Monday, May 19, 2014


I have always found that the honest truth of our own mind
has a certain attraction for every other mind
that loves truth and honesty.
             Thomas Carlyle

Today was the first day back for a girl who has been floundering. With her Hero by her side, her Pink Cadillac Boots, a t-shirt that was her daughter’s, a worn knitted wool hat that has always been Bossy2’s favourite and a camera named Leo hanging from her neck she ventured out into a world she had forgotten.

The cows were as anxious (well that is not exactly the word I should use) as she was to follow this Hero man dressed in blue coveralls, orange chainsaw boots and a blue Nike hat that was our daughter’s and reminds us of her, we head back to where the green grass grew tall and danced in the wind under a sun that shone brightly.

Early morning My Hero had been standing over me looking down to where I had been hibernating trying to hide from the world outside, a blanket pulled over my head shutting out that beautiful sun that streamed through the window. He whispered his plan and suggested that I grab Leo and come with him, insisting that this is just what I needed. I looked into his eyes and knew I had to do this if only for him. He knows me sometimes better than I know myself and for this I have always been grateful.

The cows were going to be moved to the spring pasture. They hesitated at first while wondering what lie ahead and they hung back and held their ground being a bit nervous and clung to a field where there was no longer any grass to feed them and keep them happy. They must have had an inkling that they eventually had to move on but I suspect they were like me thinking change sometimes can be very difficult. They wondered if leaving this familiar place of comfort was a good idea, heading to something completely unknown, even though it may be good for them as promised.

Venturing ahead I tried to capture with photos the faith our cows have in My Hero, following behind him into the unknown trusting he would know what they needed. They toddled behind slowly at first and then it must have hit them that they had indeed travelled this path before and better things were waiting ahead. They galloped off as fast as they could, speeding past My Hero who was smiling and this girl with the Pink Cadillac Boots who was now smiling and trying to capture this moment of joy with a camera named Leo.

The girls and boys eventually came to a closed gate which had held and protected them from danger through the very long winter; there they stood waiting for My Hero to make his way there and open that gate. They knew he knew what was best for them, a place that was safe and full of green grass just waiting for the picking. A place where the tall Maples and those mighty Oaks reached for the sun, bending and swaying in the wind, a place they now remembered but had forgotten till a wise man pointed them in the right direction.

They rushed through the gate and jumped and danced, filling their mouths with luscious green grass that had been waiting for their return. The new calves that had never seen this place of bounty and joy followed their Mothers wondering what was going on and a bit nervous but then finally realizing they were safe they all gathered together in a group to run and play celebrating but still reaching down snatching the green that blew in the wind and filling their mouths as they ran.

After the cows found what they needed and I had found what I needed I plopped down on the ground in the middle of that luscious, soft green grass that blew in the wind, surrounded by the cows that munched and skipped, where Leo and I played and My Hero captured that very moment with my point and shoot. Yes indeed this is exactly what that girl in those Pink Cadillac’s needed and those cows that make her smile needed. Her Hero always knows and she and they are very grateful. I wish you could see her smiling.



  1. Beautiful prose. You are a writer.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. I especially love all those cow butts heading down the trail. Lovely perspective & I think it's great your camera has a name. Leo was probably glad to get out too!

  3. that one shot of the calves' tails up in the air says it all! just adorable!

  4. I can just imagine how excited they were to go out on that lush,green grass! That's my favorite thing, all year...watching the cows' excitement. Love the pic of them kicking up their heels! Welcome back Buttons!

  5. Glad you are feeling better. The cows must've been happy to see you!

  6. Glad your feeling better my friend !
    I knew you would be back ~
    You know I would have waited for you til the cows came home.

  7. awwww b, i like the way the calves welcomed you!!!

    sometimes we all need a gentle soul to give us a little push!!

  8. Glad to see you're "back in the saddle" B! {hugs} Nice to you plopped down amidst friends.

  9. I could feel you smiling from here...xoxo

  10. What a sweet picture
    :) made me smile.

  11. ;)))))) Nice! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  12. Beautifully written, Buttons. Welcome back! I hope you continue to feel better. Hugs!

  13. I am happy to see you are feeling better. Beautifully written post. I adore all the cow shots and that green grass is vibrant and fresh.

  14. Yeah for you, Miss B!

    Cows do love the wide open of summer pasture and green grass. I'm not sure who is more happy the cows to be out of our hair or us to have cattle out to pasture, lol!

    We got the first group of pairs to summer grass this morning. Working calves tomorrow morn and moving more cattle to summer pasture on Wednesday. Oh and the Rancher started planting corn this afternoon.

  15. I just love that last photo that your Hero took.
    You sitting in that beautiful paddock surrounded by your cows and calves in the sunshine.
    Good on your lovely man - it's so good to be able to lean on each other at times... and that was definitely your time :D) xx

  16. Ah you can't keep a good woman down for long! Especially when she has a Hero to rescue her.

  17. B,

    Yay, your Hero to the rescue!!! He knew exactly what you needed, along with the cows. It was a day of making everyone smile.

    I just love beautiful vibrant green grass. Did you run your bare feet through the grass?

  18. Some things are just good for us. I'm glad you enjoyed moving the cows.

  19. Yea! :)
    What a hero you have.
    Love love the pic with the cows going down the tree lined road! Pretty!
    Nice to see your snow gone too!

  20. What a beautiful love story but with a happy ending...this is so eloquent and full of beauty and hope, bless you dear B.

  21. Here's to the Heros in our lives!

  22. Feel better "B". I am going to feed the pups, take more cough syrup and go back to bed. xx

  23. Beautiful post Buttons! So glad you are feeling better and are back. You've been missed!

  24. What a wonderful story!!! And I love the photos!!! I have been trying to hide under the covers, myself, and it simply doesn't work, no matter how much we want it...

  25. Beauty, beauty, all the way through my friend, just like you.

  26. You are indeed a writer, and you add so much to my class.
    If you ever doubt that you are a writer, read these comments, and believe.
    You'll know you are a writer because you cannot stop writing. It doesn't matter if it's "out there." All that matters is that it's out there for others to enjoy.
    Keep writing.
    By the by, My Hero knows me better than I know myself sometimes and he too knows what's good for me even before I do. Isn't it nice to have someone like that in our lives?

  27. we can see her smiling! it is reflected in our own smiles, which we wear, after reading this post.

    i am so very, very, very happy for you my dear!

    and very, very happy, that you have your hero in your life.

    gentle hugs,

  28. So much feeling to your writing. Oh how I would love to write like you. So happy that your HERO knows you so well. That is true love.

    Happy for you my friend.

  29. They were glad to see you:)

  30. It is very beautiful to see lot of cows in one place!

  31. Oh I am so happy your "Hero" got you out and about with Leo. Such wonderful shots of your sweet cows. I know it was good for you and it was wonderful to see the joy they bring you as well in your lovely photos.

  32. Lovely words...ones that need to be shared, preferably paid for ;P



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