Wednesday, May 28, 2014

An Update, Random Thoughts and Time to Run!

Keep out of ruts; a rut is something which
If traveled too much, becomes a ditch.
                             Arthur Guiterman

Many of you have been inquiring about my best friend since we were five years old, BA. Here is a long overdue update.                                                           
She is doing very well considering she has had two surgeries, a round of chemo combined with radiation. Being the person she is and knowing another round of chemo will be starting this week she still found time to stop by for a visit to the farm. Her plan was to have a pleasant visit with Annie and see the new calves. If you remember BA had come to the farm for a visit during the winter long ago and bottle fed Annie as an abandoned calf, unfortunately Annie no longer likes either one of us since that whole weaning off thing. BA did manage to have a nice little visit with Girl and she managed to see the new calves too. BA is going into this next round of chemo with a great attitude and she knows she has lots of support. Your comments helped her so much, Thank you. 
BA’s Story can be read HERE. 

She wants to remind you to get the screening available for colon cancer it is important no matter how unpleasant the testing seems to be, it is necessary. Early detection is the key.

BA I am sure Annie still cares, she is just being a brat and I have no idea when she acquired those spots. You got this girl its only 13 weeks…..HUGS

Now, I am not sure if I am the only one but my oh my this whole abundant sunny warm long day thing is exhausting. I have to say there was something to be said about those cold days and cold dark nights snuggled in a nice warm bed or on the couch snuggled in with junk food watching Netflix in the middle of the day, compared to all this work work work. Am I the only one that is missing that relaxing part of our winter?

Now do not get me wrong I enjoy every bit of the incredible heat that my body craved through the winter and is now storing in masses as I sit, I mean work out in the sun, but the days being so long have convinced My Hero that there is now so much we can accomplish and take advantage of all that light. Well I beg to differ. I like to think of that saying ‘To each his own’. I have absolutely no problem sitting in a lawn chair watching him cut the lawn, or tackle all those machinery repair things on his own. Even those, I am always expecting calls needing someone, and since I am the only one around, to fetch a wrench, welding rod or something else may annoy and interfere with my absorbing of sun but I do it as quick as I can then back to the chair.

These long days stretching into those evenings have us hiking down to the bush to check out the girls just before sunset where our cows are so very happy. There is finally no snowy white only luscious green and they can eat to their hearts content. There seems to be an over-abundance of bugs these days, all that swatting and running is exhausting in itself so I am going to be wearing a bug hat next trip.

Speaking of hats….I may have a little problem with Bossy2; she has now convinced herself that she is a real super star. After all those knitted hat modelling photo shoots during those cold snowy days, in the middle of that winter of no end she appears to have developed a Diva complex. If there is a camera in my hand she actually beelines it straight for me almost knocking me over looking for a hat, which I have not been carrying, remember the heat of the sun thing. I had an old orange ball cap on trying to keep the sun out of my eyes but she decided it was not her style then turned up her nose and walked away.

I have a sneaking suspicion I probably should never have been exploiting Bossy2 for my own monetary gain, you know I am kidding right? It appears she has been recruiting others for a job I have not advertised. Her cute little calf born that Easter morning walked right up to me stood there and stared me right in the eye. Now I do not speak cow but I am getting pretty good at reading their body language and I am convinced I know what she was thinking. Mom said I can wear pretty hats and go on the world-wide web and be famous, so where is my hat? Yes that is exactly what she was thinking, just look at those ears she is going to be a world-wide sensation. But then again I have read the girls wrong a few times before, she could possibly be saying Move over your standing on a scrumptious piece of grass.

Well it seems this long cold winter combined with these long hot working too hard days are taking a toll on my thinking and I feel a need to run, a phenomena that usually happens to me in March where this year I was quite contented to snuggle on the couch watching Netflix while eating junk food. That being said I will be escaping this rat race, OK cow race for an adventure where there is no world-wide web connection, no Netflix and most times no cellphone reception. There will be none of that watching My Hero work and my fetching of parts, something I am sure he is going to miss but I do know he will survive for a couple of days.
I am sure you will be hearing all about this little adventure on my return. I do have a story I am working on about an auction that affected me more than I can say right now, so stay tuned.

Have fun working out in this glorious warmth of the spring and if you do have Netflix and can pull yourself away from all that work, I did find an interesting documentary called The Moo Man it is a real look at a family dairy farm in the UK. My Hero fell asleep I guess in his head it was just another rerun. I actually liked it I thought I was the only one who talked to their cows. It gives the viewer a look into the emotions and hard work that goes along with this farming business. Be warned I cried at the end, farmers do love their animals.

See you soon.


P.S. (If you Google The Moo Man you will find it)


  1. Sounds like things are going good for you, Miss B. When the weather warms up and days get longer we do fill the days up. Why is there always just one more thing to do? I keep doing one more thing and before I know it an hour or more has passed.

    Have a wonderful adventure.

  2. to live this life, you have to love it. so happy that many people do... love it and live it.

    best wishes to your dear friend...

  3. Oh Buttons, before we know it those long cold winter days will be here again.

    I hope that your friend continues to do well!

  4. That sweet calf needs a straw hat for the warm sunny days to come! ;))) Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  5. Bossy2's calf is adorable! Enjoy the sunshine, and find some way to make summer sun hats--then maybe Bossy2 will be happy.

  6. It's good your friend came to visit. I wish her well.
    Hugs M xx

  7. So glad to read that BA is doing well. I bet your friendship helps her immensely. So wonderful :)

  8. Happy to hear that BA is doing well. Love your photos of the girls especially thecwee ones. They are so cute!

  9. i LOVE bossy2 and her calf! oh, my! cuteness!

    enjoy your days away!

  10. I'm not a summer person, I abhor the heat and humidity. I've never liked it, but now with the MS it's even worse, as I suffer terribly with heat intolerance. Bossy 2 and baby are just adorable, maybe the little one would settle for a nice straw hat.

    Enjoy your time away B. {hugs}

  11. Still sending healing thoughts BA's way - bottle babies are so fickle... And glad to hear you have a little adventure coming up - more great stories!!

  12. Wishing a complete recovery and cancer free life for BA.
    Bossy2's calf does indeed look like she would be a good hat model. Those ears would be adorable with a colourful knitted hat between them!
    An adventure... yay! Hope you have a good time.
    Love the last photo.

  13. Ha made me laugh, with your commentary on Bossy 2's calf! I'm sure she was thinking...I want to be famous like my Ma! :) I'm tired with these long, hot (er) days, but oh so glad the winter is over! Have a great time away!

  14. Glad to hear your friend has lots of support and is doing alright.

    Oh those cute baby calves!

  15. Oh, what cuteness, what sweetness! And I'm so glad to hear that BA is doing better. Continued prayers for her~

  16. I too am finding that even though I craved the longer days and warmth while we were in the middle of January, now that it is here I find myself with too little time and too many mosquito bites.

    Glad to hear BA is great, and that you are off on another adventure - I look forward to hearing about it! I will be posting about my own recent adventures (when I can find the time!!!) so keep an eye out ;)

    Hugs!!!!!! Mandi :)

  17. Baby calves are sooo CUTE! I'm glad that your friend is doing ok and got to come for a visit. Have a good week Buttons!

  18. ahhh i love those babies! glad to hear your friend is doing better and hope she continues to improve! hugs!!

  19. Enjoy your run Buttons, and return to us refreshed.
    I think Bossy2 and her calf have given me cuteness overload!

  20. God bless your friend, BA. Glad to hear she is progressing well.

    Your cows and their hat modeling...what a hoot! Your stories make me laugh. :)

  21. Ha ha I love the look on Bossy2 and her little Moo ~ I think you read their thoughts correctly They look like quite the divas ! :))
    Oh B. enjoy that time away and do tell when you return ~ can't wait to hear all about this adventure ( and the auction story) .
    Have fun !
    Hugs ,

  22. we're never satisfied. There's always something to whine about. The cup is half empty. Some how or other we get there.

  23. What adorable little divas! I can completely understand your missing the shorter days. Since I work in the city, my days are pretty much the same length all year, so I'm enjoying the extra light when I leave my office - although I do really enjoy snuggling up with something on netflix! I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventure!

  24. Sending my dearest wished to your friend for a full recovery.

  25. I love the last shot :)

    Prayers for your friend!

  26. The link to your friend's blog does not work.

  27. I just love your quote! So true.
    My prayers are with your BFF. Going into something like this with a positive attitude is awesome!
    OMG! Bossy2's calf is adorable! HA!
    Have a beautiful adventure. :)

  28. B,

    Praying for your BFF, she can do this.......kick cancer in the hiney. Go girl!!!!

    Your cattle are just so amazing, I love these pictures of Bossy2 and her calve.

    Can't wait to here about your trip and the post about the auction.

    Enjoy your adventure :-)

  29. Love the photos and the story. I had never thought that longer days meant longer hours to work. Winter does have its merits. You must be a cow whisperer.

  30. lovely photos and prayers to BA's on going fight!! My Auntie Ragna named all of their cows, much to the chagrin of my Uncle for they would eventually go off to market, she insisted. A local herder plays his flute and sings to his dogs and goats, another friend has 73 goats and all named plus he says they prefer Blues to Jazz ;-).

  31. So nice to read your post, everything's sounding real good B.
    Totally love those pics of Bossy2 and calf - really adorable. Yes, I think you've created a star in the making there all right ;D)
    Good news that you'll be having a little adventure shortly - relax and enjoy :D)xx

  32. oh, sorry, I hit the publish button too quickly,
    Thank you for the update on your friend too. Warmest good wishes to her and her sound advice is being heeded by many I'm sure. Hugs xx

  33. I do not miss those cold snowy days at all, but I have missed you! My Shug is just as bad about thinking we have to work ALL THE TIME, only he had Achilles Tendon surgery so it's non-stop..'hand me the battery drill, plug in the battery and get me a new one, you put the insulation in while I sit here and cut it...." I'm exhausted! And I haven't even had time to sit at the computer....but I'll take it over the cold winter weather any day! And as far as bees and bears....I'll take the bees over the bears any day too!!! You are crazy!! I'm so glad BA is doing ok and keeping a positive attitude. She is more courageous than both of us put together with bees and bears, Huh?

    Take care and stay in touch. I'll try to do better too. And you are welcome to come visit anytime, just wait until we get the house done so I have an extra room for you to stay in!


  34. I do LOVE reading about your life of the farm and your cows.. Your story had me smiling this morning.. Enjoy your little getaway..


  35. Enjoyed reading your update, and glad to hear there is another winter hat supermodel in training. Wishing all the best to BA. Enjoy your retreat!

  36. Good thoughts and prayers for your friend BA and the treatments.

    So enjoyable seeing your cows. I laughed about the hats and just loved the Mama and her baby. So cute.

    Yep, warm weather means more work but it sure feels nice.

  37. I love your stories of life on the farm, B! I'm sure Bossy 2 and her calf will eventually get over the need to be famous. :-)

    I will be thinking of BA, and God's blessings to her as she goes through more treatment.

    I hope you are enjoying your adventure!

  38. Oh, look at that cute little calf!!! I love those sweet little faces.

    Prayers will be said for your friend BA. I wish her the very best!

  39. You sound happy, I'm happy about that, sorry about friend, she has courage, whatever happens, she's winning, i imagine all your cows have a good healthy attitude they are stars because of your goodness, I love Spring, but I'm a winter girl...always have been...I hope this summer gives more leisure that you can possibly imagine , quiet moments reading to your stars, and beautiful moments photographing your stars, and all the duties, well suddenly will be oh so easy, you'll wonder if you missed some, so although I'm sure I'll visiting before the end..of summer i have a
    feeling yours will be extraordinary B...all the best

  40. I really enjoyed reading your post B.!! :-)

    Hope you'll have a great weekend!

  41. Blessings to your friend. Awesome pictures... Love the mama and her baby and I'll check out the Moo Man thanks for the recommendation. Have a great weekend.

  42. I am glad I'm still not the only one still shell shocked from winter. We just now mowed the lawn. I literally danced in the sun. I didn't think it would ever get here. Great photos of the cows. Please tell BA I'm sending her well wishes.

  43. Thanks for this update on BA, please say hello from me. I think about her from time to time and hope she is doing OK. Is that little Annie? Wow, I almost wrote: Are you sure? But of course you must be. It is always so good to come here and read about your life with cows.

  44. Another great story---I wish I had the words you do.
    Good thoughts going out to your friend. Hard work for her but she will come through.

  45. Grace you always make me smile when I drop by to visit.

    And I totally agree with you on the so lovely, but so tiring lol longer seems the weeds have taken over, the bugs are biting back, and the sun it well, rather warmer then it was in the winter...but I am not complaining, it's such a short season.

    My best wishes and prayers to your friend, we are all thinking good thoughts for her.


  46. Beautiful pictures fences and cows. Is that your friend at the fence. I presume yes.

    Buttons my stomping ground I was brought up since I was knee high to a grasshopper at Rice lake. You had
    mentioned that in someone else s blog on good fences.

    I was a throw away from Rose neath to get to my cottage. like about half hour prox. We used to stop for ice cream there. Not sure if that store is even there. Was a grocery store a throw away and a hardware store. Gosh memories seeing you mentioned Rice Lake.

    I was like five minutes car from Lilac Lodge.

    Where did you go on the weekend what area?

    By cottage we were kitty corner from Margaret Island and like and hour drive by boat to Hastings. I guess you would be familiar with those places.

    My fences up today on my blog.

    Read story about your friend. I am due for Colon Scope July 2nd. I have Colitis disease so I have to also have check up's. And lots of other tests. I agree. One should.
    Have it done.

    Glad your friend is doing well will pray for her continue treatments. Poor sweetie all she has gone through. Still has too.


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