Monday, October 7, 2013

I've Been Around!

Imitation is the sincerest flattery.
                  Nathaniel Cotton

Since I had spent those couple of hours sitting on the couch in a new place my Mom now calls home and she taught me how to knit I have been obsessing over learning this knitting thing that my Mom spends her days constantly doing. That day Mom had let me continue knitting a square she had already started so I never did learn how to cast on, meaning start, I was waiting for that lesson; turns out Mom had other ideas. When I returned the very next day to learn that casting off then casting on part of knitting I noticed my first attempt sitting in her knitting basket beside her and it was now cast off and lie rolled up with all the other squares, I wondered if that meant that our lessons were over. There were no lessons that day but I vowed I would continue to learn this on my own so I would be able to sit beside her and we could share our time doing something she enjoyed. I knew I could do this I just had to keep trying and find the way.

This little adventure seemed easy enough I knew I was an intelligent, not afraid of a little work woman who could learn anything I put my mind too, or so I thought. On Friday when My Hero walked into the kitchen after getting home from work, he caught me with this white ball of yarn and those two needles I had borrowed out of Mom’s basket. The computer was blaring out a so called easy lesson from YouTube showing wannabe knitters like myself how to cast on or I should say start this what some have referred to as easy knitting thing. By the time he had found me I had already spent a fair amount of time tying it around my fingers then knotting it around the needle and then pulling it all out over and over again. I even ended up chasing that trying to escape the madness ball of yarn rolling across the kitchen floor a few times. That old saying about being all thumbs comes to mind. Did you know (according to a search on Google) that there are actually thirty different ways to cast on and I could not even figure out one and I even tried the children’s easy learning lesson? I was getting very frazzled and frustrated.

I finally dropped the needle on the table and exclaimed… I can’t do this, I quit. Being the Hero that he is, he picked up that yarn and that needle and he started casting on like it was the most natural thing in the world. I turned off the blaring YouTube and watched in sheer amazement. Where did you learn to do that? He flashed that boyish grin and exclaimed “I've been around.”

Yes ladies I was as blown away as you probably are now, I have never seen this side of My Hero it appears he has hidden talents I have yet to discover. He kept casting on and grinning. I think at this point he was just trying to impress me, you know how guys get trying to impress their girls, wise man it was working. He handed me the now very crowded full of stitches knitting needle with a smile. I picked up the other needle and carefully knitted the long, long row, that lesson I had remembered from Mom.

You may not know this about me but I tend to get bored very easily so after I had finished that first row I pulled out a ball of red yarn (after all it is almost Christmas) and I kept going. The problem being now with double yarn came more stitches which kept falling off the end of the needle recalling that frustration again. I picked up the phone and lucky for me NDF came to the rescue. I went over to borrow some longer needles and explained how My Hero had gotten carried away while showing off this hidden talent of casting on yarn. She was really impressed with my fancy red and white knitting, well maybe, but I do know she was impressed with My Hero’s hidden talent. “Where did he learn to do that?” Well, I replied, all I know is what he told me “I've been around.” We laughed.

I stayed up late into the night knitting and smiling thinking of my Mom and what she would think when I showed her what I had done the next time I went to visit. There is just one little problem…… I have no idea how to cast off and I do know YouTube does not seem to work for me. I do hope My Hero saves the day with that statement “I’ve been around” and can cast off before I run out of yarn while flashing me that boyish grin.

So what do you think?  Do you have any ideas as to what this should be because I have no clue?

Oh and by the way I do not need to hear all your comments about how impressed you are about Mr.“I've been around.”
 I just have one thing to say about the whole thing; Come on My Hero ..... 47 stitches...... really....... you had me at 10.……….Show off.



  1. Ha! I DO wonder what other hidden talents your Hero has! ;))

  2. Wish I could help, but you know I can't knit for toffee!!! I am always surprised at other people's hidden talents. Well done.


  3. It looks great to me! I like the colors.

  4. With the red and white, could be a Nebraska Cornhusker oven mitt. :)

  5. You have done well.
    Many men knit, can & knit better than women!
    Casting off...I knit left handed and taught myself to knit with two nails :) no I am not showing off, just saying :)

  6. Good part is casting off is a lot easier then casting on. Good luck with learning.

  7. Those genuine surprises are the best! And I love the red and white- looks like some Christmas-y. Your mom is going to love it!

  8. Oh my goodness! I loved this story!
    A man of many talents! :)

  9. LOL - obviously your Hero was a victim of a misspent youth !


    Great story, B. The only thing I know of casting off is that it usually involves a boat.

    Have a great week !

  10. Casting off.....knit the first two stitches...with the tip of your needle lift the first loop you stitched over top of the second loop you stitched and drop if off the needle...knit another stitch.....again pick up the first loop and lift it over the loop you just stitched and rop it off the needle...repeat until you have one loop left...cut the yarn and pull it through the remainng loop..knot it off. tada.

  11. Sorry Buttons, but I just can't help it...your Hero has me impressed! :) :) What a fun story...just wait until you tell you Mom that he knew how to do that!

  12. We have a health store in town. Husband and wife own it. First time I walked in. Here is the owner with a long pony tail male and partly scruffy beard. Now I know this is the look most days for men. The scruff look.

    He was sitting knitting. I said what are you knitting. His wife pipes up beside him. It is a sweater. This is his fourth one to be. Isn't it lovely. he knits his own sweaters for the winter.

    My Mom tried to teach me me to knit but my worse senario is I drop stiches and I cannot pick them up so she had to pick them up or I knitted too lose. She kept saying it is too tight. So not my cup of tea knitting.

    So your doing well. Plain knit is okay but pearl knit One puts the needle in backwards. Then I pulled too tight. I kept saying. Oh not pearl. I almos dreaded it.

    Fine knitter I would of been. A grumpy knitter.

    I can spend hours doing crafts, art.

    Yet after a half hour trying to knit as far as you have.

    I have not any patience.

    I am so in awe at knitters like your Mom. What they make. The colors they use.
    The hats they make and scarfs. I love knitted hats.

    My Mom and your Mom could even knit socks. I won't even go there. How many knitting needles they use. Way back in my Moms time.ladies today.

    I enjoyed your blog. If you continue your doing well Buttons.

    The casting on I can do but the casting off. I think you do two at a time off. Oh I really forgot.

  13. Well I am impressed with both of you! All I know about knitting is that you cast on, knit one, pearl two, and cast off. Enjoy your time knitting with you mom. My mom and I spent our time together working crossword puzzles.

  14. Nope - dont have a clue. Dont plan on learning how to knit until im 60...

    good hero man...! Im surprised you got any knitting done at all ;0)

  15. That's pretty, B. Perhaps it could be a scarf. I am impressed with Your Hero's hidden talents. :-) And you're doing a good job with the knitting part. It's not easy, so good for you!

    I can cast on, but I've never learned to cast off. And I don't know what to do if I drop a stitch.

  16. Well let's see....what kind of yarn is it. If it isn't acrylic you could use it to set hot plates on. Could you make a little Christmas pillow out of it since it's red and white. Candy caneish colors! I'm going to say it anyway, "I'm impressed." I can tell you how to cast off...
    Hold the needles as though you are going to knit another row.
    Just knit two stitches.
    So, now you have two stitches on your right hand needles.
    Pull the back stitch over the front stitch and off the needle.
    YOu now have one stitch.
    Knit another stitch.
    You know have two stitches.
    Pull the back stitch over the front stitch.
    Go on until you have one stitch left. Cut your yarn and run the end of the yarn through the loop, then weave it in the knitted stitches. You're done!
    So glad you are back, by the way.

    Cindy Bee

  17. Enjoyed your post! You have a very resourceful hero ;)

  18. Fantastic story. What is so wonderful after all these years your hero can still surprise you.

  19. Well, some people certainly know how to keep their talents well-hidden!:-)

    I did some knitting back in the "dark ages," but can't even suggest how to tie it off. Do you suppose it would come back to me were I to begin?:-)

  20. I had a friend teach me to knit when we both had young children. Casting on is easy once you get the hang of it. I remember knitting clothes for my daughter's Barbie doll some 50 odd years ago. I need to get my knitting bag out of the closet and get busy.
    You will have fun with this!

  21. B,

    Nothing like learning something about your husband you didn't know. I love this story!!!

  22. Totally impressed with your hero! The red and white does remind me of Christmas. I wish I could knit, but I don't know the first thing about it. Maybe turn it into a scarf?

  23. Oh B, you had me laughing. That Hero of yours is the best. I really would love to know how he learned to cast on.

  24. Haha! That totally cracked me up. Amazing that you are still finding his hidden talents after all these years. I wish I could help, but I can't knit. I tried crocheting a while back but didn't have the patience for it!

  25. Love that he is still surprising you!

  26. You've got an amazing Hero! Well done. As for knitting--I can, but it bores me to tears. Crocheting is worse. I was once "volunteered" to crochet pot holders for a group of women as thank-you gifts. I thought I would go insane before I finished. Nothing against people who can create beautiful things with yarn and needles. I'm the one with the problem.

  27. hehe, i love, love, love this story!! We are lucky girls to have such amazing men!!

    Not because he can knit, just because I can feel the joy he brings to your life, it's so heart warming!!

  28. Like Deb said it is heart warming . Great story, our man never stop amazing us.... Happy Monday

  29. Lol... I knit and crochet, I understand the basics, I just can't read the patterns... I get going and then I get stumped and frustrated... sigh.

  30. I have no idea what it could be. I don't know how to knit or sew. I was way too busy outside on my pony or in the dirt! LOL!
    Its nice to find those hidden talents in our hero's. :)

  31. lol...oh that made me laugh! is there no end to his talents ;)

  32. I am with Keith on the peppermint…I also see Christmas. It might make a nice jacket for a snowman….so cute, I can picture it now!

  33. Wish I could have actually seen your face when he took those needles and worked his magic..........!....... A mug rug--- any size/shape--for a mug of coffee and muffin or couple cookies!! I love all my different mug rugs!!
    What I really like best is the idea that you want to be able to sit with your mom .. Knitting w her.... Priceless...
    Enjoy B...

  34. Ha Ha....Little did you know....

  35. Cute post! :)
    It's amazing what we continue to learn about each other after all these years!

  36. :-)So, you've got more then one talent. Don't ever worry what other people think! I can't help you with the technique, sorry...

    Warm greetings from the Netherlands,

  37. Wow, sometimes people we know all our lives can really surprise us! Love your knitting, Buttons - it is wonderful. A pillow perhaps? The only way I can learn is through books with illustrations. I think most beginner's knitting books have all the techniques inside. Good luck, love your story today! :) Hugs xoxo

  38. "I've been around."

    Oh B, that is priceless!

    A few years ago, I went to a local craft fair and a bunch of boys were sitting at a table, knitting needles flying away. These boys had an impressive selection of hats, mittens and scarves for sale-and I have to admit I was envious:)

    I never could learn how to knit...not even 10 stitches worth;)

  39. Sweet sweet surprise - I love it when that happens - taken by surprise - how wonderful! I bet you were thinking "I wonder what other stuff he knows" -- I know my sweetheart can still surprise me.. Now about your knitting -- I knit some -- if it's 100% cotton then it could be a dish rag..wink!

  40. what a man! lol!

    i think a scarf would be a good first project as you can't go too wrong simply going back and forth, right? ;)

  41. What a fun story. I am all thumbs when it comes to knitting. At least I was when I last tried. Maybe you, your mom and your hero will have inspired me to have something new to do this winter.

  42. I'm as good as you at knitting and my hero can't help either. Make it into a table mat.

  43. Hahaha! And the most important thing I heard is that after all these years he can still surprise you. :-D

  44. LOL yes starting now you could have a scarf knitted for everyone for Christmas. But something extra special for your hero. You will have to impress him now...


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