Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Where do I begin.......

The merit of originality is not novelty,
it is sincerity.
The believing man is the original man;
he believes for himself,
not for another.

                       Thomas Carlyle

 Another day, oh yes just another day that is all it is. Another ordinary day for an ordinary girl trying to do everything, or trying to do nothing.

Having just left my creative writing class and listening to the conversation between a few of the lovely supportive woman in our class I feel a great need. This need to stop and to think about what is really important to me or possibly a rethinking I suppose.

Life is so busy, oh so busy. It races by every day, sometimes at full speed. There is at this very moment yet another long list in my purse hiding under things I probably do not need. This purse, that constantly pulls down my left shoulder causing pain then requiring those impromptu visits to Dr. Scott, just to make it right. Way too much baggage I suppose and my always needing to carry it around like it was something important. Always thinking that if I did take it out the world as I know it would surely end. Strange thinking indeed.

There are the normal everyday things like pen and paper, and my little camera, yes that is my normal and yes I think that if I take them out to lighten my load the world as I know it would surely end. Strange thinking to some I suppose but to others probably not.

You see today my teacher gave us homework for class and so since I feel inspired after I leave with that over stuffed (keeps my chiropractor in business and happy) purse I try to head to a little cafe with great music and  a soothing atmosphere. I order a coffee or on this particular day a tea and muffin. I root around in my overstuffed purse to find change lying at the bottom of the baggage then zip it back up.

I always try to sit in the sunshine near a window where the light is just perfect. I unzip that purse full of baggage pull out my paper and pen, and push that long list peeking out and trying to grab my attention aside to pull out my little camera because it makes me happy. Distractions yes indeed distractions keep me happy. Zip up purse once again.

Sipping this peppermint tea while listening to the soft blues music I pick up my pen and the words begin to flow. The assignment was about high school. Well now talk about baggage weighing you down. There is a baggage story there for sure, what a funny thought.

It looks like there is a story finished and the real assignment is not. I honestly never know.

Forget the list I am off to see my Mom. She is all I need today.

Yes just and ordinary girl, doing ordinary things this fine October morning. Shoving that baggage aside for today.
 Then I sat sharing another cup of tea with a smiling Mom. We talked about knitting while picking out a scarf for the winter and then I read this story to her and she liked it. Yes indeed that was all I needed.

So how was your day?



  1. Hey-oh sweetie-
    You just made me smile and cry at the same time.
    I simply adore the person you are.
    I have that bag as well. I just stuffed a novel into it.
    I'm probably not going to find time to purse read it......but it's comforting to know it's there.
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. You do the ordinary extraordinarily well. Here's to another lovely day!

  3. as i have gotten older - not that i am old - i think 90's & older are OLD. but any who ... i think the simple things are the best. without them where would i be. i tend to laugh more, try to relax more, think about things that are simple too. why waste the energy or the mind minutes on the tough stuff. life is short. did i mention the crazy acorns outside they are every where ... the hubby read online that you can actually eat them - if you boil them 1st? what? you are kidding me? nope. it is so true. i am not sure i will do it though? you would think the squirrels would have their bags out loading them up - not really ... i have not seen or heard a squirrel in days? weird. plain weird. strange too. peppermint teas sounds yummy good. ( :

  4. It's always the simple things in life that many people get the most enjoyment out of. Have fun. hugs M xox

  5. I find as I am getting older I appreciate the simple things in life so much more . Thanks for sharing lovley post and photos ! Have a wonderful day !

  6. Well. I'd fail that assignment! High school is a foreign country and the borders are now closed.

  7. Oh yes, the simple things are the most important. Buttons, you need a backpack. It will get the weight off of your shoulder. High school? Lordy, I could fill the pages of a book if I had to dwell on those days.

  8. Had to give up that physical 'big bag of baggage' myself. Now I just carry a tiny wallet on a wrist strap. I do miss my big old handbag though. I'm afraid the invisible 'big bag of baggage' will be with me forever lol.

  9. I think that your ordinary is where life is. You're so sweet to go visit your mom and share your time and love with her and I like that you talk about knitting.

    I never carry much in my purse because I've gotten into the habit of cleaning it out at least once a week since I hurt my shoulder a few years ago and my physio therapist suggested that I didn't carry too much in my purse. Now my shoulder is healed but I kept the habit of cleaning out my purse regularly.

  10. Wise thoughts...

    But, with wise thoughts, why do you continue to carry "the world" around, hanging from your shoulder? :-) Hmmm... Why?

    How about trying one trip to town, with it empty... Other than the really necessary items? Pen, paper, camera, wallet, keys...? :-)

    I know, none of my business. :-)

    Gentle hugs,
    "Here there be musing" blog

  11. You give us lots to think about in your purse post. What would be do without one?? I'm glad my camera won't fit in mine, but it's one more piece of baggage to lug around. Good thing the cellphone fits neatly in a pocket inside. I love the photo of your dear mom's hand. I'm also thankful for my chiropractor! Hugs. Pam

  12. Wow! Does this give me lots of thought! Wonderful picture of Mom's hand.

  13. then your assignment earned an a+. :)

  14. I've just started carrying a much smaller purse and I have all I really need. I think most of us carry around too much excess baggage a lot of the time. You know I'm not just talking purses here. Here's to lightening our loads as much as we can and to enjoying a beautiful day and the "sweet, simple things in life". Take care!

  15. Oh, yes. High school baggage. I have steamer trunks-full. Love your post (and writing) as always, dear Buttons.

  16. The photo of your mom's hand is so profound, as is your writing. I carry the smallest purse possible these days, enough to fit phone, cash and cards. And it's a cross body bag, so doesn't hang off my shoulder.

  17. I carry a medium sized purse. It just has my cell phone, wallet, lip balm, a wad of clean kleenexes, two pens and a small box of mints. I try to keep it most empty for those times I go shopping for small things. To store in my purse. Yes, lots of baggage from HS. Fabulous shot of your mom's hand. Love your post today!

  18. I sometimes, very rarely carry a wallet.
    Oh the baggage of high school! Good golly!
    Love the pic of your moms hand. So fragile, yet so strong.

  19. i love when you show photos of your mom's hands! and tell her i love her little turtle ring! i'm glad you chucked the list and went for a visit!

  20. Good choice! Your Mom is more important right now. I hope you had a good day together! :)

  21. How was my day? My day was better and brighter after reading your post Buttons! Lovely post. I love your Mom's hands and her rings.. ♥

  22. I can't imagine what I would write about high school! I carry a heavy tote bag to work, but otherwise just a little wristlet. It is amazing how much we need to carry! You captured something special in the photo of your mom's hand!

  23. Ah! That ever present 'baggage' we all carry around with us really does weigh us down! Sometimes when I am overwhelmed, I envision my day going very smoothly and tell myself I will have plenty of time. It does seem to work, or maybe it just keeps me calm so I can get things done. Today I didn't do a darn thing.....jet lag. So nice that you suspend all other chores to spend time with your Mom. It's so important. Hugs xo Karen

  24. As a principal at an alternative high school, I am so familiar with that high school baggage. Poor little buggers don't know that life gets so much better. Glad you got some time with your mom. Enjoy the day.

  25. I tried a smaller purse once.... it sits unused, hanging from a hook by my closet.

  26. Sharing your stories--that makes it perfect, doesn't it?

    I, too, carry a big purse stuffed to the gills. I am having to carry it on my left should now and it keeps falling off because I don't have the little "notch" in my left shoulder that I have in my right. Sigh. :-)

  27. B,

    You need your purse because it's home for your tools......the pad of paper to write on, the pen and or pencil, and Leo.
    Without Leo we wouldn't have those beautiful pictures you share with us. What a great assignment to look back during the high school years of your life.

    Give you Mom a big hug from an Oklahoma friend.

  28. I can't write in public. It's weird. If my back isn't against the wall, I feel like everyone's reading what I'm writing. If I'm facing out, I spend far too much time people watching!

  29. I had such bad shoulder problems with a purse, that I switched to a small backpack.
    I live for ordinary days!

  30. I love that image of your tea cup and the pen!!! Wonderful!! And I am so glad that you are having an ordinary day!!! Sometimes, I think they are the best!!

  31. Extra-ordanary! Peppermint tea is wonderful too. Glad you got to visit your mum.

  32. Oh Buttons, I love your writing. I almost feel as if I'm sitting there with you. It sounds like you had a very pleasant day. Oh for lots of days like that :))

  33. Sometimes we just have to take in the "ordinary" instead of trying to accomplish everything all at once. Glad you had a nice visit with your mom.

  34. We are just ordinary girls doing extraordinary things....that's what I think!! I love the picture of mom!!

  35. You be fun right where you are at, girl... ;p


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