Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Official Tire Photographer!

The praises of others may be of use in teaching us,
not what we are, but what we ought to be.
                      Augustus and Julius Hare

Yes you read that right my dream has come true, my amateur photography skills have finally been recognized by a very important man, a well-respected man who complimented my photos and needed my help, so what is a girl to do but take her best shot.

It all started with an ad in the newspaper advertising an auction and since this was a very huge farm auction and there may or may not have been a ladder or two which I was assured was not our reason for going, My Hero, brother Dios and I headed off into the sunrise in search of all things farm boys think they need to buy to farm. Boys with huge smiles, talking about things that I truly did not care about while we drove and I dozed in the back thinking about the fact I knew there would be some very awesome photos to be found. A farm auction has never disappointed in that area.

The music was drifting through the back speakers as we drove down the highway and I awoke and was sipping my peppermint tea from a travel mug, every once in a while I could see My Hero looking back at me in the rear view mirror with a smile as he and brother Dios continued to talk about tractors and tools, he was happy so that in turn made me very happy. I could imagine us buying things we did not need but I would glance over to see that sweet smile on his face as he stood in the crowd of other farm boys bidding on things they really needed. Oh I love auctions and that smile.

This was a huge auction the cars and trucks lined both sides of the hilly, curvy gravel road with steep ditches lining the sides; we found a parking spot near the front by the barn. This was a great spot if you happened to buy anything like let us say a heavy ladder and needed to carry it. I could see other farm boys would be struggling to carry heavy things to their trucks parked far away.

The boys jumped out and ran to search for the treasures to be found and I in turn did the same knowing the treasures I found would fit on a memory card and not be very heavy at all. I found many interesting things to photograph and finally sat on a rusty tongue of an old wagon and pulled out my pen and paper and wrote a story as per usual. I had not spoken to the owner so I created an imagined story. I finally finished that story tucked my pen and paper back in my bag and again wandered around to see if I could see anything else. That is when I saw the owner of the farm standing under a tree surrounded by some other farmers and decided to walk over and ask him if it was alright that I had taken some photos.

I walked over introduced myself, shook his hand, I told him I took some photos and asked if that was alright. He said yes. I explained to him how much I loved this place, that it was absolutely beautiful.This older gentleman with that smiling face and his, I have been farming a very long time worn down body look, piped up. “I’d wished you had of came and told me that earlier maybe I could have gotten more for it” We both started laughing and the other men standing with him laughed too. I commented, oh yes the dream of selling our farms for big bucks is always in the back of the mind of every farmer I have ever met. They all agreed. 

There was lots of banter and laughter and then I excused myself so these older farm boys could go back to talk about what they loved, that was farming of course. After that conversation with that very kind farmer with a keen sense of humour and on knowing more about his story I have decided to not print complete photos of his barn to protect his privacy, that is the right thing to do. I will not be printing my original story either.

No need to worry, there were lots of photos beyond the barn which caught my eye and this story I am sitting here typing right now seems to be falling together pretty well so I am going to go with it. I made my way back by way of the auctioneers’ voice bellowing through the air to find My Hero and brother Dios just in time to see the assortment of tractors that were lined up and being auctioned off. My Hero leaned over and asked “Could you take a photo of those tractor tires, they are the ones I want to buy for the 685?” Could you make sure you get the tread” Oh yes I did go over and take those important photos because this is the man who’s opinion means everything to me. What do you think?

I may never fulfill that dream since childhood of having my photos printed in The National Geographic Magazine in my future but I do know I am living a wonderful dream life today and would not trade it for anything.

Thank you to that wonderful man who owned that beautiful barn on the land his ancestors settled in 1874, I loved meeting you and good luck on your new life journey. Thank you.



  1. Love the story behind the photos B. Farmers are a unique and wonderful group of people. xo

  2. What a nice story - and a really great shot of that tire tread! ;-)

  3. What a beautiful story even if it wasn't your original intention. I sure hope you give all of these farmers your blog address so they can read about their farms, and other farms. You do such a wonderful job of putting their stories in print. Oh yeah, I've never seen such a nice picture of a tire either!

    Cindy Bee

  4. As always I really loved the story B. Farmers are what makes the world go round :)

  5. The good thing is we can see all admire your photos and you're still a star photographer to us all here.


  6. I don't know B, Nat'l Geographic prints lots of 'amateur' photos these days...even though WE know you're a pro... and that tire deserves a much wider audience! Now if they would only print your stories as well.

    I want to take a moment to thank you; your loving comments and support even when I'm being a hermit always touch and uplift me.

  7. I love these pictures, even the one that is just "part" of the barn!
    Glad you had such a wonderful day :)

  8. how exciting and add me to the list of loving your photos ;)

  9. too bad your models are 'tired'. ha ha ha! :)

  10. Official tire photographer is a noble calling indeed!

  11. Oh I loved your story. Awesome!

    I was born with a silver spoon of a mouth I am told. A camera by my side. A note pad with a flick of my fingers. And a journal at my minie holidays.

    You know that is the best gift we can have. Being assertive.

    You never know what comes out of it. You will leave a mark whereever you go from.

    I have Grandkids six of them. Over the years I have made them
    journals, scrapbooks. You name it.

    And they all have loved it, hugged me and told me. Thanks Grandma. I love it.

    So live out the desire as you do.

    Your story and pictures you take.

    Have thumbs up from me. Also you

    have mighty nice comments to you here.

    And you made those farmers feel very

    I bet when you walk away.
    Your the conversation piece.

    Gossip delight in a nice way.

    Keep strutting along as you do
    with chat,chat as you go. What you give it all comes back in a nice way. You watch. It has me.

    You become the friendly gal wit the kind heart. I have and I am so very grateful.

    Your a winner know matter what.

  12. I like your eye and your voice.

  13. B,

    Now this looks like a beautiful farm auction. I'm just sorry we didn't get to see all the pictures. But I understand totally why you did what you did.

    Did the guys find anything to bring home?

  14. I'm sure you would make a great National Geographic photographer! It looks like those tires have lots of great tread on them...did your Hero get them?

  15. such an awesome story buttons!!

    your images are so very special!!

  16. You've nailed the farm auction. they unfold like you described. and yes some people buy things they don't need. but I really like the photography.

  17. Great story and photos! And I think you could still fulfill your dream of having your photos printed in Nat Geo. :)

  18. A beautiful story, B! I love hearing about the farmers that you meet. Farmers, including you, are very special indeed! :-) And you took a great photo of the tire!

  19. The photographer. Recording the world through their eyes and the lens of their trusty camera. Seldom or never seen in front of that lens to give the viewer the feeling that they were THERE. You do that well, Buttons. Your readers really get a taste of the wonderful part of the world where you live. Plus your Hero gets a needed record of a possible purchase.

  20. Love the shot of the 'little shack out back' surrounded by cool green forest.

  21. B-I have never in my life seen a more beautiful tire photo! And I've never read a more eloquent account of farm life either. You are so wonderful!! And thank you for all the hugs last week-I appreciate it:) xx (Hugs)

  22. Ah auctions.... I am clerking another auction on the 14th.... it is an Estate sale of one of our parishioners who was a blacksmith. Should be some interesting stuff, hope I don't spend more than I make!

  23. It must be so fun to go to those auctions just for the great photographs! Official Tire Photographer is a very important job you know?! :)

  24. You do take wonderful pictures Button!

  25. There is a sadness to stories about family farms being sold, but all things change..

    Oh great tire photographer, may you one day realize your dream. It's certainly not unattainable. You know that!


  26. Brilliant, beautiful, Astonishing Post - I like the outhouse . . And - Your Love and Respect - for All Things - Especially -
    Your Hero.

  27. You go, you tire photographer you! We all have to start somewhere! NG will be calling before you know it!

  28. today i asked to take pictures of aphids. so mr foresterman could identify what was trying to kill his precious melons.oh, and one worm eating salamander - that was my bait to get me to walk down to the gaarden...

    you and i NEED to get together. And I think hero and Mr. F would get along famously.

    and no, we wont take pictures for them unless they take us out for sushi and some dancin'... ;p


  29. btw nice treads - i know how much those puppies cost now... did he get them?

  30. Yes, tractor tires. They are quite photogenic!

  31. Great story and love the photos today especially the first one.

  32. Yet another wonderful story from your 'pen' and your camera. I feel so envious of you and your country life and I feel your contentment coming through your stories loud and clear. xx

  33. What a cool story. Great photos. And awesome tread on those tires. I hope the gentleman has good luck on his new journey too. :)

  34. The photo is worthy of NatGeo, but your husband would be the more desirable critic and appreciative viewer. Isn't the every day story , the story behind the photos , the most amazing part of the pictures. When a photo captures something of the spirit of the subject well enough to make most people top, ponder, and remember it later , well, I would call that photo a masterpiece !I loved this story, this post.

  35. You do meet the most amazing people!!! My favourite image is the first one!! I love the peeling red paint, and the mist in the distance!

  36. I love tagging along on your adventures Buttons!

  37. I just love to here about your trips to farm Actions. It does sound like you are loving life.


  38. The farm auctions are such fun gatherings !
    Love that photo on a hill that says maximum 60 ... when you go over that bump weeeee a tickled tummy .

  39. I think it would break my heart to see these old farms being auctioned off. Your photos are lovely and I hope this dear farmer has a sweet life from now on without too much sadness over a life now gone. xo

  40. I always enjoy going with you to the auctions. I like the tractor tire. It reminds me of the tractors my parents drove when they were young farmers and I was an even younger kid.

  41. you're a riot! i don't know if i would enlarge and frame your tire photos, but do i ever love the shot of the little outhouse(?) in the woods! that one's worthy of some glossy magazine for sure!


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