not here. It is warm out today a very good day to have a calf. Almost finished, only two more to go.

I walk through the misty frosty white covered bush and spot her just “Lolly gagging” around nothing yet maybe later. She is off by herself so it will probably be today. I continue to walk in the bush and take in all its beauty. I come to an opening and walk into the clearing. Crunch crunch yes that sound never gets old. I follow some tracks of a Coyote to a place where I can see the Deer had slept last night. There are Rabbit tracks off to the side now I know what the Coyote was hunting for. Oh so many tracks and no way to document them.

I head back to the tractor duck under the beautiful white diamond and cotton bushes and crunch crunch across the snow and ice. Yes this is truly one for my brains memory card. Only one regret, sharing the photos later has always been fun.

Good news my daughter Melissa had left an old point and shoot camera here when she moved, it has only half the pixels that I am used to using BUT now that I finally found the charger I am looking forward to capturing mornings like this after a quick self-lesson. Thank you for all those wonderful generous thoughts and offers to help me out and I truly love that blogger generosity that I have witnessed for many wonderful causes and am always in awe thinking about this generosity but I always knew something would come up and there are so many people with terrible real problems, I regret whining about mine. Life is like that. Usually everything has a reason and things eventually work out. Thank you for thinking of me; you are all truly awesome.

I think this photo turned out pretty well. Don’t you think? Thanks sweetie.

The most marvelous thing happened yesterday kicking that funk to the curb. I will share tomorrow. Hugs B



  1. I can just hear you as you walk through the snow to do your chores. Crunch Crunch!!

    You took a great closeup picture with that camera...

  2. I think you need to put a Paypal link up in your sidebar so we can contribute to another camera. Seriously! :)

  3. Oh Nancy does this mean you don't like my photo?. I rather like it.
    Thank you my dear friend but I am not going to do that. Look at you ALWAYS thinking of others.You are too kind. I am happy with what I have for the moment. :)HUGS B

  4. I have been sick without a camera, now my cord to upload is worn giving me grief to get photos uploaded, and it is not even a year old..I have kept my very old first camera for backup as they are the most reliable. Winter has hit Bruce County with a vengeance this morning with high winds and squalls. Not a pretty sight out there. Hope you are to get another camera soon; sometimes Kijiji has good deals?

  5. That's a nice old bottle. So glad you got a backup camera to use.

  6. What a gorgeous picture of our rural life. I felt like I was right there with you, a sure sign of the beauty of your writing. Looking forward to those pics~

  7. A beautiful picture, and I'm glad you're snapping (and crunching!) again :-)

  8. I love that old bottle, and your image!!
    Our furnace went out in the night, and I am waiting for someone to come and fix it. There are some advantages to a wood stove...

  9. Tough to keep you down for long. So glad that you have found yourself once again. Our kids provide sometimes in the strangest ways. Miss the early morning views from the big window, just have the squirrels and birds with Mr. Jones sitting on my lap yelling at them.

    Love You, BA

  10. I'm glad you have a camera again...even if the camera isn't as "good" as your other one, the picture turned out great!! Please keep snapping those pictures, Buttons!

  11. I love that shot! I love reading about your day!

  12. You made it sound and see so beautiful! Crunching in the diamonds and the cotton balls of an awe-inspiring snow covered day!

  13. love the shot! i use a point and shoot or my phone.

    crunch, crunch :)

  14. I think that photo is awesome ! I would have a tuff time with out my camera we are snap happy buddies . I hope you can get a new one soon . Great post to ! I love it when the snow crunches under foot and the sun makes it twinkle and sparkle ! Have a good day !

  15. that's our buttons - always looking up again. :)

  16. I just had to do without a camera as well..and this time it was the same problem as Cindy...and would cost more to repair than the thing is worth. Arrgghh...I bought a little Canon Power Shot online. More mega pixels than my old one and the photos are great.

    Life as we know it, eh? Have a crunchy day, Buttons. We've got snow spitting again today, but nothing on the ground.

  17. Thanks for sharing your morning with us. Your words paint a beautiful image without a photo! But I'd miss mine, too. Love the one at the top!

  18. We have crunchy ground here too. I think that's a terrific shot. I get a lot of great photos with my old point and shoot.

  19. It is bitter cold here today and the ground is crunchy!

  20. Yay for daughters!!! ;)

    and when you said point and shoot, i thought "dang, thats a long time to wait for photos to be processed LOL" but you meant from the early days of digital LOL you young techy whipper
    snapper you LOL

    sometimes when i write, i think back to my job back in St. Paul, and I try to be wonderfully descriptive in less words as if I was describing something verbally to someone who is sight impaired (as I often did then)

    you write like that. its a gift.


  21. Oh I do love the sound of the crunch when walking on icy snow! So satisfying. I'm glad your daughter gave you a camera! Hopefully it will do for the time being until you can replace yours :)

  22. " and cotton balls..."

    I love that description! It's exactly how the frosty, icy, snowy world looks!

    But you, B. You are the real treasure!

    Hugs, my friend! xx

  23. Freezing rain is about the only element I detest driving in - but I agree that it does make for beautiful scenery. As for being out in nature without a camera, it does wonders for our photographic memory and provides a test for describing what we saw (you passed with flying colours !). And that old P&S produced a fine image (I've 'survived' with one for a few weeks).

  24. YAY for the point and shoot! We always enjoy seeing your pictures of the critters and your time in the bush! :)

  25. I have been out of touch. Sorry for the loss of your camera. I read the crazy cow story but did not know she killed your camera.

    Glad you found a replacement.

  26. So glad you were able to find a camera! Looks like it is going to do a splendid job. Yay!

  27. your words are so descriptive, i almost feel like i just saw those shots on your brain's memory card.


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