Friday, July 18, 2014

One month behind but……… it’s officially haying time!

No wind makes for him that hath no intended port to sail into.
                                               Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

While sitting here at the kitchen table and after finishing a very hurried slapped it together supper and after getting those pesky dishes out of the way I watch as My Hero makes his way around one of the many large fields of hay we have to do, this is the start of something that will take us weeks, if the weather co-operates.

When he gets to the bottom of the field I cannot see him, not because it is so far away but for the mere fact that one month of extra growing time has fed and nourished the grass to be thick and bountiful, surpassing the tractor in height. I must make sure I rush out to take some photos because this may never happen again; we are fighting Mother Nature at this point and although the dry weather is predicted all this week we honestly never really know, do we? It’s haying time and everything else will be on hold as long as the weather holds. And I mean everything.

No more wedding planning and the prepping that go with it, even though that big day date is looming and there is still much to do. There will be no more leisurely lunches with my Mom and our getting lost on a road named Irish but her telling me with all the Irish in our blood we would indeed be OK, then both of us laughing out loud at the idea of that. Oh, I am going to miss that part the most for at least a little while unless Mother Nature “Takes a wrong turn at Albuquerque” as Grandma used to say. I have no idea why it would be Albuquerque I was thinking Winnipeg but that is what she used to say, so I keep that line if for no other reason than the love of fond memories. OK, Mother Nature I need your help now.

I am guessing by now you are wondering about all the panic. Well, the wedding is in August and have you noticed the calendar? (Get it now?), I have no idea how we can possibly pull it all together with this one month delay in haying but I have been assured by other Mothers of the Bride that they have done this all before and survived all kinds of dilemmas.
There is actually a tale of one poor Mother of the Bride (I will not mention any names) going without a shower on the big day because she was too busy getting those last minute forgotten things done and simply ran out of time.

This rumour leaves me wondering if black dirty grease covered fingernails will be considered my nail polish and that “Little dab will do you” blue grease probably smeared in my hair will go with my navy blue dress. I have visions of running from a freshly baled field two minutes before the bride is to walk down the aisle and pulling off those dusty, dirty, greasy coveralls, and because I was thinking ahead and just in case my pretty dress is already on underneath. It may be a bit wrinkled but I will look smashing. I may have to ask My Hero where he hides that fancy golden coloured grease just in case.

I also wonder if I will possibly be able to use my beautiful coloured heritage pumpkins, those Speckled Swan Ornamental Gourds and those two different varieties of colourful Sunflowers that I planted for the big day and are already fighting for space with those weeds that also tower over the tractor from all this rain we have been getting. It has been a banner year for growing things that is for sure. I really think the tricky part of this will be to find what had been planted. Oh yes, I am assured all will go well and I will remember this upcoming day forever.


Well, I look forward to the challenge and if you have any advice about how to keep relatively sane during this whole Mother of the Bride thing and the haying one-month late thing, I am open to suggestions.
I have to go now; it is going to get very busy very fast and I have some beautiful photos to capture. Wish us luck.



  1. I think you have just about captured the roar of "what ifs' that goes on in every mother's head concerning daughter's weddings. God speed with your haying..and it will all work out fine- you'll see!

  2. Yay for being in the hay field. Good Luck to you and your Hero, Miss B. All you can do is your best everyday. My Father-in-Law says we will get what we get and start again tomorrow.

  3. well, i hope mother nature helps the mother of the bride in every way!

  4. dare i say relax... stress will add nothing, but worry-lines to you...

    dare i?

    sure i can!

    you are miles and miles away, and can not come over and "sik your cows" on me. :-)))))


  5. Good luck with the haying! You will look lovely for the wedding shower or no! I know I wouldn't care if it were my Mom!!

  6. Well, if you come running from the hay field to the wedding, at least you will smell good! :)
    Nothing like fresh cut alfalfa!

  7. It will all come together!

  8. Haying will proceed, thanks to your Hero. Wedding plans will proceed, thanks to your daughters. (Who better than daughters to plan a wedding?)

    Remember: Be it ever so humble there's no grass like brome. And alfalfa is good, too! Maybe a bit of Timothy? Whatever.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

    (P.S.: I'd come and help, but I'm useless around machinery.)

  9. What doesn't get done doesn't matter...all that matters is that two people say "I do".

  10. Oh, I sure hope the weather holds out for you!! Looks like you'll be getting a bumper crop of hay, right? I'm hoping there are some kind souls who will help out with all of those details that still need to happen before the big day!

  11. Make hay while the sunshines and keep positive about the wedding plans. Hope the weather stays fine for both events. That sure is high grass.

  12. Boy, are you ever going to make a LOT of hay this year. So thick and lush!

  13. I wish you lots of luck in being ready for the wedding day, hope mother nature cooperates for you. Your images are stunning today.

  14. Let's hope that Mother Nature cooperates and everything gets done in a timely manner! I won't try to talk you out of wedding worries... every one of those worries is an 'I love you' to your daughter and her fiancee. *hugs*

  15. You will do just fine.
    I am busy too, organizing my dad's funeral and have youngest son his wife, and 3 children aged 8 down to 3 living with us...
    Have fun my friend, enjoy your time doing all your work and preparing for The Wedding......Hugs M xoxox

  16. Do the best you can. It will all be fine. Remember to stop, take a breath, look around and remember the important stuff. The stuff you'll remember in 10 years. Not the craziness.

  17. fingers crossed ~ everythings going to be alright!!

  18. Well, at least you ought to have plenty of hay this year! ;)
    You have a good attitude so I'm sure everything is gonna turn out great with the wedding.

  19. Oh my. So many memories! It's funny you know but you DO get it all done. I don't know how or what....but it does all happen....sometimes just at the last minute! I think there must be a wedding fairy up there with a greasy golden wand ( and probably dirt under her finger nails as she helps it all come true!). My younger daughters wedding I was in such a rush I didn't pull up my panty hose well enough and, as I was walking down the aisle behind the happy couple, I felt them coming down! I had to sit on a wall while my daughter in law...who was wearing a long coat...stood in front of me and took them off! On the video you can clearly hear the best man say 'where Joan?' And the reply 'over there taking her nickers off'. Just think of that and have a chuckle when the going gets tense! Joan

  20. those ARE beautiful photos! and the wedding will be as well! it was six years ago today we held our son and daughter-in-law's wedding here! and believe me, few will notice the forgotten or over-looked areas.

    i had to laugh at your grandma's "wrong turn at albuquerque" quote because my knowledge of it comes from bugs bunny cartoons! lol

  21. Grace girl ... you will survive it all! .. We are of the Irish kind as well but everything works backwards for us, haha.
    You are right about not counting on the weather man's predictions .. the weather has been odd this year so be prepared for anything.
    You will look smashing is right !
    Just try to enjoy the wonderful celebration and the best of luck with the haying : )

  22. Sweet B,

    Breath child......breath!!!!
    You will get the hay cut and situated before the big day.
    The wedding is about two people who love each other, it's not about anything else. So on that note, I think you and your Hero should continue your daily or monthly chores and know life is good. No more stressing, because all that will do is make you sick.
    Sending hugs to you and your Hero.

  23. I love all that tall grass! I guess taking deep breaths may be the thing, but I really don't know. I have no kids. Samson's virtual fall wedding is looming, but fortunately he's the groom, yeah!!!

  24. I don't have any advice on how to stay sane but I am hoping you don't have the worry my parents had before the big day. The neighbours wanted to spread manure in the field next to our field which was the closest to where the wedding was going to take place. Lucky that was caught!!! The wind was in the prefect spot for the smell that day!!! You'll do awesome and have the best sleep that night after the wedding. (or so my mom says!)

  25. Beautiful pictures. The farm looks great :) The wedding will be beautiful I'm sure

  26. Here's hoping the rain will hold off so you are able to get that haying done! I've been the Mother of the Bride twice, both weddings with a very different theme. Once we made all those initial decisions, we just had to wait until the time for the wedding to actually happen! I know this will be a special time for you there. Sending hugs! Nellie

  27. How about sending you some
    Luck of the Irish . . .
    Hay Time it is . . . have a perfect week!

  28. I have no good advice, but I'm almost certain that the day after the wedding you will be able to tell us that everything worked out just fine and there was indeed a marriage. Your farm shots are just gorgeous. Sorry the weather has been so uncooperative.

  29. Everything is going to work out. Even if you don't quite believe that now, know that we all believe it for you. Things will work out. Just do one thing at a time. I hope the weather holds for you this week!

  30. Sounds like it will be a very busy time for you. I hope the weather holds and the wedding preparations go smoothly.

  31. okay, I know this one!

    the wrong turn at Albequerque thing! I first heard it in a cartoon....probably a Bugs Bunny if I remember I can't say for sure if they invented the line for the cartoon..or if it was around before that...but,I do remember it from there .. and, I still say it too....I love that old line... I"m probably about the same age group as your Gram... hahhahah...

  32. Albequerque has a nice ring to it, isn't it funny the memories we hang onto. Had to laugh at the image of you pulling off your coveralls, dressed for a wedding underneath. I'm sure it will all come together.

  33. Wow look at that hay!!! Looks like some beautiful stuff for your girls to enjoy over the winter :)

    Wearing your dress under your coveralls sounds like a great idea! 'Just in case,' you know ;)

    Hugs! xoxo Mandi

    PS - please excuse my absence lately - busy at work, busy at home, it feels like I am even busy in my sleep. I've missed you, and I've wondered how you're doing - I see now you're doing just fine :)


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