Sunday, January 4, 2015

Today, not tomorrow!

Never a tear bedims the eye
That time and patience will not dry.
                     (Francis) Bret Harte

I want to stay locked inside today (Sunday) and not move forward to tomorrow (Monday) or possibly just skip tomorrow altogether. Yes today is where I want to stay. It is Sunday morning and my view is of fog and ice with wispy waves of smoke billowing downward from the chimney. The smoke finds its way across the thin layer of icy ground and drifts toward the barnyard trying to escape the freezing rain. I think about tomorrow, a day I want to forget.

Today I am sitting here sipping coffee with My Hero, watching the weather reports on the TV. He is saying something, but my thoughts are filled with tomorrow, I need to get through tomorrow. The day I want to forget.

My dear Kat is, at this very moment sleeping down the hall; I think about how happy that makes me and all the laughter and good times we have had during these days leading up to today; this day before tomorrow. I will concentrate on those special moments and that uncontrollable laughter that we enjoyed when that inevitable day, tomorrow does come. That day that also has Kat returning home to the city leaving me with only my own thoughts. I want to skip tomorrow.

One year of thinking and wondering about you my dear brother. Thinking and remembering about that phone call that changed all our lives. Always thinking and wondering if there was more we could have done. I thought all this thinking, wondering and missing would stop; after all it has been a year tomorrow. I want to skip tomorrow.

Today I am thinking of you being in a wonderful place where there is neither ice nor fog, with smoke billowing from a chimney drifting towards the barnyard. Drifting and trying to find its place to hide from the freezing rain.

I will not forget tomorrow. No one will ever forget tomorrow. Tomorrow will indeed come, this year and the year after that, and so on and so on. I will be focusing on all those good times. That is what all of us will be trying to do.

We love you and miss you T.


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