Monday, October 13, 2014

Thanksgiving Reflections!

The good things of life are not to be had singly;
but come to us with a mixture;
like a schoolboy’s holiday,
with a task affixed to the tail of it.
                                 Charles Lamb

Well it is Thanksgiving Day 2014 and I am sitting in my kitchen at 3 A.M. thinking about the wonderful weekend I have been so very blessed to share with the ones I love. Stories are swimming around in my head but I am over whelmed with emotion while I flip through the photos of my Mom lying on my sister Tess’s couch. Tess had everyone over for dinner and when I arrived after spending a day with Dios and My Hero at a wonderful pancake house and museum I saw her curled up there.

The very first story of the weekend has to be the one about the cows finally being able to get into that hay field after waiting patiently for us to get ready for them. My Hero had been busy putting things away. You know things like the baler which is finally back in the barn, the rake and the disc bine. It is safe to say that haying season is finally over.

I decided that I could not wait for My Hero to finish so I donned my Pink Cadillac Boots, oh yes it is definitely the season. A knitted wool hat and warm coat were in order. Of course Leo was with me and the adventure was to begin. The cows were standing watching My Hero do his thing and when I walked out. Well now it did not take too long for them to realize we were going to be playing follow the leader. I climbed the gate, gave My Hero a wave and I was off. Follow the leader indeed, and for now I was the leader.

We were doing pretty well with that I was the leader thing and I walked slowly turning around every once in a while to say come on girls. Of course they followed me they trust me. They stuck close behind until one of them; I am not going to mention any names figured out that we were heading back into the bush.

They know that just beyond the bush and in front of the swamp was the most lush hay field. It was now cut and all the bales had been picked up so it was waiting for them to graze at will. I know you are wondering how they know that and I am going to be honest here I have no idea but they always do. I guess you have figured out by now that they passed me like a speeding line up of racing cars on the expressway and I was stuck in second gear in an old jalopy.

Running through the bush full of multi-coloured leaves that littered the ground those cows were way out front and it would appear that I was the one being led. I ran down the hill and by the time I caught up with them they were all smiling with a devilish grin and standing by the gate waiting for it to be opened.

Well wouldn’t you know it after exiting the bush and there was My Hero in my tractor just in time to open that gate and look like he was the hero?  I am pretty sure I was the one that lead them there but now he looked like that hero because he was the one that was going to open that gate. That gate opened after I had climbed over the fence and waited with Leo and they rushed in. They raced through paying no mind to me. Their heads were quickly immersed in the clover and I did not hear one thank you.

It appears I have been so darn busy lately that I completely missed the fact that we had three news calves born this last month. This just proves to me that I need to slow down and I do not always have to be the leader and must let others look like the hero.

That being said I will have to share the story about My Hero leading me through the swamp. Oh yes that was quite the adventure all right.

You know there are many more stories I just had to get this one out. Happy Thanksgiving my friends, I am truly blessed…….. I am going to go back to bed now.



  1. i am surprised you didn't share a picture of your pink cadillac boots? i'm so curious? i am glad you shared this story. i totally understand sharing stories. a lot of the time on my blog i just have to share, maybe overshare. but it is not bad in humble opinion. but i guess other folks would disagree. but hey it is your blog so why the heck not???! i had fun reading it. have a great week. ( :

  2. I love reading your cow story. Cows knows that the grass is always greener on the other side. Maybe you need to wear green boots so they know you're the leader, lol...

    Your mom looks so cosy all curled up under that big colorful afghan.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. Enjoyable cow story. Loved the pic of your mom and that beautiful blanket. Reminded me of mine. Nice memory.

  4. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! How wise you are up there, to have it now!!!!

    Isn't just like a man... -giggggles- You lead 'em, and he swoops in, to claim their gratitude. ,-)))

    "Here there be musing" blog

  5. I hope you've been enjoying a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend, Buttons. Not to worry about those seemingly ungrateful cows. I'm sure they knew it was YOU who showed them the way. They were just too excited to say thanks. ;))

  6. What a wonderful story!!! I love all the images of the cows, but that one of the cow running through the woods is my favourite, hands down!!!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  7. Thank you for the wonderful story!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Your Hero :)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!! Can't wait to hear the swamp story. :)

  9. I am sure they knew deep down! Glad you had a great weekend!

  10. Well - those cows will always teach us a lesson or two in being humble. (Of course we all know who the leader was...) Glad you had a good weekend.

  11. It is funny how they know. My parents herd always know in the fall they get to go search for missed corn in the fields and are ever impatient to leave the calving pastures in the spring, for the big pasture. They just know.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving from the other side of the country! Love the photo of you mom curled up with the patchwork blanket.

  13. I can see the cows licking their lips before you even got the gate ! Ha ha ha!
    Cows are so cool!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving belatedy. There is something so tender in the picture of your mother sleeping under the colorful afghan , her white hair barely visible.

    Cows are so entertaining, and yours do know you and where they live. I agree with you too, you're too busy if you had not had time to see new calves, but then again, I can picture your cows keeping it a secret too.... those sneaky cows ! I hope you are finally getting a chance to take time, stop and see ( and smell ) the cattle, and knit them more hats.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving, Buttons! Sounds like you had a wonderful day and so did the cows! Just goes to prove the grass is always greener......Lol! So sweet that your Mum could be there. xo Karen

  16. I'm sitting here at 'dark o'clock' in the morning reading your post and smiling just like those cows.

  17. Lovely photos, nice to see the knitting.

  18. Happy Thanksgiving :). Yes, definitely, go back to bed! Cool and rainy here in Missouri. Our cows are wet!! Blessings to you!

  19. Happy cows! I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving!

  20. That is the way it ALWAYS goes ;-D.

  21. B,
    Happy Thanksgiving My Friend.......
    Beautiful pictures as always :-)
    Your cows knew exactly what you were up to.
    Hugs to you and your Hero.

  22. what a great story, and happy thanksgiving!!

  23. Your mom looks cozy on the couch under that great afghan- did you knit that? I'm glad you had a memorable Thanksgiving holiday with your family. Have a great week..and keep those pink boots handy- I bet you will need them every day now.

  24. Love this story. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. xo Laura

  25. That is just so much fun! Self-depracating humour and cows! How could you go wrong?
    This is a good giggle.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  26. Grace, I'm so behind, and I think I am just spinning, rushing off headlong, and stuff like that. like your beloved cows. And I think I got your emails mixed up...oh horrors and couldn't find your blog, after trying too many times. So then I think I might have, blush, sent you the dreaded, I'm so sorry I can't find your blog emailed comment. At least now I think it was you, or maybe it was someone else...sigh.

    Any ways you know I love you, and your blog...and of course your cows. So if I did, lets' just pretend I didn't OK? I will explain, if I haven't


  27. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Your mum looks cute under that amazing blanket. I can just see the cows overtaking you and then only have eyes for your hero.


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