Sunday, September 27, 2015

Why do I knit? Well, the travel of course.

Happiness is not a station you arrive at,
but a manner of traveling.
                 Margaret Lee Runbeck

This is Norway
That title may deceive some of you. You do know that I am a writer, and like any other writer we all know it is all about the catchy title. It is however very true that I do travel while I knit. I have indeed knit on buses, trains, cars and even a ferry on a choppy lake while sitting in a truck, but that is not what I am going to tell you about today.

It seems that my many knitted hats, continue to have incredible journeys on the heads of others. Incredible journeys, that I have no knowledge of, or for that matter, any involvement with. That is of course with the exception of one that I do know all about. I have talked about this hat before but it bears repeating, being that it continues to have new adventures. The above photo taken in Norway; did you notice the hat?

Today, I want to talk about the hat/toque that has a special place in my heart, and how it is now living a dream life that this farm girl eagerly waits to hear about. Waiting, to devour every story and photo that comes from its new owner, my friend Kathleen. Kathleen is an Ontario girl, now transplanted in California. That means that Canadian toques have always played a big part in her life.

Kathleen and her husband John are world travellers. I am not exaggerating here; they have literally travelled the whole world. Kathleen has a travel blog and shares those experiences with her readers. Unfortunately for you, you will not see photos of that pretty Canadian toque knit with love by a farm girl in Ontario Canada, on her head on her blog. She saves those photos for me (that may change with some encouragement). I love seeing where my hat has been. I am living vicariously through this toque/hat that I have not seen in a very long time.

In Kathleen’s last few blog posts my hat, oops, not to forget Kathleen and John were touring Utah, Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park and parts of Montana. That had me wondering if she was near our dear blogger friend Feralwoman. I am pretty sure that if Janice had seen that Canadian toque on someone’s head she surely would have recognized it, and ran over and said Hi knowing who knit it. Yes,I know; I have been told that I am a bit of a dreamer.

Kathleen has sat on the highest mountains and walked in the lowest valleys with that pink baby alpaca hat sitting on her head, seeing sights that I only dream of. The same hat that while under production, my Mom loved to run her fingers over because it was so soft. I still cherish that photo of Mom’s hand on the finished product. Sweet, sweet memories were made then. Now new memories are being made. Oh, that is one very lucky hat/toque indeed.

Click photo for story (Pink Baby Alpaca)
I would love to show you all of those photos I have received from Kathleen since she started wearing that hat/toque but I will have to send you over to Kathleen’s blog to see where it has been. You see Kathleen is very shy, but trust me that hat is never left at home on a shelf in California when Kathleen travels and she travels a lot. I for one am very excited about that. So if you want to see the views of the world her hat sees, check out her blog and imagine my pink baby alpaca hat sitting on her head, or at the very least sitting in her pack right beside her. “Believe you me” that my hat is having a ball. After all....We, I mean they, all went to Norway.

I do know for a fact that they are planning a trip to Bhutan in 2016. See what I mean. Check her blog out. You will love following that hat.

Not the same hat:)

Whoever thought a toque that long ago during a Canadian winter, once sat upon Bossy2’s head, and had a few adventures of its own on this farm before its leaving, would have ever ended up going so far? So, yes I am sure you now understand the title. I do enjoy my knitting for the travel, and that is the truth.

Now that I have told my story, I am very curious. I do know there are more hats/toques out there in the world and I would truly love to hear where my hats have been, what their owners have seen and where they are heading.

It is a very lucky hat.



  1. Hello Buttons, what a great post. Your hats are very pretty. It is neat to read that one of your hats has traveled around the world. It is a lucky hat! I will have to check out your friend's blog. I enjoy traveling the world while reading my blogger friends blogs. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  2. Would be interesting to know where all your hats have been...I hope we find out, especially, as you have asked the question...Hugs M xox

  3. A well traveled hat indeed. I wonder if it misses Bossy?????

  4. What a lovely post.

    Your hat is going to places, where you will never go... Sweet thought...

    Happy Full Harvest Moon!

  5. Do you christen every hat you make by placing it on one of your girl's heads, before sending them on their way? I sure hope so! I love thinking that every wearer of an original Button's toque, shares that little connection.

  6. Well, this made me get tears in my eyes. Seeing your mom's hand on the hat and reading your words about the places it's now traveled made me think that we never know how our own lives will touch others. I'm touched just reading about how this hat became a special gift and now is a gift to all of us through story.

  7. Travel, fuelled by love, is wonderful. I am sure that the beautiful pink hat is a lucky talisman.
    Another beautiful post.

  8. A well travelled hat indeed! How cool that your friend takes it on so many adventures!

  9. Oh, I did love hearing about the hat that travels. FYI, I used to work at a little bakery here in our small town that made Italian bread and breadsticks. I wish I could remember where all our breadsticks went to--you probably would not believe me if I told you. I know they went to Forida (I live in Indiana0...and I remember them going somewhere out west, I think Wyoming or Montana. I remember that because I would love to go there myself. But they also went other places...I think somewhere in Canada, Michigan, and just really amazed me when people would come in and buy them and tell me where they were either being taken along on a trip, or sent to someone.

  10. Hi Buttons ... it is a very lucky hat indeed, and I am very lucky to have a nice friend like you who made it for me!! I love that hat ... so soft (your mom was right!), not too tight, nice and warm, love the colour ... Right now it is enjoying some down time on my drying rack as it needed a good wash after all our Yellowstone campfires! Thank you again for this wonderful addition to my backpack!

  11. It will be interesting to know where this hat actually traveled. It will make a great story.

  12. Norway what a lucky toque :-) there is a book in your toques that is for the photo of your Mom's hand.

  13. Indeed it is a lucky hat. I would so love to see all those places.

  14. How wonderful that your knittings travel. What fun and what stories you hear from them. Love it!!
    Cheri is fine. they are busy . we are going over for a visit in 2 weeks. I will tell her you inquired about her and urge her to post more.
    Hugs to your HUGS!

  15. in so many ways, i could have written this story. but not quite as well as you have written it!!! i knit for my family and friends, so they will always have something of mine, when i am gone!!!

    and it is fun to see where our hats get to go!!!!

  16. You have inspired me to take my hat to Ireland next year. It should be cool enough that I will be happy to have it with me.

  17. Sounds like a great kids story book in the works here . I know I would read it . How wonderful for your toque to be soo well traveled ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  18. You are incredible. I agree with Country Gal, sounds like a great book in the works. Your hats are awesome and how special to know they have traveled near and far. I can relate with my painted designs, after 30+ years, knowing that my work is all over the world, is humbling. Love your story, your writing and the catchy title. Your hats are very lucky to so many!! cm

  19. Goodness I think the hat needs it's own blog. What a wonderful thought. :)

  20. I looked at her blog. It's wonderful, I hope she makes it to Utah. Our state is very beautiful.

  21. What a lovely post--( and your knitted hats are beautiful)!! How fun to tell stories about places your creations have been! I'm sure they could tell some amazing stories!!!


  22. What fun! It's neat to see where all your hat has been! You make some amazing ones...who would ever think of leaving them at home. Keep on dreaming, Buttons...who day maybe you'll end up in PA or I'll end up in Canada and wouldn't that be fun?

  23. Oh I do miss you Buttons........

  24. My hat has stayed closer to home, but if I have the opportunity to travel to see our son and daughter-in-law in South Korea during some colder weather, rest assured that my hat will be making the journey with me.
    For now, I look forward to it keeping my head snug and warm during our Canadian winters.

  25. Well I'm starting to blog again as summer winds down and fall is in the air. I love this story. It's so cool that your hats travel the world! I saw one on Jacque (blether) and I thought she looked like Bette Midler! I have a lot of catching up to do. And it's good to get connected again
    Cindy Bee

  26. You know I love Kathleen, she gives me major wanderlust! You can bet that your hat will be very well travelled indeed!

  27. Love this! It fires the imagination...and makes me appreciate hats!


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