Monday, April 27, 2015

Talk of hats and bubbles!

Yet another feel good Mom story. You will never be forgotten Mom. Love Buttons.

The reflections of a day well spent furnish
us with joys more pleasing then ten thousand triumphs.
                                   Thomas a Kempis

She sits in her chair in front of the window with the sun streaming in warming her always cold shoulders while munching her toast and jam and sipping on a mug of meal supplement mixed with coffee, she is smiling and I smile back, wishing she did not look so frail. What should we do today Mom?

The hay is lying on the ground back at the farm drying and there is no other place I would rather be and no one else I would rather be spending the morning with than my Mom. Would you like to go for a drive and checkout what the village people are up to? She laughs and her eyes drift out the window to the garden, I assume she is thinking and wondering what they are up to.

Oh it is such a beautiful day, the sun shines brightly; the garden outside her window is in full bloom with reds, pinks, greens and blues. I know she is going to say yes and we will drive around the village and then go for lunch and then possibly find a back road that needs exploring, I am excited at the thought.
“Not today dear” my heart sinks but I know there is a reason so I do not push her. She picks up her knitting that sits off to the side of her now empty plate.

 I compliment on her choice of colour and the pattern, she starts casting off. Little squares are the only things she knits these days but I am so happy she is knitting and trying different patterns; I smile and think back to the past, before the Alzheimer’s. If you were just walking in you would not notice but it is soon apparent in the conversation, I push those thoughts of the past out of my head and concentrate on the now.

Can I knit with you? “Sure” I should make you a hat, would you like one Mom? “Sure”, she has two now but who is counting I think to myself. Can I use some of your yarn, and can I borrow your circular needles? “Sure” Would you like to pick your own colours I ask while handing her the basket of yarn. She immediately grabs hold of a white with golden thread running through it yarn. She hands me the ball and smiles.

You have to pick three colours, she looks at me funny, I only know how to knit with three, she laughs, Oh I love that laugh. Picking up a neatly wound ball (obvious to me that one of my sisters had taken the time to wind), a pretty denim blue and white mix and then an end roll of variegated blue. I tell her I am going to knit you the same kind of hat you already have, it is the only thing I know how to knit. She giggles. I begin to cast on.

While casting on I notice her staring at me, she laughs out loud, and I thought she was thinking how brilliant I was.  “Why are you doing it that way?” That is the only way I know how, you never taught me that part, remember? I went on to explain that My Hero had taught me his method and then she changed her tune. She loves My Hero and since in her eyes he can do no wrong she now exclaimed it was a clever way to do it. It amazes me that she never forgets to ask about him, even on those bad days. She stands up and walks over to the bed. “I need to lie down now, I am tired” OK Mom, I will keep working on your hat.

After a couple of hours of idle chatter about knitting, blowing bubbles, questions about how the haying was going and her promising next time we will go for a drive and check out what the village people are up to, she wanted to sleep. I packed up the knitting, gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and promised that when I came back in a couple of days she should be able to try on her new hat, I headed out the door. “Be careful”. I smile, that is always the last words she says to me. I will Mom.

Outside the bubble maker was sitting by the door, I set the knitting on the ground picked up the bubble wand and let the wind blow bubbles across the sky knowing next time will be the day knowing even if it is not I will never stop asking. I head back to the farm where that hay is now waiting with those last words, “Be Careful” and that laugh bouncing around in my head making me smile.

 I do hope she likes the hat, she was right the colours are perfect. 

Bale count now 410.



  1. Tender Beautiful Sacred
    With my tears, remembering mine . . .
    Her smile
    Be careful
    So very beautiful . . .

  2. I love how you make the most of these moments with your mom.

  3. Your mom will love the new hat because you are making it with LOVE. ;)

  4. Ahhh...these moments! I love sharing my knitting with my Mom. There is always so much love and so much fear that comes with age. That feeling of making the most of every moment can wrap you up simultaneously in love and fear. You certainly do make the most of these precious times. Your Mom will love the hat that you have spent the time to make. Knitters always appreciate these things!

  5. o shush with the bale count! _lol_
    lovely tribute to your mother; I want to sell and move while mine is still alive and we can enjoy each other.

  6. so bitter-sweet...

    you are a good daughter...

    gentle hugs,

  7. You are a gentle soul. I like that you have such a nice attitude and your mom must be so special.

    I'm sure she will love the new hat. I think that she chose the right color combination.


  8. sweetly poignant. precious time.

  9. Cherish what good times you can with your Mom.

    I lost my Dad to dementia (Lewy Body), and in the end all he could converse about was the weather, and that only briefly.

  10. Oh those special moments with our moms! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  11. Beautiful and so painful but so full of love and compassion. You are such a gift to her and I am glad you have this time. Thank you for sharing and I am moved to tears.
    I am so thankful she can still knit. Thank you so much for sharing and writing down your thoughts.

  12. Good on you.

    How many bales to go?

  13. Oh...Buttons,you made me feel like I was in the room with you and your Mom. Very heartwarming....

    Always,be careful sweetie..
    Auntie M

  14. This made me smile , precious times for certain.
    That painting always has me curious, perhaps you have written about it before ? ~ I bet it has a story .
    Just curious now as it always draws my attention.

  15. You are right not to push her when she says "not today". Just enjoy each moment, each smile, every laugh...

  16. knitting in the round with beautiful yarn!!

    time spent with mom....more precious then anything on earth. she sounds like she is happy, that's so very important!!!

  17. Oh, you are making sweet memories.

    Thank you for spending time with her. These times are precious.

  18. Precious moments - you are such a dear daughter. The heavens are smiling. xo Karen

  19. Such a lovely post, Buttons. I am so glad you get to spend time with your mom.

  20. Grace, my heart is breaking for much of this is too achingly familiar.

    I thought I knew heartbreak when we went through this with Rose, my MIL on her journey through dementia...

    But now with my Dad, I realize just how short our path was, and how far we have to go still.

    Time spent with loved ones is more precious then gold, minutes that tick by can never be given back again. Each day I realize this more and more.

    My Dad tells me to be careful each time I leave also...sigh.


  21. I am so glad that you and your mom have this precious relationship. Bless you both.

  22. what a sweet relationship - the 2 of you. do you count your bales every year? so cool!! ( :

  23. That was a beautiful post. Made me miss my mom and wish I had been more patient and loving towards her in her final days.

    That's a heck of a lot of hay! How do you do it all?

  24. You shared a precious moment with us and seems very sentimental. Beautiful hat and love that last shot with the old radio and beautiful flowers.

  25. I'm glad you share your visits with your mom. She sounds like a fun lady.
    Funny how they always ask about the hubby! No matter what.
    Looks like your cows will be fat and sassy this winter! :)

  26. Your writing really conveys your mood on that day. Gentle, caring, soft and understanding. You are doing wonders for your mum. Good luck with the hay and the hat. Be Careful!

  27. I wish when I lived close to my Mother that I had learned to knit with her. Crochet, Paint, etc, she loves quilting now and is healthy, for which I do pray about!
    Moments add up and are precious!
    Thanks for sharing your, I love the bubble machine too. I am getting mince down from the attic, thanks for reminding me!

    I saw your blog link from Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm.
    Blessings, Cyndi

  28. I wish I had been able to sit with my Mom and when I was able I wish it had been longer. I miss her...I always will. I hope my daughters are like you one day. Make me a hat and stay longer than I did.

  29. Special time with your mum :)
    Hugs M xx

  30. :) What sweet moments with your mom!
    The hat looks lovely!

  31. Love how you captured the moments and I LOVE that first photo!

  32. B,

    Your writing of the time you spend with your Mother puts a smile on my face, and tears in my eyes.

    Your Mother will love the hat you're making for her.

  33. My mother and father both are long gone. But it makes me smile that you are able to spend quality time with your mother.

  34. Such a delightful time you had with your mom. Her mind may be deteriorating, but she can still count to three and has a great eye for colour. It seems she is such a grand woman

    Buttons bale count: 410
    Buttons hat count: ??

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  35. she's right about a lot. :)

  36. I enjoy your visits with your mom. I hope she is up to exploring those backroads next time. That's something I enjoy doing, too.

  37. Treasure...every...moment. The day the music stops you will still have your memories, but only your memories. No more new stories. I am there now. Sandra

  38. I'm so glad you have these wonderful memories of times spent with your Mom. You showed her so much love! I think I would like to have met her! Hugs my friend!!

  39. I remember this one :)

    My Mom would always tell me "be good".... until the one time I paused, hand on the door handle, turned and asked, "Do you mean stay out of trouble, or be good at what Im doing?" LOLOLOLOL

    hugs to you! xoxoxox

  40. You are making her timeless. Oh to be loved by someone as you have loved her!

  41. No words except "this touched my heart deeply".

  42. I have tears in my eyes, and I don't know what to say.......if I was in the same room as you I would give you a big I am sending you a virtual {{{HUG}}}

  43. Buttons I felt I was right there with you sharing that magic time with your lovely mother. What a delightful tale you tell of the togetherness you feel when you are with her.
    Mentally my mother was always fine but, after her accident (see my blog) it was her physical being that had difficulty.
    Thanks for sharing these intimate moments with the one you love. Hugs

  44. Precious time with your mum...lovely..Hugs M xxx

  45. sweet and sad Buttons...undeniably moving xxoo Lynn

  46. Dear B, it's lovely how you have these beautiful moments to recall. They were special and precious times.
    (I'm so sorry it took me this long to visit, but I check through my sidebar where I have everyones blogs and yours had just kept showing your "Normal" post, until today, something made me come over and just check. I've been thinking of you xx)


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