Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Firemen or Demolition Dreams!

To find a career to which you are adapted by nature,
and then to work hard at it, 
is about as near to a formula for success
and happiness as the world provides.
                                           Mark Sullivan

The waiting game has begun….. I compare it to the sitting in the stands at the Indy 500 even though I have never been, sitting on the sidelines patiently waiting and waiting for the torrential downpour of rain that will eventually stop, you are not sure when but rumour has it that the Doppler radar on a pit crews cell phone shows it to be true and as we know that is always right, well we hope.

At the Indy you are waiting for those sleek shiny painted cars bearing all kinds of fancy advertising to line up and then the flag is dropped and they tear off around the track, round and round trying to get in front of the other shiny sleek pretty car covered with fancy big business advertising. The goal there is to race around the track as fast as you can and finish the race hopefully without a bump or dent to cross the finish line before the shiny cars behind you, to win a shiny trophy and lots of money.

This event that we are all anxiously waiting for would be to watch many old beat up often times numerously repaired, ear shattering noisy, and painted with logos and even some tender loving notes from Mom, covered with some small business advertising sponsors. They will all line up, wait for the count coming from the excited to get started audience who were sitting in the rain for an hour to reach that final number “ONE” and then they get to smash and bash each other into a hunk of scrap metal leaving their masterpiece to be either dragged off to the scrap yard or possibly pounded out to return to another fair; tis the season. The goal is to be the last car standing or this case still running and you will win a big shiny trophy and some small reward of money to the delight of the drenched cheering crowd.  The Demolition Derby, nothing can compare.

There is a good crowd, some were huddled under a tarp of genius construction to resemble a tent on the back of a pickup where perfectly dry protected young children kept themselves occupied waiting by blowing bubbles while anxious to get started parents smiled and laughed all to the delight of this farm girl looking for adventure while she tried to keep herself covered from the wind and pounding rain in her own raincoat. 

There are umbrellas of every description scattered through the crowd, yellow, green blue and black but the one that caught my eye and grabbed my heart was being worn by a delightful little boy who was dressed in a Firemen’s raincoat. His Mom stood beside him and he waited and waited to see the smashing and bashing and to watch his Hero those real Firemen stand on guard to keep everyone safe.

Oh I can imagine his young boy dreams of someday being one of those Hero Firemen or possibly one of those brave souls who do the smashing and crashing. Oh little boy dreams are always the best dreams. I do hope he does not have to wait too long for this show to begin.

The rain is slowing, the Doppler weather radar was right I can hear the roar of the engines in the pit where young and old mechanics alike work under hoods of cars, that are soon to be scrap metal with their heads full of dreams to the delight, or dismay of their Mothers.

Let the game begin. Cute little Fireman Boy is smiling.

Three… two ….One…….. Smash….crash…bang. The drenched crowd cheers. Oh I love this time of year.



  1. What a cute little fireman! At our county fair, the big event is the demolition derby. We are getting sprinkles on this first day of the fair. But I'm glad for the cooler weather in our old, non-air-conditioned buildings.

  2. Miss B,
    I love the quote you started this post with. I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I shared it someday too?

    Glad you had a good time at the County Fair. The thoughts of little ones; the potential they carry. I remember some of the dreams and big ideas I had when I was a few years younger.

    I hope the rain moves on so you have get to haying. It's cool here and we keep plugging away. It sounds like next week we are going to swing into unseasonably hot temperatures.

    Happy Wednesday, My Friend!

  3. my brothers used to do that. goofballs.

  4. Great photos of the derby in the rain. The little boy in the fireman's raincoat is pretty patient. My nephews just bought a stock car to race on the circuit in NB. Just for fun. :)

  5. How cute to see the little fireman with the big firemen! I have never been to a demolition derby, looks like fun!

  6. how fun! my brothers used to do the demolotion derby. my friends and i would get to paint stuff on their cars! cute little fireman :)

  7. I have been to a monster truck show and absolutely loved it! I want to attend a demolition derby before my end. It is on the bucket list

  8. I too love the excitement of country fairs! This IS a great time of year. :)

  9. These derbys are crazy. We have them at our county fair.

  10. I hope little fireman had fun!! There are demolition derbys here too, very close to my parents' house. The one I would love to see would be the combine demolition derby! I would imagine they don't move so fast!

  11. I was raised on derbies and stock car races; imagine my delight at being assigned to one in my volunteer EMT days!
    Alas, I never quite realised my dream of being the first woman driver on our local track; one of my old schoolmates got to it first!

  12. But surely your raincoat and Cadillac boots came in handy. And a real firefighter and full turnout gear! Somebody was thinking safety.

    Since it was raining, according to the Doppler radar, we'll give you a day off from haying. But you'd better be back at it, soon!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  13. They used to have a demolition derby at the county fair where I grew up. I always wanted to go but never made it :)

  14. Love the little Fireman :)

  15. The little boy is lovely dressed as a fireman...Hugs M xox

  16. B,

    My cousins used to drive demolition cars. It's fun to watch and participate.

  17. A fun summertime event...going to the demolition derby! Love that cute little fireman!

  18. What fun!! Even in the rain. :)

  19. Oh, that must have been fun! Larry would love to see a Demolition Derby. :-) that little fireman is so cute.


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