Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Time to breathe....and some rest.

Good talk is like good scenery-
yet constantly varying,
and full of the charm of novelty and surprise.
                             Randolph Silliman Bourne

Life is full of the surprises.

On August 10, 2014 we had our first cut of hay completely baled. This year we baled the last of our first cut hay on August 9, 2015.

Last year the counter on the baler read 720 bales. This year the counter reads 520. A dramatic drop, but an expected one after the winter, spring and summer weather we have been having. If there is a second cut (it will depend on the weather) we may get if we are very lucky 100 bales. That is a stretch, as we have never had that many before. The constant rain has the second cut looking real good. It is not in our hands but in Mother Natures.

Last night after My Hero and I finished supper around 6:00 and with my sink full of dirty dishes I sat in my comfy chair for a few moments. With my tea sitting on the table while watching the cows out the window, I shut my eyes. The next thing I knew it was almost time for bed. I decided that I should indeed go to bed. It has been a frustrating long exhausting road trying to get this hay done. I had been constantly running and my body said enough of that, it is time to rest.

Last year during haying we were planning a wedding here on the farm. That was fun but we had a lot of work to do. I would not change one thing about that time or that incredible day. This year and with the haying once again done, we are planning a baby shower. Oh yes our daughter (The Bride) and her Handsome Prince are expecting. We do know that it is going to be a little girl.

We, on the farm and that includes Bossy2 (she may need a new pink hat), are so very excited, exhausted but excited. I was asking My Hero the other day if every year was going to be so full of excitement during haying time, as if that was not exciting enough. He smiled.

It looks like we are going to be long-distance Grandparents. That will be something. I have no idea what that really means. When my Mom was a Grandmother most everyone was not too far away. With this digital age it will be very interesting to see how much time I will be spending in front of the computer. In my case I think it will be very interesting to see how much time I will be spending on the train or the road. Oh yes I am pretty sure the train is going to win out over the internet. That whole hugging and holding thing, you know.

Well I just wanted to tell you the good news. I hope that you will understand if my blog posts will be a bit erratic over the next few weeks. I do have lots to say, but time is clicking away seemingly faster with every year. What is with that anyway? I will be trying to catch up on some much needed sleep. There will be the baby shower, and lots of Mommy-to-be time going on around here. I know you all understand this.

So my dear friends I will be posting when I feel the need to share; you know how that goes? I will not commit to a specific day for at least a couple of weeks. I would love to hear from anyone of you out there who has any baby shower ideas. I would also love to hear from anyone who has experience in being a long-distance Grandparent. I need all the help I can get.

I also needed to share with all of you the beautiful gift that had arrived, all the way from Australia. It came from my dear blogger friend Sue K (Maa). We have been friends for almost five years. Sue you are awesome. It is truly beautiful and the Mom-to-be loves it. Thank you and many HUGS. xo

So my friends I will see you all very soon. Oh this is so exciting. With the hay now done, and my waiting to be a Grandma, there is only one thing that would make this perfect. I wish my own Mom was here to share in all the excitement.



  1. What a relief to finish the haying and move forward to the next project. As a farm girl I know that when one job finishes another is waiting in the wings. You will be a great and loving grandmother, long distance or not. Hugs......Lillie

  2. Congratulations :-) Well, my parents are an hour away, but my husband's parents live on the other side of the country. They keep in touch - lots of phone calls, texts, emails and Skype. Now that my boys are older, they have email accounts just for emailing the relatives, which works out well. And they borrow our phones for texting too. Being long distance grandparents is much easier now than it used to be! When I was a kid I remember monthly letters and phone calls (not too long...those long distance charges were killer!).

  3. Congratulations! My husband and I don't have any kids yet but our family is spread out so I understand the long distance thing. What a blessing!

    I am so very pleased for you all.

  5. Congratulations to you all! I don't have any experience in giving baby showers although I've been to my share over the years. As long as you have a nice bunch gathered together, I imagine it will go well. I remember when I had my daughter after we had moved to Massachusetts from Ohio, my family had a reverse shower. They got together and wrapped all the presents and took Polaroids of each of them holding the gifts before they wrapped them and sent them in a big box to me. It was so nice. Skype and the internet in general make being long-distance grandparents much easier these days, I'm sure. Get a good night's sleep!

  6. Congratulations!! You will be a WONDERFUL Grandma, I'm sure of that!!

  7. Nice to know the first cut of hay is done and I hope you can get a second cut.
    Congratulations on becoming a grandma soon. Nothing better. You will be overjoyed.
    All the best.

  8. hello Grace girl or should I say Grace Grandma-to-be ? haha
    Congratulations ... I know you must be so exhausted though with all that is going on ... some times mental exhaustion (excitement/stress) is even more exhausting but you have been hit by the double barrel load of both !
    Long distance ... I am a step-grandma ? my son is a step father so I am not sure about these teenagers ? .. I think it would be harder if my DIL and son had a baby of their own so I have an idea it will be hard for you .. but ? we have had to get used to son living way down south in South Carolina .. so I have a little idea about separation anxiety ? haha
    In any case ... get some good REST ... everything feels better after you top up your rest-o-meter !! LOL
    Take care
    Joy : )

  9. Congratulation Grandma! You will be a wonderful Grandmother! A girl...how lovely you can buy/create a wardrobe! You sound tired, I hope you get a chance to rest! A Baby Food Game for the shower, take the labels off of baby food jars and mark them 1, 2 , 3 and so on and have the guests guess what is inside...make your self a master list of course. Word scrambles are fun too... I like baby showers but all my nieces have families now:)

  10. Oh, congratulations on the coming arrival! There is nothing like grandchildren. We only have one but she is the light of our lives. She only lives two hours away, but is moving closer soon, so I cannot help you there.

  11. You will be the best of grandmas for sure. They are the very definition of unconditional LOVE.
    I am betting you will wear out the train wheels :)

  12. Congratulations Buttons, you'll be the best Grandma ever! Maybe you should have a 'corn' shower... with lots of corny games and gifts, lol.

  13. Oh, congratulations! Such happy news! I know it will all work out and for sure you will be taking more train adventures! We just had our first grandson - you just fall in love......Glad that you are done with the haying and hopefully you will get some time for rest. Have fun with the preparations - you will be a wonderful Grandmother!

  14. Congratulations!!! With my nieces (which feel like my grandchildren) I tried planning traditional type things that would involve an overnight stay or two and when it's tradition, THEY HAVE TO DO IT! Of course, that's when they get a little older, but not much. Check out the "We Care" park on my blog. Every year since they were young we had to go. Start a family reunion weekend. Always offer to babysit if the parents need to take a vacation. Then buy an annual bus ticket I guess! Do they have those!?!?!! I'm so sorry your Mom couldn't be there, but I'm sure she is with you in spirit. This year has been the year of loss for me. So many people are out of my life now. It's hard. I guess we are lucky though because we miss them, which means we loved them, which means we loved. So many people don't....


    PS - I totally understand the being too busy thing. I had a total meltdown from it. Something has to go when that happens.

  15. Gramma Buttons and Grampa Hero! Oh my gosh, I'm so exciting for all of you! You're going to have to start knitting smaller hats. :)

  16. Exciting news on becoming grandparents. Congrats and love the new baby blanket. Little hats will be on order for you to knit in the coming months.

  17. Your excitement shows through your writing. Hay time, excitement time on your farm. I'm not much help in the baby shower department but long distant grandma I am. No Train or car possible from here to LA just a 13 hour flight and over a thousand dollars for a ticket. Then when you arrive the grand children are unsure of you because they have forgotten you from the last visit. By the time you build up a rapport with them again it is time to leave for a 14 hour flight back home. No it is not nice. However, one advantage is that you are not continuously being called on to baby sit like some of my friends here. They often can't go on outings with us because they have to take care of grand children. It is hard when you get a call and things are not going well and they could really do with some extra help but you are too far away to give it. A regular train trip sounds like it will be fine for you.

  18. Congratulations, Buttons! How exciting!! You are going to LOVE being a grandmother!

  19. Congratulations on the exciting news of a new baby in the family! Enjoy this time watching your daughter become a Mom and your transition to being Grandma.

    Yea for the bulk of haying season behind you. Rest and relax, you've earned it!

  20. Congratulations! This is so exciting, Buttons! You will be an excellent and a fun grandmother. And I know you will do a great job at this whole long-distance grandparenting thing. I would think it is so much easier nowadays with all the electronic ways we have of communicating. Think of all the stories you will share with the little one! :-)

  21. That is wonderful news! Hugs all around!!!

  22. How wonderful that you are going to be grandparents. Congrats to everyone. - Loved that shot of those bucks and the hay. - Hope life winds down a little for you.

  23. I'm so happy that you are going to be grandparents soon! It's such a wonderful and blessed feeling to be able to enjoy grand babies. I know what you mean about being a long distance grandmother too, as our 3 are in Calgary. We spend a lot of time on Skype and Face Time with them and are so grateful for this new technology in our lives to see our grandsons growing. We were also blessed to be there for the birth of #3 last August and help out in those first days. We're making a trip next month for a visit which I can hardly wait for! Enjoy your break and special family time. Hugs. Pam

  24. So exciting about the baby! Congratulations! Busy times here too trying to squeeze enough hay out of some seriously drought stricken areas, we will be ok. Cutting sloughs and areas that are usually to wet but it sure will be close

  25. That is fantastic news, and yes..I think you will need a special seat on the train with your name on it! Congratulations to everyone.

  26. I am so happy for you! You are going to be the perfect grandmother. The little one will always have a hat and know the joys of sitting in the woods enjoying nature. Congratulations! Enjoy every second of it.

  27. Yay on the hay...how well I know the feeling of having fodder for the animals come snowball season. Congratulations on a Grandma to be...you'll be fabulous at that job. How are Sue and Petal? Haven't talked with her in a while and thought her blog was closed now...? Grace, sitting for a bit and falling asleep...what a treat, as long as I wake up able to move -grin-; the back porch anti-gravity chaise lounge is lovely for that.
    As for posting when able...life always gets in the way of living; I post when I can snatch an hour or two 'cause it takes me that long to do a post. I am soooo slow.

  28. Congratulations on every thing. Hay stored and ready with a new crops growing. We could not give our hay away this year so we finally bush hogged after it seeded.

    Enjoy you time.

  29. I am glad I did not miss this post. Congrats to you, awesome new on the new grandbaby! Have a happy day!


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