Saturday, November 14, 2015

Just a little bit, in a world that needs a little bit....

Things are not always as they appear. Unknown

As I sat up most of the night my eyes were glued to the computer screen and my emotions were churning. The most incredibly happy thing that is to happen any day now, at least in my world, found me sitting here with tears of joy and with just a bit of worry. 

The waiting for the birth of our first grandchild is an experience of many mixed emotions, I am finding this so true. Tears run down my cheeks as I think about holding that little child when she decides to come into this world. A world where smiles and hugs are what she should see first.

Tears of profound sadness  are now mixed with those tears of joy while reading about the horrible attacks in Paris France. Ordinary people out doing things, normal things and never thinking about what lay in wait. Ordinary people.

I have so many emotions, as I am sure all of you do at this time. Being a blogger, there are a lot of us who tend to focus on the positive things in life. The ordinary things in our own lives. The news is full of everything that you need to know about all the other things going on in this world.

Even though we may look like we are not in the real world, this is certainly not true in the least. We are very much feeling what everyone else around the world is experiencing right now. Worry, fear, a profound sadness and a overwhelming sense of helplessness. Wondering, what is ahead, and wondering how we can get through these emotions that tear us up inside while knowing there is nothing that we can do. 

Well there is something we can do. We can carry on with posting happy thoughts while we keep all the people affected by this in our hearts and prayers. That is what we must do, because if we give into the fear and the spreading of that fear through our blogs, we are not helping the people who need to escape from the reality of the news for even a little bit. People trying to find any sense of normal in a world that honestly seems to be out of control, at least in my eyes. A tiny island where you can just go to sit for a bit.

I sit here today reading everything and wishing I could do something to make it just a tiny bit better for those who are suffering. All of us, all around the world are suffering. This does not just affect those going through the actual horror in France. This affects everyone of us who want a safe and loving world for our children, and our grandchildren. 

To my blogger friends let us keep Paris in our hearts and prayers and let us keep posting happy images, normal everyday things that may take people away for just a moment. 

I know reading blogs about ordinary things right now is what has been keeping my emotions a bay. Keeps my fears at bay, as I wait for what is to be the most joyful moment that a person could be waiting for.

Take care everyone. To the people of Paris you are in our hearts. Everyone who needs to escape the news for a little bit you are in my heart too. Bloggers certainly do care about this world we all live in. I hope you find some image, or images here to make you smile if only for a little bit..



  1. Congratulations on the arrival of your grandchild Buttons. Your post is such a place of comfort today. You are right. We should continue posting about our ordinary lives, sharing a bit of ourselves with our positive blogger friends.
    My prayers are with everyone affected by this senseless massacre in Paris.

    1. Not yet Julia Monday for sure if not before,:) Hugs

  2. Well said, Buttons ... staying positive and hopeful, and not giving in to fear and despair. My heart goes out to the people of Paris.

    Looking forward to hearing your good news. Very soon now ... all the best.

  3. This is so well said B. I agree wholeheartedly with you. The news from Paris is devastating and can be overwhelming to us if we chose to dwell on it. So, lets keep positive and keep praying too. Blessings to you and your daughter as you await the arrival of their precious little one.

  4. You are right B - there is always so much tragedy in the World and the best thing that we can all do is to just keep going and try not to let it affect our lives. Too many lives have already been affected ad it would be easy to get swept up in how awful it all is.

  5. Thank you. Feeding hope and beauty is sooooo much better than the alternatives.
    And yes, my heart is with everyone affected by this tragedy.

  6. Beautiful thoughts, B. You are so right that after we pause to give our thoughts and wishes for people in Paris, especially those directly affected, we need to think happier thoughts. We have to hug those close to us and live our lives to the fullest. To do less does not honour those who have had their lives so horribly taken or changed.

  7. Every time Radical Islamist Terrorism strikes, we are 'put through the wringer.' And this is exactly what they want.

    They want to spread fear, throughout the world. To enable the growing of the New Caliphate, to continue.

    Fearful people cower. Fearful people, are just what they want to create.

    So, how to not become fearful, cowering people?

    Call a spade a spade, first.

    And then, go about our lives. Keep blogging, as you propose. To not do so, is to give in, now. And no matter what our personal political views are, none of us wants to be fearful and cowering.


  8. You have such lovely thoughts, Buttons! Yes! Keep blogging positive and happy thoughts! That sweet little one will be here soon! xo Nellie

  9. Grace girl .. you have said exactly what I was thinking (minus your very happy event to be .. we are sort of step grandparents to much older teens .. is there such a thing as step-grandparents ?) ... in any case ... thank you for this post .. I have felt guilty trying to avoid the news .. it is so heart wrenching .. I can't seem to post anything as it is and then to post what I thought such ordinary garden nonsense would be rather heartless but in these type of times, the ordinary every day life events help us walk through nightmares it seems.
    PS .. you know it is a girl grandbaby then ? pre-congratulations grandma !

  10. Well said. We have to look to the positive and good in the world. We can't let a few irrational lunatics control us. We do have to be aware of daunger and what we can do to make this world a better place. Butterflies waiting for the new one? Enjoy being a granny!

  11. I'm horrified and afraid for the people of Paris and any other place these terrorists choose to wreak their havoc. They're hurting themselves as well, but just can't see that. Religious brainwashing at its worst. Where is their kind and loving God who accepts all?

    I remember the birth of my first grandchild as if it was yesterday; I was with my daughter on the way to the hospital, right there in the room when that little angel came into the world. She is 21 now and engaged to be married.

  12. Yes happy thoughts because babies make a difference..they are what keeps us going and make us smile:)

  13. A positive message indeed. Much needed. But I notice the heavily trimmed and obedient tree in the first photo has a crazy tyrannosaurus shadow --perhaps to remind us to be both tolerant and vigilant and keep each other safe.

  14. This was a heartfelt and encouraging post. All we can do is pray for those in Paris, dealing with the horror and loss, pray for the world, and pray for the terrorists,.

    As Tessa said, these people want to cause the whole world to fear, to make us immobile and cowering so they can take control.

    What joy your little granddaughter is going to bring into all of your lives. Enjoy each moment of this wonderful and blessed event.


  15. Two opposite extremes of emotion running through you simultaneously, that is very difficult.
    Love and prayers to all of those suffering in our world, and prayers to those of us who are trying to keep our lights shining.
    Soak in all the joy that will come from your Granddaughter's birth and keep it close to the surface.

  16. Grace, babies are God's opinion the world should go on. I hold that thought, tightly, in the ugliness of man's inhumanity to man. As to what we can do? The most important thing Christians can do is pray. Pray for those who are wounded, those helping the wounded, those left with bitter memories. And, probably most of all, pray for the leaders of the free world; they need wisdom, guidance, wise council as they struggle with the aftermath and the looming question, "What now should be done?"
    Love, hugs and kisses to your new little one; my nephew's wife is expecting their second daughter in February.
    God help us all in all areas of our lives and to make His world a better place.

  17. It is those little islands of happiness and sunshine that the cruel people terrorizing the world want to destroy. We will have to overwhelm them with joy.

  18. I couldn't agree more. We don't want to live in a world of fear. And yes we do care. We care, alot. But we want to get away from it all, which is why we read blogs! I'm so happy you get to be there for the birth of your Grand baby. Have you made him/her any hats yet?

    Cindy Bee

  19. Grace your beautiful uplifting words are so desperately needed right now...that and prayers for the world. Thank you.


  20. So well said my friend. Our hearts are broken for Paris and our prayers will be on going.
    Wishing you great joy on the birth of your grandchild. Keep us informed!!
    As friends, we do care!! xp

  21. This is so wise, so true, and so well stated. Thank yoy for finding the words that escaped me after I learned of this horrific tragedy.

  22. Buttons, you have said it very well here. We must press on and pray for those affected.

  23. Congrats to you all of the new little one in your lives . Yes we are all in shock and our hearts and prayers go out to all the families for that terrible sadness in France ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  24. It has to be such a careful balance - such as the joy of your first grandchild and the loss of those innocents in Paris. Keeping positive is the best defense in a world with such hatred. Can't wait to see and hear about your new little twig on the family tree!~

  25. Hey B. Another great post. I do believe we are swirling and out of control and it makes me feel helpless. Can't help but think about what kind of future is in store for our children and grandchildren. Imagine what people all around the world have been going through. We are so fortunate to have more "normal" moments than so many thousands of people who just want to stop somewhere and feel safe. Yes...we need to remain positive and reach out whenever possible.

  26. Beautiful post, Grace. I agree that we should keep on keeping on with blogging and everyday life and not let fear get us down. That would be letting the enemy win.
    I hope your sweet little grandbaby has arrived safe and sound! I can just imagine how thrilled and excited you are. I'm looking forward to seeing that first photo!
    Take care and have a terrific week!

  27. So beautifully expressed, my dear! Thank you for making this world a little brighter for heavy hearts. A new grandchild is such a blessing! xx Karen

  28. thank you for your words. I'm just now returning to the blogging world. and you are right, keep the beauty coming. it's what we need. I know it can feel weird to go back to normal after such things. it is for me this time. but it actually helps to see that life goes on elsewhere even if we struggle a little.

  29. The birth of a child is the symbol of hope and love for the world.


  30. Hi Buttons, lovely post and yesterday as we watched a very cool documentary by a David Allen in 2011 about Joe Hutto who lived 18 months with wild turkeys, beautiful account and I thought of you and your turkeys :-) maybe you've already read Mr Hutto's book 'illumination in the flatwoods' but if not check out the documentary on line, it'll make you smile, laugh and cry.. hugs and maybe congrats are now in order xxoo

  31. Well said. I can hear the worry and excitement in your voice. I hope all goes well for your family. Love your happy world pics. I wonder what sort of a world it will be when your grand child is as old as us?


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