Monday, December 8, 2014


Work is something you want to get done;
play is something you just like to be doing.
               Harry Leon Wilson

Wearing dirty, gravel-dust covered coveralls, huddling in the barn with the door shut, and away from that damp, cold wind I watch My Hero work on my Jeep, I stand still holding the light. Watching him, but thinking about what needed to be done in the house, “Can you get me the half inch Johnson bar?” I stop thinking, “The what, where is it?” Mumble mumble… “What?”  His reply “Johnson bar.”

I hang the trouble light from the wire over my head, (laughing at the name, thinking I may have some trouble myself) and walk towards the door of the barn heading to, well I am not exactly sure where. With only a vague idea of what I am supposed to get. “Can you get the mumble, mumble too” “What?” This is the way it seems to go lately. I think we have definitely crossed some sort of listening or possibly hearing line here. “The torque wrench?” That is one thing, I do know. “OK.”

This annual winter tire changing event is not something I normally help with, our daughter usually helps her Dad change my tires when they change hers. Not this year. Since we are not cutting wood today, I thought I would give a helping hand. "More hands make light work" they always say. I am sure that is what My Hero was thinking.

While searching through the tool box for the Johnson bar thingy, and a socket that goes with it I struggle to read the numbers, meaning the size embossed on the side of those shiny tools. It looks like I first, have to go find those emergency dollar store glasses. I think I saw them around here either yesterday, or possibly the day before. Opening another drawer, there sat a one armed, scratched up pair. It seems I am not the only one who is not able to see those pesky numbers anymore. I put them on thinking it was much better, still blurry but they will work.

Back rummaging in the tool box, moving things around drawer, after drawer I did not see one thing with the word Johnson stamped on it. I did know we were changing tires so I grabbed two long handled bars that hold sockets, put those old scratched up glasses down, hoping I would remember where for next time, and headed back to the barn.

Looking up “That’s not the Johnson bar.” He looks down and continues to do whatever it is he is doing. This actually came as no surprise to me; I had already figured that there was a high probability of it being wrong. After all there was no name on it. “Will it work” I asked coyly while smiling. He looks up. “What?” I ask, “Will it work?” “Not really” “Did you remember the torque wrench?”  He puts down the screwdriver, gets up from the floor and heads out to find this Johnson bar thingy and get that torque wrench. Maybe the whole “More hands make light work” thing is not so true after all.

 I am left standing in the barn with those gravel-dust covered coveralls with that cold, damp wind now blowing through the open barn door thinking, the cutting wood thing might have been more fun.

My Hero returns with a smile, that Johnson bar and Torque wrench, we/he put on the snow tires. I figured he must have found those old scratched up glasses.

Now with a brand new battery installed and new wipers I am ready for the winter and snow. While closing up the barn, My Hero mumbles something…..I think I heard something about wood. “What?”   Mumble, mumble.



  1. Yup, that sure sounds like a man/woman conversation!! I love the images today!! Do you have enough wood for the whole winter, then?

  2. I can relate, Miss B! My Mom calls days like this "hand me the hammer" days.

    I'm lucky that J is very picky about his shop and can tell me where everything is. When he sends me on a wild goose chase looking for a tool he also gives me a location. Now I need to train my brain to remember more than 2 things and locations (that would be 4 things to remember already).

    J has a bad habit of mumbling too. I am constantly telling him I can't hear you when I have a stocking cap on, hood over my hears, the wind is blowing and you are faced walking away from me talking. J's Mom says it runs in the family, lol!

    Have a fabulous week, my Friend.

  3. I've never heard of a Johnson Bar!! Now I'm going to Google it to find out what that thingy is!

  4. No work-man should ever ask his wife to bring him anything, more general that a hammer.

    And then again, not even a hammer.

    Think of all the different sizes/shapes of hammers, there are.


  5. oh, the mumbling would make for a trying day! :)

  6. So what is a Johnson's bar? Never heard of it. Nice post!

  7. you always have the most interesting day. a growing experience i guess. ( :
    have a great week!!

  8. Oh you two sound like Papa and I lol ! A Johnson bar is a hand lever with several distinct positions and a positive latch to hold the lever in the selected position . The name of the tool, Johnson Bar, may be a generic term related to any long lever acting as a fulcrum or cheater bar, especially upon warehouse docks with tools to leverage cargo upon casters, hand trucks, or a pry lever bar . I have mechanics in the family lol ! Cute post though . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. That is such a great story! How often does that happen when working with someone. I tend to not be much help because I daydream and then am caught off-guard.

  10. Early days, when we were deep in house renovations, I was helping the carpenter. Yes, the one we were paying. Finally, he looked up and smiled. "You know, I'd probably get done a whole lot sooner if I didn't have such good help."
    I had to laugh; he was right.

  11. it's "all" Greek to me....what a great story!!!!!

  12. The ears are going.......just blame the mumbler.

  13. I had to buy four new snow tires for my new to me little Toyota today. I'm just so happy to have an economical little car to get me from here to there, I decided to splurge and buy it some good "shoes".

  14. B,

    I would still be looking for the Johnson bar. I know what a wrench looks like but not the other.

  15. I love helping out 'my Hero', and he thinks it is hilarious when he asks me fetch something I'm clueless about. Soooooo, the last time he was helping me in the kitchen, I asked him to make the 'roux' for the gravy. And then I giggled as he fumbled around trying to figure out what to do. It took him a few minutes, but when he figured out what I was doing, he stopped, gave me a sideways look, and said, "I'm going out to MY shop!". I laughed and laughed. It was so cute.

  16. I like your style of finding tools...find a label. Somehow or other the tool guys didn't get that memo.

  17. I love having a dear husband that can work on my jeep too :)

  18. I certainly can relate to this. Maybe they should invent tools for vision impaired and not braille. I can't read it if I can't find it. I have resorted to spraying lawn tools fluorescent colors so I can find them easily...where ever I left them last time.

    When Hubby and I were dating he was doing some repair in our front yard. I was not paying much attention, must have been doing something that required completion before I could leave on a date. Anyway, not-Hubby-yet had the temper of bear woke from hibernation early. Mom was watching as Hubby threw some tools across the yard. She walked out side and began throwing the remaining tools after the ones he had thrown. Hubby stopped and looked at her with shock. She simply said, Thought you needed some help, as she returned to the house. Did wonders for his temper when Mom was around.

  19. There seems to be more repeating of our words around here these days, too.:-) The eyes are like new, though, since both of us have recently completed that cataract removal process.

  20. A typical work time in the cold and dreary weather, us listening but not completely hearing or understanding , always hoping to be helpful. This is a glimpse of true love....hopeful, helpful, present.

  21. I wouldn't have known what a Johnson bar is, either. I'm the go-fer when BG is working on a project. He can never remember where he last put his hammer or drill, etc, so I'm the one that has to find it. lol!

  22. Well that's one thing we don't have to do for our winter is to change our tyres. Seems you are set for winter then...I wonder why the light is called a 'trouble light', must look that up...Hugs M xoxox

  23. You sound like my parents. Even my Mom can't hear very well anymore. For that matter neither do I! I'm always saying huh? when someone says something to me. So frustrating!

  24. Lovely post and glad that you have your Jeep all ready for the winter roads.
    Many thanks for visiting me and it was great to find your blog too.
    Hope you are enjoying the week

  25. Just like Luke and me, I would have had no idea either!

  26. Great partners here . . . (even with mumbling)


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