Friday, June 27, 2014

Weddings, Flowers, a Backhoe and Google!

Knowledge itself is power.
                             Francis Bacon

I am the Mother of the Bride; that line runs through my head constantly and it seems to gather steam with every inching closer to that big day moment. Every Mother of the Bride-to-be knows there are not very many things you would not consider doing to have your daughters dream wedding come true, sometimes that takes the knowledge you may already have or some research to find what you need. That is where Google How to’s come in handy. This is my story to get ever closer to earning that title Mother of the Bride.

I think I am really starting to panic a little now because I have been scouring country wedding websites late at night. Website after website of all you need to know about the perfect country wedding. There is a distinct pattern there.

 There is always a beautiful bride (we have that), standing beside her handsome groom (have that too) standing in between those beautiful well-dressed bridal party people (we have them too, of course). They were always being photographed in the middle of huge beautiful green field (we will have that after the hay is cut, if the rain stops in time), surrounded by beautiful guests (of course we will have that). A nice barn (well, ours has a little rust but we like it) and some outbuildings (may need a little work but like the barn we like them) so I thought we had it all coming together nicely. The caterer we decided to hire is apparently a very good idea and the tent we found for a reasonable price too, so we seemed to have most things covered but then as I kept reading and looking through the website pages I noticed over and over again the incredibly beautiful flower gardens behind the happy couples and the bridal party (yikes). Panic ensued.

Flowers hmmm, I know it sounds simple enough to most of you but my flower garden (not plural) usually consists of kale plants a few tomato plants, some peony bushes My Hero had brought home from an old jobsite one day years ago and some very beautiful perennial flowers my neighbour and friend NDF planted one day a long time ago while no doubt feeling sorry for my pitiful attempts at landscape gardening. Oh those flowers were so beautiful and I know she told me there names but I have no idea what they are now and the weeds seem to be duking it out with them and I am not sure who is winning at this point. The kale I planted again this year as it turns out is a favourite of our resident bunny rabbit the one our friendly coyote did not find hiding in the woodpile over the long cold winter. I love the bunny so he stays, I bought more kale plants.

That was the point when I started to slip off the deep end and frantically started visiting nurseries for advice and found and bought some hardy geraniums in a variety of colours. If you remember I planted colourful heirloom gourds, squash, and sunflowers at first but now thinking it was not enough and after reading that if the weather stays cool like it has been they may need many more days to mature, that means they will not be ready in time, I really started to panic then. I began to consider other ideas that I found compliments of Google. Do you know you can put any question in that little box and you will come up with an answer? Seems to me everyone has the same questions in this world, you would be surprised. How to make beautiful yet economical floral wedding decorations..... click

Mother of the Bride
There was one very interesting idea that grabbed hold of my panicked stricken mind. NDF and I have lots of beautiful peonies so I had the bright idea to dry them to possibly use on the tables, sounds like a good idea, I know I am glad you agree. There is one small problem, peonies seem to die very quickly when you are not paying attention so mine except for few late bloomers were all curled up and those once fragrant now brown petals covered the ground where there should have been a beautiful flower garden. NDF informed me she had so many she did not know what to do and offered them to me, reminding me “You best gather them quickly or they will be gone”. I rushed over early the next morning and went to cut them after the dew was off. NDF and I picked the best of the best and I rushed home to figure out how to get them the way I wanted them.

I tied a string around small batches of them after reading Google’s How to dry peonies  and gathered up all the bundles I then had to figure out where I could put them to dry undisturbed. Google said it had to be somewhere dry with no light and low humidity so I thought the empty barn would work well. I walked into the barn found a long piece of board and finally found a good use for one of those ladders My Hero has been collecting all these years. I rigged up a makeshift drying rack and hung them there. According to Google it should take a week or two. I hope they are right. With that job done I knew I had to tackle those flower beds and plant all the plants I had managed to find at the nursery and all those containers I managed to find and was gifted.

Can you believe an ordinary bag of dirt cost me $7.99 plus tax at the grocery store? We have two hundred acres so I was sure I could find dirt somewhere.

Google to the rescue……..How to operate a Backhoe…… click.

See you Monday or you can read that little adventure here.



  1. Oh my! Calm down Mother of the Bride, perfection and weddings do not go together, no matter what anyone tells you!
    Really, it's the little imperfections which make the happiest wedding memories.
    Besides, with folks like you and their love for one another, their wedding is already well on it's way to being just perfect enough.

  2. Embrace the imperfections. I hope you are journaling so you won't forget a minute of this time.

  3. Like Roan and Jacqueline, I suspect you are being too hard on yourself. I'm sure your guests will be mostly looking at the happy bride and groom. :)

  4. You can buy potting soil at the dollar store here, but it's not the biggest bag.

    You know what? All that matters is that friends and family are together. I doubt anyone will remember the flowers (or lack of) 20 years down the road...

  5. Miss B,
    You make me laugh out loud. I am laughing with you because this sounds exactly like something I would do.

    The dried peonies is a great idea. The pink pretties will be perfect.

    Take a deep breath and try not to worry so much. It will all work out great.

  6. hooray for a plan, coming together!

    take deep breaths and work on calm. everything will turn out.. whether we worry ourselves to a frazzle, or not. deep breaths. :-)

  7. I love the flower photos - especially of that last one upside down like that! You shouldn't worry - it is going to be marvellous whatever the flowers are like because of you energy and because of the friends and family gathered together to celebrate love!

  8. oh, lordy... you're on a roll...

  9. those blooms. i love this time of the year for all the beauties. you have a ball. relax. breathe. chill. so fun!! ( :

    i can tell you what i remember from my wedding. honestly? not a damn thing. i was sick as a dog. no one knew it ... i still ask people did you know i was sick? i had a terrible chest cold. but i made it through. if i am curious - i watch our wedding video. i was on pure auto pilot. seriously.

    you will be just perfect. no worries. love every minute. no stress. smile & all is great!!

  10. My Son and DIL's wedding was DIY and my lilac bush and snowball bush bloomed a week earlier than I thought they would so that morning found me knee deep in a field of phlox for the vases : )Wee hours of the morning, came home drenched from the thighs down but oh my what lovely bouquets and scented as well :) Do whatever works! :)

  11. Loved reading your blog. I have been the MOTHER OF THE BRIDE will survive. Try to enjoy it all. It is such a special time.

  12. Hehehe Dr. Google to the rescue!!

    The wedding will be great Miss Buttons - everyone will be so busy paying attention to the beautiful couple and their lovely families that they will hardly have time to notice the slightly rusty - no, wait, make that RUSTIC - barn and outbuildings.

    Flower gardening escapes me as well (I, too, would rather have kale and tomatoes) but kale can be very pretty and tomatoes have lovely little yellow flowers - that counts, right???

    Hugs!!!!! Mandi

  13. I'm sure you don't feel the humor when in panic mode, but to hear you describe it, makes me chuckle! I hope the peonies dry nicely for you...they're so pretty!! See, there was a reason behind your Hero buying all those ladders, I knew it! :) Have you checked out Pinterest too? The ideas on there are endless.




    that is all.


    ps btw coordinating portypotties EXCELLENT idea! ;p

  15. So many things to think much to do.
    I love the idea of a country wedding. There is so much you could do with bushel barrels, gardening tools, farm equipment, bales of hay and just lots of those sunflowers you planted, flowering weeds from the roadsides...lucky girl to have somethng so wonderful to plan.

  16. oh buttons, you already have everything you need ;)

    i remember the first time i PAID for in the world can someone charge you for dirt?? and this girl happens to know how to run a backhoe!!! true story!!!

  17. I'll never be the mother of the bride :( But when our son finds his true love, I plan to be the best mother of the groom possible. As long as your grass is mowed and the barn is decorated, you don't have to do any "landscaping." By the time everyone finds a parking place, they will be looking for the wedding and the party, not your yard. Relax and enjoy the wedding plans. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  18. Fun post . . .
    It will be a perfectly wonderful country wedding . . .
    I can't wait to see the final blush, the Peonies dried should be wonderful.

  19. B,

    Take a deep breath!!!!
    Everything will work out and be okay. Don't stress yourself over every detail.

    I know your daughter's wedding will be totally beautiful, just like the mother of the bride.

  20. I think that nobody will notice the lack of flower gardens or even extra flowers. The important things or ones in a wedding are the Bride and Groom and of course 'The Mother of the Bride---well dad can take a bow too.
    I have 4 daughters. 3 have married and they all just ran off and got married---no big wedding at all. The 4th and youngest says she doesn't want to get married. We will see. MB

  21. I love those drying flowers and how you have them drying. I think you will have so much fun being the mother of the bride.
    People always say have fun, but I don't know how to do that as you are working harder than a slave.
    The flowers will be perfect.

  22. It will all turn out beautifully mother of the bride. Stay calm!!

  23. The dried peonies are a wonderful idea.
    Remember this is a country wedding, not a botanical garden wedding ;) I'm sure everything will be lovely B.

  24. Like they all said above--and Feral said it best--we understand and it will be okay. Try to enjoy the ride even when it gets crazy.

  25. Dirt and steer manure! Who woulda thought you'd pay a shiny penny for that stuff!
    I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful. No one will notice the lack of flowers. I'm sure the bride will be stunning enough.

  26. I am sure you will figure something out by the time the wedding day arrives. How about making some flowers out of paper or coffee filters. I think I saw a post on Jen's blog making flowers.

  27. Keep calm- and don't forget to breathe!
    Have you considered renting hanging baskets from a greenhouse? Nice, fully blooming humongous baskets that you could have for just a couple of days?

  28. There are lots of neat ideas on pintrest. My daughter is only 16 but I've been pinning some neat ideas for when the day comes! lol As for the flowers you can always just dig some holes and put in some potted plants in there and no one will know that is what you did! I think it would look lovely myself. That is what I've seen them do on tv.

  29. I am just excited that the Hero's ladders have been put to good use!

  30. All will be well B, it's always the lead up to it that gets you worrying a bit. You sound like you're on top of everything quite well actually. No need to go all out on a huge planting session. Just a few bits of colour here and there. The drying peonies are a fabulous idea and will be perfect.
    Truly :D)

  31. The guests will most definitely be looking at the bride and the groom and not the extravagance. I think sometimes the meaning of the wedding can get lost in the extravagance. What everyone will remember about that day is that two souls united for eternity :)

  32. Have fun B.
    Something I will never be, is mother of the bride :) Hugs M xoxox

  33. I'd guess...200 acres, you've got to have dirt somewhere?! hahaha
    I adore peonies, yours are beautiful.

  34. Had to laugh at 200 acres and a backhoe! I hope your dried peonies are perfect, but if not, I agree with others, all eyes are going to be on the bride and groom--and if they're like me, they'll be looking through misty eyes, anyway.

  35. My wife swears by google too. She uses it for diagnosing our medical state, but I still leave it up to the doc if I'm not feeling up to snuff.

    As for the wedding - don't sweat all the small stuff - no one will notice or remember. Great to be a guy - just have to show up on time, oh - and have a shower beforehand


  36. A Wedding, people who loves the from who knows who and who cares. A Wedding is a wedding, it's what's after that really counts. Go to a nursery is it makes you feel better ask them to deliver beautiful pots of white and red roses at a certain time. Make the cake or don't make the cake, just don't have fruit, invite the cows...just don't worry, the only thing matters is the love they share, the love you have for them, and the love all the guests will bring, the rest well good for photos, but Love conquers all the messes of a Great Wedding ...oh and have chairs you know for people to sit on, but mostly what your daughter needs the most is her mom to hug and to hold until she starts walking towards her husband to be. Bless you, It will be i predict the best wedding ever..My intuition never lets me down, and I feel whatever you do or don't do, it will be magical, you don't know know me that well, but trust me on this. You know it as well Love conquers all (even the disasters of a wedding) I wish magic for you, your daughter your new son, and all those who gather and bring food and cakes lol No Stress is the best gift you can give to your daughter and to yourself Best Wishes for a Loving Wedding xxxooo

  37. Hey B. Our daughter got married here at our farm. We ordered a couple buckets of ivory roses and some babies breath and did our own centerpieces in quart jars. Worked great. Too expensive to order formal centerpieces. The way you operate, I am most certain that this wedding will come off in style. We put pink ribbons in all the horses manes and had a garland made to go around the pony's neck. Have fun with it.

  38. And, in spite of all the panic and running around, it will be a wonderful, glorious, beautiful and perfect wedding. I love the idea of dried peonies - I didn't even know you COULD dry them!

  39. It will be a beautiful wedding....yes, I would be beside myself too! (just being honest) One of my favorite flowers are Peonies...they are beautifully dried!(so are hydrangeas!)they go well together~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  40. Your peonies are beautiful! So excited for you and your family... a one of a kind special event !!!! ;)

  41. Being a "mother-of-the-bride myself this summer I know what you are going through. Lots of hard work but I bet it will be worth it. We are using artificial bouquets of flowers to decorate with. I've never heard of drying peonies, that is interesting.

  42. I had to take a deep breath after reading this post as I felt quite exhausted.
    I have been mother of the bride twice to my daughter without much hassle thank goodness but then we had town weddings so no fuss.
    Geraniums are a good plant 'cos, even if not in flower, their foliage is always so attractive. They seem go grow in any climate too. Bits popped in the garden just grow here. We can't grow peonies as it's too hot in Perth so envy you them and had no idea you could dry them so that's exciting and hope it works out OK.
    There are some artificial plants these days you can't tell from real ones and I think they can be hired as well if all else fails. Not that I think it will.
    Just do remember to take a few deep breaths occasionally, for your own sake.

  43. I was a mother of the bride five summers ago. I don't think I could have handled an outdoor wedding, so kudos to you! As it was, it was a triple-digit day in August. I didn't sleep much for the week before the big day (it's my perfectionist tendencies at work), but all the planning came together and it was a beautiful day with friends and family. My advice? Plan as well as you can, then just enjoy the day. I loved your post, by the way!

  44. I have lent out my potted flowers for wedding a couple of times. Even potted sunflowers. So if you have a any friends with lots of potted or hanging baskets they are a great addition for an outdoor wedding. I would deliver mine the day before and pick them up the day after. Took care of adding color where it may have been needed and doesn't cost a dime.


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