Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Apparently, I am "A Runner".......

If it is the truth,
what does it matter who says it.

I do think you know what this means. Or do you? Sometimes things are not always as they appear to be.

 “A Runner”, as I had always believed, is a person who may be seen running trails, sidewalks or the back roads everywhere, and in any kind of weather. They may also be seen wearing fancy running shoes and clothing that wicks away sweat. They may or may not have earbuds in the ears, but always have a look of sheer determination and joyful bliss on their face. They are more than likely in top physical form.

I am pretty sure you have figured out by now, that this is not even close to the “runner” I have been referred to as of late.

After my Mom’s funeral, a familiar feeling came over me. I immediately “high tailed” it out of town. Apparently everyone who knows me knew that it would happen. “She is a runner” my sister told everyone who enquired about my where-abouts. No apologies were given, that is just who she is, was her thought. It is very true. When times of trouble or emotional upsets have come along, I deal with it as best I can …… then I run. I have no idea why but it is who I am.

There has been a lot of running (trips away) since that week in April. I am pretty sure those who read this blog regularly had figured out that something was up. My posting was a far cry from what it used to be. This may change, but then again maybe not. I wanted to inform you that I have decided the “running” part is over for now (at least till we get through the haying season).

I must admit I had quite a few adventures, and I did accomplish things that I do hope to share with you all very soon. I have not just been running with ear buds in my ears and ignoring what was going on around me. I have been acutely aware, even though it looked like I was not. I guess, this is somewhat similar to the real runners we see, they know where they are heading. I have been thinking a lot about where I will be going from here, and making plans. Those plans are coming together and as soon as I know what is going on for sure, I will be sharing it with all of you.

In the mean time I have been in contact with many people that I had forgotten, people I have never known, and people I hope to get to know. I have seen things I did not know possible. I have also let myself concentrate on “me” for a bit without the usual guilt, about my letting others down.

There is nothing wrong with being a “runner” but it is always a good thing to know that you need to slow down or stop completely to enjoy what is right in front of you. After all, “Running yourself ragged” as my Grandma used to call it, can and will only hurt you in the long run, and that will not help anyone.

If you are “A runner”, of either description, I believe that you will always get to the destination you were meant to be, at the exact time you were meant to be there.

Sometimes running is all you know, and things may not always be as they appear. Life is like that.



  1. we cope as best as we can, and each one differently. i like your coyote photos. :)

  2. We all handle stress and grief in different ways...I sleep...you run:)

  3. I am a runner - or a hider.
    Do whatever is right for you.

  4. I'm glad that you have found some peace in your "running" and are making plans. When I'm stress or angry, I work harder. It's always been that way. I can accomplish so much more than when I'm relaxed. Everyone is different and find their own paths.

    Take care,

  5. i don't believe it is running....a runner is a jogger!!! everyone copes and grieves differently. be kind to yourself!!! xo

  6. A Runner means different things to different people. I would say you got away to grieve, to think. This can take a short time, for some a long time. We do what we have to do in a grieving situation, we are all different.
    Happy haying.
    Hugs M xxxoooxxx

  7. sometimes running is the best thing until you do stop and see what you're looking for within yourself.

    I'm sorry but I also laughed because my sister gave a similar analogy for me and my husbands style of work here. In track we both ran. He was a sprinter, a big explosion of speed and gets to the victory or end of a farm job quickly. I on the other hand was a long distance runner with hurdles! See where I am going, I run steady, go over the hurdles and keep on running.

    When you run you are not running away from something but rather TO something. You will know when it's time to stop running and which track you are taking next.

    I will look forward to see your direction you have chosen.

  8. I'm more the 'run away and hide' type... I deal with what needs to be dealt with, then run away and lick my wounds until I feel strong enough to deal with things again. We all do what we need to in order to cope. *hugs*

  9. I am a runner, like you. Whatever works, Buttons... to get us through.

  10. I do agree with the other comments. We're all individuals. When I am suffering stress or grief, I withdraw. You run. It's who we are. I hope this day is good for you.

  11. I'm happy for you. Yes! You've found a way to grieve. Many aren't so lucky.
    You go girl! :)

  12. Great coyote pics!! I am a runner too - I remember running all the way to Rome when things were going very badly! I also ted to try to shut it all out too I think.

  13. We do what we do. Everyone handles things in their own way.

    There's a song, "She's a Runner," by Billy Squier. Now it's going through my head! :)

  14. Sometimes the best thing to do is to remove yourself from the painful environment. Up until I bought my house, I have been a runner, too. However, it seems that a mortgage is like an anchor....

  15. B,

    We all handle stress and situations differently. Some run, hide, sleep, eat, or just deal with it head on.
    Sending hugs to you my friend and I look forward to reading more of your future posts.

  16. After a good run, you need to "cool down" and rest. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  17. I was a runner of the first kind. I concur with your description of a runner except I didn't have fancy clothes. On the other kind of runner. I'm an avoider and procrastinator.

  18. oh buttons, you do whatever it takes to make yourself feel better...hugs sweet b!

  19. run Forest run...and you will stop when it is your time to stop

  20. We all "know what we know and we all know what we don't know."
    A wise person said this to me once, I laughed then, not anymore.
    If we are true to self, " we know " what we need and don't need in most situations.
    A "runner" you say . . . I can identify . . .

  21. I want to be a runner - or a hider. I'm so tired from being strong and looking after everyone else's strife.

  22. You are B and a very special person! Whatever works is what you need to do, no explanations necessary. Looking forward to more posts.

  23. I am so sorry about your Mom. We had someone important in our family die a few weeks ago and I think my daughter is running. I tend to dig in, but I'd rather run. You go girl, do what you need to do for yourself in coping.

  24. I think I would be a hider rather than a runner. But everyone is different. We all deal with it in our own way. Lovely images!

  25. I have a saying for you. Start running toward things, not away from them. – The best way to move away from something negative is to move toward something positive. It has helped me on many occasions. xx

  26. never heard of that expression. I guess different people do different things to cope in stressful or negative experiences........

  27. I need a little getaway now and then. Sometimes a hike, or a drive to explore--always with the camera. It's usually not for long, but it helps so much.


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