Friday, June 14, 2013

Lonely Visitors and More Work!

How in looks does conscious guilt appear.

While pouring the juice mixture into a water bottle I wonder if My Hero has run out of something cold to drink yet, he never takes enough with him. I throw it in my back pack with a bag of fresh cheese curds I had picked up, he may not want them but I am pretty sure all the fruit he took with him will be gone by now. He has been back in the bush tearing down and rebuilding the rail fence making it higher and stronger. I pull on my hikers and shut the door behind me. I may not be able to physically help him with the fence anymore but I can make sure he has all he needs and is doing OK on his own. I hike down the lane.

My eyes jump to the field as I pass and watch two of our three lonely visitors run, they are skittish and wild. They stand out in our herd who are donning their blonde and light red coats with pretty white faces, typical of Charolais and Hereford Cross cattle. These Limousin visitors wear very dark red coats with full red faces. I blame these two bulls and one pretty girl for the extra work My Hero has to do. Our cows usually do not bother the fences but now it seems word has gotten out about how pretty the girls are here on our farm so now it seems we need to keep lonely visitors out.

What's your name handsome? (wink wink)
As I walk by my girls and watch them, I truly do understand why, I can see that we do indeed have the cutest girls on the block with their long eyelashes and the way they smile and wink; lucky for our lonely bully visitors Thor our beautiful strong blonde coat wearing bull is not here right now. These boys have taken advantage of that fact and come to court Thor’s pretty girls and our poor Thor who is off visiting other girls has no idea his ladies are stepping out with these red coat wearing lonely boys.

 Our hope is that we will be able to round up all the cattle and sort the trespassers from our pretty ladies and their brother’s and then ship the lonely visitors back to where they came from and Thor will never have to know. The fence My Hero builds is always very strong and they will not be able to come back no matter how tempted; well that is the plan. My girls stand with their big smiles and watch me walk down the lane while the strangers in red coats run, no doubt feeling guilty.

 I cut through the trees and head through the bush I can hear the chainsaw and follow the sound; the yellow of the backhoe stands out in the wall of green leaves hanging from the trees. The chain saw stops; I watch as My Hero sets it down, I shout out Hello I brought you a drink. He smiles, I can see his tired face and I look at the rail fence, it is looking so good, I wish I could hold those rails for him. He was out of water and my timing is perfect, he refuses the cheese because he is almost out of rails and will be up soon. I watch him take a long slow drink out of the bottle and watch the sweat run down his face. I tell him I will walk the fence line back to make sure there are no other surprises waiting in the bush. I say goodbye and I will have some supper ready when you get up there. This is something I can do, hiking and observing is what I do best. I pull out my camera and head back to climb the ridge along the fence line.

I crest the ridge and start walking amongst the trees and through a marshy area along the fence line; I must say this does not feel like work to me, poor My Hero has the hard part. I take my time snapping photos as I go. I can hear the chainsaw roaring off in the distance I think about how tired he must be it has been four hours of hard work. This fence looks good and strong and I wonder if even that will keep out lonely visitors on a mission, I do hope so.
I freeze in my tracks and am startled when I see something coming at me, I swear my heart stopped. I was paying so much attention to the fence I was not paying attention to what was ahead of me. Three huge Wild Turkeys fly right past my face I must have scared them as much as they scared me. Was their heart beating as fast as mine? Two more run from the bushes and try to follow the ones flying in the air. I cannot believe something so huge can fly and run so fast. I grab my camera with shaking hands but I did not catch one shot. They move too fast.

With my heart slowing down and my hands now steady I follow the path beside the fence and wonder if I will ever get a shot of those Wild Turkeys.
I did not see them but as I walk by the lonely visitors and our girls I notice that the red coats are not running now. I do hope they are not getting used to the great accommodations and good looking companionship here, they will be evicted soon and Thor will never have to know. That is the plan.

 Annie seems unimpressed with the whole thing.



  1. B, you are such a thoughtful person. I love the fence and your photos.

  2. It IS amazing that those huge birds can lift off.

  3. I love your fence!! I have never seen one like it in our parts.

  4. You are such a good story teller! And you and your Hero make a good pair, for sure. I'll bet he was so glad to see you coming, with a drink. Thanks too, for the picture of Annie. She is still as cute as ever!

  5. I have to say that the combination of pictures and writing always makes your blog such an uplifting place to visit :)

  6. Annie is a cutie.

    Wild Turkeys!!! Isn't that a perfect term? They act so goofy when startled . . .

    Thank you for sharing with all of us.


  7. That fence is a work of art! Loved the story, and she is growing so very fast!

  8. Oh I bet you catch those wild turkeys with your camera sooner or later!

  9. I enjoyed coming along with you on your adventure, Annie may not ave been impressed but I certainly was, it was wonderful!

  10. At least your visitors are stirring up the gene pool...
    I am so envious that you get to see the wild turkeys...

  11. Annie is so sweet! She just melts my heart. :) Love all of your photos, B. The leaf is really pretty. The fence is looking fantastic!

  12. oh, you have your interlopers too! :)

  13. Sweet B,

    I believe your visitors won't be very happy when they realize they won't be able to cross the fence line any more. Your Hero has made a great looking fence. I wish we lived closer, my guys would be more than happy to help out your Hero on building and fixing the fence.
    I love your pictures of the cattle, they are beauties.
    Wild turkey's wow......would you consider wild turkey for a Thanksgiving meal?

  14. That looks like a good strong fence!

  15. What Thor doesn't know won't hurt him :) Too funny that you have visitors! But too bad because of that your Hero has to work extra hard. I'm glad the turkeys didn't hit you in the face, yikes!

  16. Your Hero is doing a great job on the fence - your girls are rather stunning, though, it might be difficult to keep their suitors away.
    I don't have much luck catching wild turkey's either. They are surprisingly fast!

  17. That fence is amazing...and so are you taking care of your hero!

  18. Lonely visitors, indeed! Casanova's is more like it! I hope your plans for the fence are realized, and that your red face calves are as beautiful as Annie!

  19. We had a group of cows come in through into our field once and the our Great Dane barked til they left. Our German pointer, however, just hid behind the Great Dane pretending to bark and then fleeing every time a bullock looked at him!

  20. We had a bull visiting our girls in the front pasture last month. After a couple of days he actually jumped the fence into our neighbors farm of 300 head. Quite the ruckus with lots of deputies and area farmers trying to round him up.

  21. Oh Buttons, I love your thoughts and your photos combined.
    Annie is looking so beautiful.
    Have a wonderfull weekend . Big Hug .

    1. P.S. Your Hero is so good at his hard work, don't feel guilty.

  22. With a name like Thor, those other bulls better watch out. Is Annie white? I thought she was a sheep there for a minute. As always, you are one of the best story tellers on the blogs and I love to come here and read about your days, your life, and the life of your girls and your Hero.

  23. Miss B,
    Early this morning, The Rancher and I set out to move one group of cattle to a different pasture. The Rancher found problems. We rent a pasture that boarders a pasture we own. Our cattle are in both pastures. I ran home for fencing supplies and The Rancher got the mess sorted out. We continued to check cattle and got home after 1:00 pm. We still need to move the original cattle to a new pasture. So goes the good intentions of a Ranch Couple.

  24. It looks ever so pretty there!! LOVE the fence!

  25. I bet your hero likes your kind of help :) p.s. watch out for those turkeys!

  26. Your loving support is what keeps your hero going. The thought of that home-cooked meal at the end of his workday is priceless B. Not to mention all that in-between nurturing. That's what its all about isn't it.
    You're both so lucky to have each other and you both know it. I love that. It works for us too :D)
    P.S. What floozies your girls are eh... it's to be hoped poor Thor stays oblivious to such treachery!! lol!

  27. That is a pretty cool fence. There is something a bit similar at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace near my farm.

  28. Hmmm, if you want to protect the virtue of your lovely ladies while Thor is away, you might have to have them fitted with bovine chastity belts.

    As always, I enjoyed tagging along with you as you went about your adventures.

  29. Silly lonely red-coated boys! I hope you get them back where they belong before Thor comes home!
    I'll bet those turkeys were just as startled as you were! I just know you'll get their picture one of these days! :)

  30. And a very nice strong looking fence it is indeed! Ha! Take that, trespassers!

    Annie is thriving, thanks to all your sub-zero-trudging-with-bottles-getting-chased-by-mean-mama-winter mornings.

  31. I'm so glad Thor will never have to know, B:) I love the way you told this story!! xx

  32. oh, if Thor only knew! But you know he will be curling that upper lip at all the "stranger danger" smells LOL when he gets home!

    you and your hero make such a good team - "marry me" says the feral woman, as she thinks about the fencing that still has to be done...

    Annie is usual! And goodness, look at that THICK grass - I hope it breaks long enough for you to hay and get some drying time in!

    and btw you can stalk me all you want - "shes not just friendly, shes lonely" LOL

  33. Your visitors, hope you have them blocked out by now. Hugs, M xoxo

  34. Great story B. You must have a awesome life. I love the country side. And your fence of course ;-)

    Great pictures!

    Kind regards from the Netherlands,
    Gert Jan

  35. Uh-OH! I do hope Thor never finds out!

  36. Oh my gosh my heart started beating wildly when yours did. Glad it was turkeys and not a bear. Jane and Chris (on my sidebar) have had bears around their house lately! And I saw a bobcat two miles from here a month ago. Yikes!

    Cindy Bee

    Ps. My Shug works too hard too...building this house. I try to help when I can.

  37. you are a good "assistant" b, being thoughtful and loving is still a big part of the team!!

    stick with the plan b, thor does not have to know!!

    have a happy sunday!!

  38. If the girls are too cute, I am not sure that any fence will keep the wayward visitors out. Bulls are wily like that...LOL.

  39. The lovely story of your daily life events, was thoroughly enjoyed. I just love the little calf...... darling..... well thank you for giving me a little lift with your beautiful writings!

  40. Once again a beautiful human story so well told with lovely pictures.
    I can understand how you feel when you say you can't help as you would like to but the important thing is that you are there for him.
    Those wild turkeys must have given you an awful fright and what a pity no pics. Next time perhaps.
    I am sure you can keep the dreadful news from Thor about those interlopers and all will soon be well again in 'paradise pasture'.

  41. hmm, thor may be suspicious if some little red calves show up next spring. ;)


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