Monday, February 25, 2013

Darn You My Perceived Fibromyalgia Miracle Pill!

Never give way to melancholy; resist it steadily,
for habit will encroach.
                Sydney Smith 

I knew it was a possibility, I knew I should have listened to that little voice in my head and the wise advice from my Chiropractor but lingering pain sometimes makes you become a little desperate and willing to let your guard down and try anything like believing those ads on TV. I think about those old movies where the fast talking salesmen was standing on an elaborate stage in the middle of a huge crowd of people wearing dusty beautiful dresses and Western garb, they were selling “Snake Oil” and promises. We now know it was probably alcohol or water laced with something, cocaine comes to mind. There have always been desperate people through history willing to believe anything.

 If you have not read about my perceived “miracle pill” story here is the LINK I also included the story of how it did not work as I had hoped here. Thinking that was the end of this desperate failed act and while getting used to the pain again then moving on with my life, I thought I had put all this behind me. I was wrong.

I have just returned from the eye doctor. I have been having issues with my eyes since that month of no pain. While taking that “miracle pill” I had headaches with blurry vision but not that familiar pain in my arms legs and chest (I have to admit that was nice) and I ignored the warning signs because I was hoping the headaches and blurry vision would go away. Having pain and then having no pain makes you believe things that may not necessarily be true or good for you. I am sure the “Snake Oil” customers believed that water would work too if they just continued to take it.

This last couple of months I found that the subtitles on the bottom of those foreign movies I love to watch/read on Netflix were so blurry for me that I was no longer able to understand them. Now this was OK with My Hero as he never believed you should have to read a movie. I was fine with this for a while and chalked it up to just being over tired. Soon the regular TV shows seemed to blur and I was trying to squint and strain my eyes to focus resulting in those same headaches all over again I finally decided I needed to get in and get checked out. I was hoping that little voice in my head telling me it was all because of that “miracle pill” was wrong. I had an eye exam that cost $95 in August of 2012, I started that $56 bottle of “miracle pill” in October of 2012 that lasted only one month, resulting in my taking those pills back to my doctor with half of them left. It is now February of 2013 and am paying $55 for another eye exam. This was getting expensive.

I have worn reading glasses for about seven years now while using the computer and reading. I was so glad I had that eye exam right before starting that “miracle pill” so my doctor had a reference point. I sat in her chair, marvelling at the fact that she looked like she was still attending high school, you know you are getting old when that happens. Well she started testing by shining bright lights in my eyes, directing me to look straight ahead, my head was being held up by a contraption, and she had me reading charts which I could not make out, exactly like those subtitles on Net Flix. All this time I was explaining about that “miracle pill” the blurry vision side effect listed on the drug insert and the symptoms I was experiencing now. I remember the words that finally came “Yes there is a change” I was afraid to listen to the rest of that sentence but she continued. “Your Focus Muscle (I never even heard of that muscle) has weakened, the “miracle pill” appears to have accelerated the natural aging progression”.

My mind started racing wondering if it would return to normal, I asked and she said no, if anything it would continue to weaken. I was so angry; I only took those pills for one month I can only imagine what would have happened if I was still taking them. I guess I cannot blame the pill I knew there was a possibility, I should have paid more attention to the risks written on the flyer, I assumed the blurry vision thing would not happen to me and would be a minor inconvenience at best after all the Fibro pain was almost completely gone, I blame myself. I should have stopped as soon as I started getting those headaches, I should have known it was not a minor side effect that would eventually go away. I do know this drug works for many people and I am happy for them. All it did for me was reinforcing my belief to stay away from my perceived “miracle pills” as they do not seem to work for me. I have a feeling my ancestors had bought that Snake Oil from those fast talking salesmen.

I am in the process now of deciding between buying Bi focal lens or progressive lens, or just buy a pair of glasses for distance. Since I already have reading glasses this would be the cheapest way to do it. That would be three pairs of glasses if I carry my sunglasses. I told the “high school” Doctor that I am going to need a bigger purse, she laughed, we both laughed. Laughter is good. I have some decisions to make.

 Lyrica appears to work well for other Fibro sufferers and I am extremely happy for all of those lucky people, I guess I am not one of them. I knew going in that temporary slight side effects were possible from the insert from the pharmacist but I guess my perception was it could not possibly happen to me but it did. Sometimes you should just listen to that little voice.

I just wanted others to know. Pay attention to those inserts and listen to that little voice in your head. I am doing well I am happy and will keep fighting this Fibro, it will not win. When I get those new glasses My Hero will fall asleep from boredom while watching/reading those subtitles on the bottom of those movies leaving me alone to read them while listening to the soothing sound of his snoring. I can’t wait.

I am off to the bush; this is my one proven “Miracle Pill” that always seems to work for me. I have found that there is nothing that seems impossible while surrounded by Mother Nature and her incredible gifts.



  1. I'm sorry - this must be so discouraging. I wear progressive lenses most of the time, reading glasses for the computer at work (I can't seen to use the progressives with the desktop monitor - I get a painfully stiff neck), and progressive sunglasses. All the switching is inconvenient, but it's what I need to do. I'm sorry your miracle pill made thing worse for you - you had every reason to hope and couldn't know what the effects would be. Best of luck deciding on the right combination of eye glasses.

  2. Sorry to read about your eyes and those tablets not suiting you. Eyes are precious as is sight :) also does get expensive with glasses, I have 3 lots, and they sure do take up room in my wishes. Hugs my friend, M xoxox

  3. SO sorry this did not work. Pain makes you want to find something and you want so badly to have it work. I understand. I hope your time in "the bush" refreshes you.

  4. I am so sorry! When I was first diagnosed with Sjogrens syndrome I was pressed to start a medication called plaquenil.This is offered as a way to assist with the pain from the arthritis and fatigue but doesn't stop the organ damage. Thankfully as a nurse I was aware of the side effects- one being eye damage; irreversible to the extent of blindness( amongst a whole host of other nasty things!).
    I think doctors often feel patients expect to leave with a prescription- when sometimes a frank discussion might be more appropriate. I am very glad I had prior knowledge to decline the other( and the others offered since!) but worry about others who may not have the medical background I do.I do understand the feeling of desperation to try anything though. I was a vegetarian for 27 years and actually went Paleo for 1 year- no change what so ever.Pain, insomnia , fatigue, oral thrush, the extreme dry eyes and losing my teeth has made me willing sometimes to try anything! We are easy targets aren't we?

  5. It sure is a good thing you stopped taking the pills after a month! I hate to think of how much worse your vision might be if you had continued for another month!

  6. That sucks . Isn't it always the way though it works for one thing but causes another . I was on meds that took my pain away but killed my stomach and now the meds I am on are ok on my stomach but only dull the pain to just about bearable . I can get along during the day not to bad with pain but night time it is worse and I cant sleep so I take the meds then and sleeping pills . I have Muscular Rheumatoid Arthritis as I have inflammation with in the muscles . I ache more in the cold damp weather . I do hope all goes well for you and you find a way to ease your pain and help your eyes ! I to wear glasses for the computer and reading . I liked the part about the young Dr I always find then still wet behind the ears lol ! I prefer the older Dr's they seem to know our generation better ! Take care and enjoy your time out in the woods to me that's the best place to be with nature !

  7. Oh I'm so sorry it affected your vision. SEems like just about every med has some sort of negative side effect.

  8. What a bummer!

    I have not tried these so glad I read this first.

    I do use a chiropractor and have just recently try hypnotism(Past life regression therapy...I did not go under but believe Spirit helped). One knee that has been giving me fits has healed itself.

    I know, sounds like snake oil but it worked. If I had gone completely under I think there would have been more results.

    I am to the point if someone said cow manure twice a day in water would help, I would give it a shot.

    Nature does the best healing I know.

  9. Isn't that true? Surrounded by Mother Nature - everything seems to find its proper place - and our sense of wholeness returns.

    I enjoy foreign films, too! I really like Netflix - I can watch, and stop when i want - and return - and enjoy -

    I am going to believe there is an answer to your situation - I am going to continue to believe this - I am certain an Answer - one we didn't know or expect until now - when it needs to be found . . This Answer is going to present itself - in a way you'll clearly understand - I KNOW your Good is chasing after you . . .

    Thank you for sharing the entire story.

    Sending You Love!

  10. That just plain sucks. I'm so sorry.
    Some of the side effects on drug commercials are SHOCKING to me. 10% worse than what they are treating.

  11. I'm sorry Buttons. That's helps one thing but messes up another. I hope the new glasses help. I got bifocals two weeks ago, and I love how easily I can now read!! (I got the ones with lines, because it gives a larger area for reading than the progressives)

  12. B, stick with the miracle that works for you....i wonder if time in the bush is your best healer.

    all medications have side effects. often when you get the side effects, they have a pill for those side effects. that goes on forever (trust me, i know) until you don't even know why you are taking certain medications. medications you don't really need.

    sorry to hear about your eyes, we need those, any weakness there can be very upsetting. good luck to you, this experience gave you the tools you need to go forward. xo

  13. How miserable that the cure for one thing can cause another problem. I am so suspicious of pharmaceuticals. I would go with the bifocals myself, that way when you go into a store you are not changing glasses to read labels or use your debit card. I have a pair of glasses I use for the computer, a pair for just reading, the bifocals and distance sunglasses...sheesh... Just remember, the bifocals do take a bit of getting used too..especially when going down stairs or stepping off curbs.

  14. Mornin' B. I could not handle getting bifocals and went for another pair of glasses. I use them for tv and driving and it works for me. Yes, we watch many foreign films through Netflix...they are so different from the overproduced "movies" made in this country.

    What makes you strong is your tough farm girl!

  15. I am so very sorry you are going through that. I am thankful, though, that you didn't take them any longer. I hope it plateaus soon-

  16. That certainly is bad.

    But there are always something good in behind.

    All the best to you.

  17. I am so sorry about your eyes Buttons! I have had so many side effects from meds that I am actually scared of trying a new one.

    I would go with the bifocals with transitions lenses. Then you would have everything in one pair of glasses. I have trifocals with transition lenses.

  18. Your experience is a perfect example of why I stopped using anything pharmaceutical- big drug companies and the FDA are not to be trusted.
    I use essential oils for my ailments, they are nature's medicine and biblically God gave us plants for our healing. Here is what my reference book says about Fibro(and excuse me if you know all this already):
    It is an autoimmune disorder of the soft tissues. The pain disrupts sleep patterns so that the fourth stage of sleep is never attained and thus the body cannot rejuvenate and heal. Fibro is an acid condition in which the liver is toxic. The best natural treatments are omega-3 fats such as flax seed, and proteolytic enzymes such as bromelian and pancreatin, and MSM. According to UCLA researcher Ronald Lawrence supplementation with MSM offers a breakthrough in the treatment of Fibromyalgia.
    Essential oils to use on the pain areas include Idaho Balsam Fir, Nutmeg, Panaway German Chammomile, Wintergreen, Marjoram and Spruce. These are all Young Living oils- I stay away from other brands because I don't know that they produce oils as pure and effective as YL does.
    Oils are a gift from Mother Nature too.

  19. Aah...bifocals...Yep I got 'em too. Just a thought though Buttons--if you are experiencing a sudden change in your vision, have you had a fasting blood work done this month? I would get a fasting check done for peace of mind.


  20. you could never have known that a 'temporary' side effect could have such lasting effects. don't beat yourself up over that. i am just sorry.

  21. Sorry to hear about your eyes. There are so many side effects with medications. I have MS and have refused to take any of the meds. Some people think I am an idiot for not taking something, but I manage my disease through diet, exercise and the best alternative therapy I know, getting out into nature.
    I like having just one pair of glasses, so I bought progressive lenses, with these cool magnetic clip on sunglasses. They come with the glasses and are the same shape as the lenses. They're called "Easy Clip"

  22. Bummer, big time!!!! I'm sorry to hear about the setback. I wear readers most of the time inside, but when I drive I have to have the regular glasses. Mine are progressive. I know they're expensive, but constantly changing glasses is also a major pain. And the space in the purse is just another issue.

  23. I remember the first "direct to consumer" pharmaceutical driven commercial aired on TV - it was for prescription Ibuprofen in the early 80's...

    Now lets look at all the decades of statistics where people have loss the use of their kidneys, some on permanent Dialysis, and even deaths from the use of Ibuprofen... To me, this is just one example of what "Direct to Consumer" marketing does; makes a drug seem to be a good thing to take, because after all, its on TV, right? IMO There are also positive results too, but wouldnt anyone think drugs would be better off first from a Doctors referral & educated background rather then a non-medical background patient figuring out their own cure from a TV or Magazine Ad?

    In my opinion when a drug is assumed "safe" by familiarity - use of advertising, people take the ad to their Doctor to ask if they can take a drug being advertised (some written ads give out coupons too - for first time PRESCRIPTIONS!), versus the Doctor taking it to the patient - when its done in this way, lawsuits can be avoided because it was the patient who recommended and asked for it, not the Doctor nor the company. Win win for everyone except the patient. It stinks.

    I dont know if this is what happened in your situation, But you are the wisest, strongest woman i know to have stopped when you did and then while in the midst of it remind others to read the small print on any drug; prescribed or over the counter, advertised or referred by their doctor, and to take notice. I am so hoping that somehow someway you are able to re-coop the ability to be able to see properly again - because I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!!! and of course we love you too ;)

  24. Gosh yes, we MUST MUST MUST read the literature. I couldn't tolerate Lyric either but it has been a miracle for my daughter.

  25. Ack! All drugs have some bad side effects it seems. If you can afford it I would opt for the bifocals. One pair of glasses to keep track of seemingly would be better than 2!

  26. Sorry to hear that the miracle pill was so definitely not a help to you...
    But I am still jealous that you are able to get out to the bush, while I have to stay away from mine, because of the exhaustion...
    Maybe I will get better as the snow goes away! It is not long til March...
    They are going to re-xray Dad's hip this week. He does not have enough strength to do much unless he can put weight on that leg. He may have to go to a home...

  27. My heart is breaking for you Buttons, I am so terribly sorry to hear that you are experiencing continued effects from that "Magic Pill." Hugs, Mandi

  28. That must have been incredibly disheartening. It sure was to read about it. But, keep up with that possitive 'going to the bush' attitude, girlie. It looks good on you :-)

  29. Oh B, I'm so, so sorry! That is just awful!! I wish there was something I could do! Here's a great big huge hug, xx And I can relate about having lots of different pairs of glasses and a high school aged eye doctor too:)

  30. Mother nature is still the best pill for me too Buttons and I do know a bit of what you speak of having an auto immune disease similar to Fibro that also effects my eyes and muscles ...not the funny flu I speak of in my new post.The auto immune prob does seem to make having any ailment act up twice as bad. Still and all I do the" mind over matter" and nature outings, similar to you, more than any script. Laughter is pretty good medicine too if you can muster it. Hope things get better for you as the week progresses. Guess we have melancholy posts this Monday!

  31. Buttons, I'm so sorry that the medicine affected your vision. Thank you for sharing your story. It's good for all of us to be reminded to listen to the small voice.

    I hope your time in the bush is refreshing and wonderful. I'm so glad that you have that so close by to visit.

  32. So sorry to hear that your miracle pill reacted so negatively with you. My mother went through several medications for her Parkinson's - one pill caused her to hallucinate and put weird things in the microwave. Some of these drugs do more harm than good. I do hope you figure out a workable solution for your eyes. God bless.

  33. I'm so sorry to read this Buttons; just remember that this is not your are not the professional medical person.

    Your good attitude; that's the most healing thing of all.

  34. I had a similar experience: the drug I took for ulcerative colitis damaged my kidneys, which gave me high bp. I am off drugs completely now, I have found other, healthier ways to manage both the UC and HBP. I highly recommend seeking alternative help!
    Glasses are another matter: I have tri-focals. I like them, except when I am trying to see the floor!


  35. Hang in there. I have two friends now with this awful illness and I suspect another.

    I'll be thinking of you.

  36. So glad you listened to that little voice in your head and went to the Dr.! Since they deregulated the pharmaceutical industry, we are the guinea pigs, I guess. I wear bi-focals and I love them. I can see far and I can read without different lenses. I just wear them on top of my head all day and flip them down when I need them. They keep the hair out of my eyes, too! he he xx

  37. Oh my- sometimes the adverse effects are worse than the disease! Im so sorry it didn't work.

  38. I am so sorry, B, on both counts. You are a wonderful woman and I wish nothing but good things for you. I hope Mother Nature worked her charm today.

  39. Oh Buttons, that really STINKS!! I'm glad that glasses will help though. When I see those commercials and they talk about all the side effects, it makes me very suspicious...

  40. Well I am so glad you stopped taking that "Miracle pill" before it got any worst. So sorry to hear you have to wear glasses now. I have been wearing contact lens for years. One lens is for reading and the other lens is for distance. And I get a little dizzy when I put them in the wrong eyes. LOL.. I also have a pair of bifocals. Thanks goodness my hubby has good insurance. Glasses are so expensive.

    Take care my friend.

    Big Hugs~

  41. Thats a bummer, the miracle pills taking away the pain but giving nasty side effects. Its just not fair on you. I wear graduated glasses. There are 3 levels in the one lens, distance, computer and reading. They take a while (a week or so) to get used to then when your brain has adapted to where your head needs to be for each activity it great. No changing of glasses for anything. They also darken into sunglasses when in the sun but that doesn't work in the car behind tinted windows, then I clip on sunglasses while driving. Good luck and I hope you find something for the pain.

  42. Oh Buttons,when I read about your issues with the cattle I knew we were sisters in agriculture,then about your mom,I though "hmm this lady and I are living such a parallel. Now this!! I have struggled with Fibromyalgia and Lupus for years. I was on a med for Lupus , that while it worked carried a large risk of eye damage,it did not damage my eyes but when they were testing I had to be off it, every time I stop and start I am nauseated for several weeks so I finally said no more. Have been on a protocol of D Ribose , high dose calcium and magnesium,and a product called Recovery (Glucosamine,MSM,chondroitin and a bunch of antioxidants)
    I did start the Lyrica trial on a low dose as well because although the other was working ,it did not prevent the big flare ups.And I did not want to use opiates .(why do they precribe thqt crap?) Not sure what I think of it , but no side effects as of yet. Hang in there, it is so draining to be in chronic pain. Also the oils Shirley mentioned are a huge help for topical relief


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