Sunday, November 22, 2015

Observations of a girl riding a bus, not driving her tractor.

The responsibility of tolerance lies with those who have a wider vision.
                                  George Eliot

The bus in the city came to a full stop. The driver pushed a button and the front end dropped down so an older man with a walker could get on easier. While having some difficulty and obviously struggling, I watched as a young man rushed over to help lift his walker up and helped him into the bus. The older man dropped his cane as he passed by me. I reached down to pick it up. He said thank you, with a thick German accent. He then sat down across from me, and I handed it to him, he smiled. The young man that had helped him on to the bus then sat down beside his wife, who was wearing a hijab. We all smiled.

I have been taking buses in the city for a month now. I am starting to miss my tractor seat back home on the farm. I am missing it, but I am also loving the stories that come from my observing the people on the bus.

I had been lost, confused and a bit worried while travelling the bus, and I think that may show on my face a little bit. I have not had one person who did not show true compassion and a genuine caring for me, this complete stranger. This stranger, who was constantly asking what bus goes where and how was I to find this street or that, or where would I get off for the transfer stop. Two buses twice a day, as it turns out, has been an enjoyable thing for me. Every nationality from around the world seems to be represented on the buses I take, and everyone just helps each other without thinking of what they are going through, or what is in it for them. This makes me happy. I think the world needs more of that. Everyone, especially these days, (at least it seems to me) are always so worried about everything. “Treat others’ as you like to be treated”, simple as that is my motto.

There are many stories that run through my head, and I am sure I will be sharing them over time, but I must tell you  about the one from yesterday. I have never been away from the farm for this long and sometimes I have to admit it has been a bit difficult.
Yesterday something happened that had me laugh, and think about the farm.

The university run bus was very packed and some of the students were standing. They, most always offer their seats to us “Old folks”, at least that is what I have noticed. I have never had to stand. The bus stopped in front of an Asian food market store and I remember thinking that I would love to go in there someday. An older man boarded the bus. He appeared to be about a head shorter than I. He sat down on the seat beside me. He had three very full bags of groceries. I smiled at him, and then he smiled back. I turned back to watch out the front windshield, as to not miss my stop, again.

Suddenly I felt something very cold against my lower leg. I looked down. Some people may have possibly freaked out a bit. Being a farmer I smiled. There, sticking out of the bag, were two very fresh skinny chicken legs crossed and tied with a band. They were obviously attached to a whole chicken. I stared at them for a while. They were nicely cleaned, with perfect webbed feet. I then thought that possibly it was a duck. I turned to look out the front window of the bus, with the legs still pushing against my leg. No worries, it was in the bag. All I thought was I cannot miss my stop again.
Doing well here in the city, gathering stories as I go round and round.



  1. Your stories of travelling on the city bus is very entertaining and it warms my heart to know how nice our Canadians citizens are even the strangers.
    Thanks so much for sharing these heart warming stories in a time when there is so much negativity.
    Hope that you soon will be back home with your hero, Bossy 2 and the tractor.
    Stay safe and happy.

  2. Ahh - you are so much more positive about the bus than me! I am not sure I would have been so down to earth as you about the chicken legs! Although, I like to think that I would be.

  3. You are having some great adventures:)

  4. so glad you are encountering kindness there.

  5. People on the buses here too, are quick to help each other. We get a few who grumble about the bus having to wait while people are helped on and off, but not often, certainly not everyday.
    duck feet? Don't see that every day!

  6. The Golden Rule is good to live by.

    I would be totally lost in a city but your stories make it magical and make me thing maybe, just maybe, i could make it.

  7. Mostly people on the buses here are lovely too. Which often restores my faith in people.
    I am sure you are missing the farm and your hero, but love that you are finding some tiny consolations.

  8. I enjoy your stories and am glad that people are still friendly and helpful.

    Hope you get back to the farm and your Hero soon.

    Happy Thanksgiving week ~ FlowerLady

  9. Collecting experiences is a great thing in life. It sounds like you are meeting some wonderfully diverse people. In my travels I will say that I have 99% had excellent experiences with people. I know the bad ones exist, but we fine people far outnumber them. Travel on!

  10. Some people collect things, You collect stories and people. I love that.

  11. i appreciate that there are great folks in the world too. they are far and few between. but they are out there. i am thankful when i meet them. got to stick together we do. i love your stories. always do. have a great week. ( :

  12. I used to love taking the bus - so many interesting people! Now I would love to take one so that I didn't have to drive the long route. Glad you are making the best (creatively) out of your present environment!

  13. You must be home sick. I know I would be.

  14. Brushing legs with chickens in the city. Too funny.

  15. Your story of the chicken is a hoot! I think if we approach life with a positive and confident attitude we recognize lots of good in people. If we're negative , people pick up the vibes and we suffer.

  16. You can take the woman off the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the woman. Good to see you are sharing your stories again. I agree that if we treat others as we like to be treated, all will be well. Kindness begets kindness.

  17. I take the local commuter train all the time, and I love observing those little encounters too. most people are incredibly kind and decent.

  18. Great adventures for you on the bus and I know you will share some wonderful stories. Nothing better then people watching. Have a wonderful week. xo

  19. Delightful stories! I'll watch for more.

    But who is looking after the girls while you are away? I need to do some reading, obviously.

    Blessings and Bear hugs on your adventures (and misadventures).


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