Friday, August 15, 2014

Google is blowing my cover!

We are very much what others think of us.
The reception our observations meet with
gives us courage to proceed, or damps our efforts.
                    William Hazlitt

Don’t you just love these bales of hay? If you remember last year I went here and had my very first and possibly last helicopter ride and guess what? I found the most interesting bales of hay in that exact same spot this year.

Fast forward to this past weekend, one year later and after opening an email from a young woman who found that blog post while searching Rock Band Hay Bales and actually seen her own designer bales, it was linked to my site so she read my post and sent me an email. She was thrilled (thank goodness) and wondered who I was. She sent me an invitation to this year’s National Barefoot Water-ski Championships at Dream Lake and I promised I would certainly try to make it but we were haying.

She wanted to meet “Buttons” there in lie my problem. I love being anonymous, I am quite comfortable hiding in a crowd and gathering stories to share with you, my blogger family, and will hopefully continue this. I thought long and hard about this meeting and decided this should be a first for me much like that helicopter ride. I made the trip to this event alone because My Hero was cutting hay and that always has to come first this time of year.

I was not disappointed, how could I be with such a comical greeting of A Barefoot Water-skier Hay Bales behind a Hay Bales Speed Boat complete with the on lookers….Genius and it still makes me smile thinking of it right now. I made my way down to where the action was going on and took out Leo (my camera) taking shots of athletes dancing across the water, it was fascinating. Last year we never experienced the competition because we were haying so being too late we would only enjoy the live band and music. Oh I love to dance. It was amazing to me what these athletes put their bodies through; oh this was so exciting for me. I truly wished I was a little more skilled at getting speeding race boat and skiers in the air shots but I did my best.

After a time I wandered away from that happy cheering crowd, those very brave skilled skidding across the beautiful blue water athletes, and the always love to see dancing over the blue water dragonflies to explore the incredibly beautiful grounds when I bumped into an old acquaintance of mine in the middle of the huge crowd. She asked if I was going to write a story, I honestly have no idea how she would have guessed that. I revealed to her why the hostess had invited me and that I was not sure if I should reveal who I was. This friend said my name out loud and that is when this beautiful young woman ran up to me and asked “Are you Grace/Buttons”…….. Busted.

I fessed up and we hugged, it felt like the right thing to do. I found this young woman so gracious and fascinating and I explained to her why I was not going to introduce myself. I may seem cool on my blog but I am so very far from cool in real life, as you can see. She laughed. That was indeed a joke, oh yes, of course it was, and she got it, I liked that. She has a keen sense of humour no doubt because as you all know I am definitely an acquired taste as far as my humour goes.

We had a lovely chat and I asked if I could once again post her designer bales of hay and she said of course but only if I would tell her where to find them on the internet. I loved meeting you M and hope to be invited back there again next year. Thank you so much. Your hay bales truly ROCK (see I am cool), they will bring smiles to everyone no doubt, and that is always a good thing.

The Moral of this story my blogger friends would be, if you choose to share things on the internet eventually you will be found out or busted and meet some fascinating new friends:)


Happy 86 Birthday Mom.


  1. What a cool story! What are the odds of her stumbling upon the very post that happened to link back to her. Serendipitous! Meeting fellow bloggers is so awesome :-)

  2. I have found it much fun meeting fellow bloggers! I don't travel much, and it's been difficult, but I'm best one-on-one, rather than in a crowd!
    What a great story, and fabulous hay bales!!!!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  3. i have only met one bloggy friends. i guess the others are scared. or uninterested?! ( :

    did you make those bales... i had questions about them? you had me so curious. i love your work. so creative. you are so so talented. awesome!!!

  4. I love those chance internet encounters! How cool that you got to go to the water skiing event.
    I get a lot of emails. Last night I had one from an 88 year old Italian woman - a question about a recipe a couple of years old (that I'd forgotten I published!). She was very sweet and said she was going to email me her famous ricotta recipe. I am looking forward to that :-)

  5. Hello everyone I thought I would explain that this was NOT a meeting of a fellow blogger as a matter of fact this beautiful woman never read a blog she just did a random research search to find ideas for her bales of hay. She knows what a Blog is now:) That is why this is so amazing to me. Hug B

  6. I understand your desire to remain anonymous, Buttons. I like to be able to take photos surreptitiously too. Hehehe

    I too have had non-bloggers write to tell me that I've photographed something they recognize, which I think is a lot of fun. But I have never met anyone that way. Not yet, anyway. ;)

  7. What a delightful day out!

    I can honestly say I have never watched bare foot skiing. In this state that sport would fit right in.

    I have noticed some creative bale art.

    Glad you had a great time. Can't wait for the pictures of next year.

  8. I'm looking at the hay bale people and wondering if you are going to have some down at the road to welcome folks to the wedding. Talk about a landmark to guide folks in lol.
    So glad you got to meet a blogger face to face...what fun.

  9. What an interesting post. And you are right about the internet. See, this is my first visit. :-) You never know who'll show up. Have a good day and keep up the interesting blog.

  10. I am glad that it turned out so good. I always wonder the same thing about being known.
    I don't know if I am at all comfortable with it sometimes.
    I love the pictures of the water and the hay bales are so cool.
    I am glad it all worked out wonderfully.

  11. I've met some amazing people through blogging. Many I've now met in person (because of the open farm day and setting up a fiber festivals) and some I know I'll just dream of meeting unless I win the lottery and can buy a bunch of plane tickets :-).

  12. those bales of hay are just amazing!!

    i always love a good story with a happy ending! the friend i met recently was completely by chance. walking at a festival she recognized me. she reads my blog every day, but does not have a blog herself!!! i felt like a rock star!!!

  13. Great story . Love the hey bale people lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  14. very cool action photos. and very cool hay bales! yay for giving up incognito status!

  15. I do like those bales. People do that down here in our summer time, they look cool
    Wonderful you got busted :)
    Just kidding.....Hugs M xox

  16. Glad you decided to go and so fun that you met this new friend! The hay bales are amazing. So creative.

  17. So true, Buttons. I love the hay bales, especially the rock band ones. It's great to find new friends through blogging. So far, it's been a good experience for me.

  18. This sounds like it was a very exciting adventure! I think it is just about impossible to remain anonymous on the Internet. xo

  19. I've always been amazed that some bloggers can remain anonymous, I guess that never crossed my mind and I'm just out there, good, bad, or ugly.

  20. What fun to meet a fan! Love the creative hay bales. That photo of the bare feet in the wave is amazing!
    Oh yeah- I'm another one of your readers that wants to meet you one day.

  21. Oh interesting blog. I too like those creative bales.

  22. This is a great story!
    Love those hay bales. Very creative.

  23. Happy Birthday, Button's Mom! I like the anonymity of the blog. It's like playing a role, being more relaxed than I would up close and personal, as I tend towards shyness. That said, I would love to run into you by a dressed-up hay bale any day!

  24. Cool story, Grace. Love your photos and love those creative bales. I have met a couple of bloggers in person. Hope to meet some more. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  25. B,

    Happy Birthday To Button's Mom, Happy Birthday To Button's Mom, Happy Birthday Dear Button's Mom, Happy Birthday To you!!!!

    I love this story, and hope you're able to visit this young lady again next year. Maybe your Hero can join you.
    Hugs to you and yours.

  26. I have yet to meet anyone who reads my blogs :-( Im not widely known and my blog is not a huge hit yet. Its been almost 3 years. Anyways it looks like you had a blast and I love the bales of hay.

  27. Happy BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! XOXOXO

    and I always knew you would be famous... ;p

  28. Happy 86th to your Mom!
    You are far too hard on yourself Buttons; I adore your gentle humour... so glad you had a fun day, thanks for sharing it with us!

  29. The identity thing is an issue. It would be interesting to find out how bloggers handle it.

  30. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday to your Mom. She is the same age as Scott's Mom!

  31. Happy Birthday to your Mom! I hope that she has had a good day.

    I don't find your sense of humour an acquired taste! Unless it is and I don't realise because I have that acquired taste ha!

    You are famous B!

    I used to drive to work past wrapped haybales that were all piled on top of each other on their side and all had smiley faces painted on them. I loved it!

  32. I am only famous, from blogging, in my small town and that is just fine with me :) Happy Birthday to your mom!

  33. So you are famous? Ah the famous Buttons alias Grace...

    I have to say, when you first started leaving me those beautiful comments, signed was hard to reply. Not knowing anyone with the nickname Buttons I was rather uncomfortable addressing you as such.

    So I did some research/stalking ahem...and found a comment where the name Grace was henceforth I used Grace.

    I like real names, I like real people, and while you get to use what ever name you wish, it just makes you feel so much more real to me that I know your name now.

    When I first started blogging, it was all Muddy Boot Dreams this and that. It worked it's way into Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams...and now voila...It's Jen Vandervoort. Good old Google outing us all.

    I've made my peace with it, no one can hide on the internet, unless they are a ghost. And besides, I work hard on my posts, they are real, I am real, and I am nice, and I only say nice things, [no really truly I do] so I am not going to hide them anymore.

    But that's


  34. Happy 86th to your Mom! I do like being anonymous because I'm fairly introverted. However, I've met several blog buddies and am so glad I did. We share only so much of ourselves on the Internet - so we do have some privacy.

  35. First, Happy Birthday to your Mom. Second...I think Buttons suits you to a T! So far I have met 7 of my blogging buddies and the one I see the most is that crazysheeplady from Kentucky...who is nothing less than very special. And B, this is the year I am getting a passport so I can cross the boarder and meet you.
    Glad to hear the weather has been good enough to get in your hay. I am still waiting for 200 bales of second cutting grass.

  36. Yup, those are some of the many fun things about blogging, Buttons. Too bad you're so far away or I expect a meeting too.

  37. Well neighbour, it seems you let your guard down in the safe zone.

    Good on you for meeting someone as special as you.

    Happy birthday to your Mother.

  38. Anonymity is such a comfort. That's why I use a deucedly clever pseudonym composed of the 1st 3 letters of my name. Even though you've revealed your own name, I shall continue to call you Button.

    Best wishes, George.

  39. What Keith said. I was just thinking today of how he found his love through bloging and all the wonders that a community can create. Wow! 38 responses, how do you connect with so many people?

  40. I've never heard of barefoot skiing but looks like it would be fun to watch. Love those hay bales. It's nice you got to meet up. I have had 2 people contact me re my blogs. The first was on some pics I took at the Vincennes Indiana Rendezvous. People dress up and pose for pics. There is a photo contest. I took some pictures of 2 kids having tea dressed up as they would have been during the Revolutionary War. The father commented how much he liked the shot and wanted to know how it did in the contest. The second encounter was from author Beth Hoffman after I reviewed her book Saving Cee Cee Hunneycutt. It's interesting who we meet just by blogging.

  41. Hello, blog hopping and found your beautiful blog.

    Nice post.

    Please visit mine too and feel free to add comments.


  42. Happy birthday to your mom! What a great story, and action photos. I'm glad you made a couple of new friends. See? You're famous the world over. :)

  43. Well I must have missed the point somewhere . . . BUT,
    I like the Creative Bales . . .
    Like Buttons . . .
    Have noticed the Grace reference once or twice . . .
    Not sure about the birthday
    I know a thing or two about barefoot water skiing . . .
    I like a great story . .

  44. Oh my this is funny Buttons!! I'm with Lynne and Tex!! I've met several bloggers and it has been great!!

  45. I'm glad you were brave enough to reveal yourself to a blog friend. I think it is great to met bloggers. Love the hay bales and the barefoot skiing. They are amazing. Happy birthday to your mum.

  46. Ha ! I have been busted too many times that I care to remember. When is the wedding date? Hugssss "just me"

  47. Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and the comment.
    Added your blog to my blog follow.
    Please feel free to visit again and add comments.
    Cheers !

  48. Oh I hope I never get busted : )
    People get real creative with hay bales around here this time of year too. I always wish I would slow down and get a photo. Great story Buttons.

  49. That is so cool that she found you! Yes, if we post things on the Internet, we'll be found by someone. I was startled a few months ago when an acquaintance mentioned that she read the article on CNN about scrupulosity and OCD that I was interviewed for. I asked her how she found it. "I read a lot," she said.

    I think you did fantastic with your action shots! And I love the creativity that goes into making things out of the bales.

  50. What a fun post to read. And..I thought you did a great job on the photos. Especially the one with the two feet sticking out..funny! :)

    You are right though...having a blog you can't stay incognito for long!

    Bale of hay art. Neat!! I! :)

  51. That was one truly fascinating story and shows in truth what a small world it is especially in cyber space.
    Those bales of hay....WOW!
    Your action shots are very good and show the adventurous day you had. Hope you do get to go again next year so we will have more pics. :)

  52. Very cool...the story, the post, and you. Sandra

  53. Some really great action photos. So funny meeting someone from the internet world. Now I can't write worth a bean, but I can talk a mile a minute once you get me going. Of course you have to get me going other wise I am sealed like a clam. Yes I would hug anyone I have communicated with through blogging. Just plain feels right. Glad you had a great day.


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