Sunday, January 31, 2016

Emotional blogging with your “Baby” among the Trolls

Positive views of truth and duty are those that impress the mind and lead to action;
negation dwells mostly in cavil denial.
                                                            Richard Whately

Most Bloggers (myself included) think of their Blogs as their “Baby”. You create it and you nurture it, and then shape it to be the best that it can be. You then willingly send it out into the scary world. Countless minutes and hours, days and years have been spent keeping it safe from harm. You help pick its friends, and always try to scrutinize those “Friends” to make sure your “Baby” will remain safe. That is our responsibility as “The parent” and our responsibility to have our playgrounds remain a safe place. “It takes a Village”, that old quote is very true in our Blogworld too.

There are without a doubt, lifelong friendships that have developed through our “Baby.” I know this for a fact. Sometimes another “Parent” will approach and compliment (comment on) your “Baby”. If you are very lucky, that compliment (comment) will turn out to be something so much more. A true friendship and bond will be created. 
Even though you do understand that you may never meet, some Bloggers secretly hope to. With our personal style of Blogging through our “Baby” it makes this a very special place. Sharing our hopes, our dreams, our goals, our triumphs and sometimes our heartaches, a place where we all believe that we are safe and loved. You have always been welcomed, felt safe, respected and comforted.

We have all laughed and cried, been comforted, and returned that comfort to our “Friends”. Sadly we have grieved the loss of far too many of our own. We, along with our “Friends” and their “Baby” will continue to gather new “Friends” along the way. We listen and we care, and I would never want to change that feeling of commitment nor comfort for any reason. I love each and every one of you my true friends.


A few weeks ago I noticed some strange activity. Someone was trying to mingle with my “Baby” and its “Friends.” They kept trying to get into our house. As any responsible parent would do, I checked to see who or what was trying to get in.

Well my friends; remember those Trolls in the fairy tales that used to frighten you? They do exist here in Blogland. They may be knocking on your door. They are out to take what you have, promote what they have, and wreak havoc and mayhem on the life of your “Baby” and your house.
I did some research and then a partial search of all my “Friends”, old and new. 

Nothing personal, but I had to see who left the door ajar to let the Trolls in. I knew my real “Friends” are careful and would never knowingly forget to close the door to our house, and put our “Baby” at risk. I decided to do something drastic. In my heightened state of fear, I went into a search and destroy mode. I deleted “Friends” off my Blog list. This broke my heart. But, in order to find the open door I had to close some doors. I had to chase that troll away from my door.

As you know many of us have many “Baby” (Blogs) to share on our “Friends” BLOG list. Some of these are Blogs of people that we know or knew and still love. People, I personally think daily about who have passed away. There are also Blogs that have been put on hold, for health reasons, or a life crisis. Some of our “Friends” have been going on different paths of adventure, and may have lost us along the way. There are unfortunately some Blogs who we never will know why these people did not return, and left to wonder. There are also familiar Blog names that have been taken over, away from the original owner and picked up by “Imposters”.

This brings me to my aggressive protection tactic and dilemma. With tears in my eyes I deleted blogs that have not been active in months. I am sure my long time, and true friends know who these people and their “Baby” are. It indeed breaks my heart. It felt like a betrayal of the worst kind to my old friends for me to have to do that.

It seems that those Trolls that I was telling you about, can hijack a lost or a non-managed dormant blog, and then use it for their own personal gain. These could possibly just be Bots (Robots or Non-humans). I had to do it. I had to protect my “Baby” and all of yours, those who have always been welcome in my house. There are unfortunately also some Blogs who are not being well-maintained, and many have trolls. Maintenance is important.

Questions abound, ran through my head. What if the people I deleted come back and I never know? What if they die, and the family updates and I do not know? What if they lose me and were only on an adventure that went longer than expected? Oh yes so many questions. I do, and will miss these people and their “Baby” that will never change. 
Unfortunately, I may never be sure if they are who they say they are, or an impersonator trying to get in. Hack in.

So my apologies to everyone I may have deleted, and cannot for the life of me find your links, to add you back. I had to do it, to protect us all. If you notice that I have disappeared from your followers list please let me know. After I determine that you are who you say you are, I will open my door and once again welcome you in.

 I am sick at the thought that many of you may think I just dumped you. There are no proverbial Dear John letters coming. It’s my “Baby", actually all our “Babies” and we all have to protect them any way we have to, and that is exactly what I have done. I do know that my long ago, true friends would indeed understand.

If on my way to visit your "Baby" I encountered a big nasty red screen (Guard dog).I am sorry I had to delete (leave your door closed) your "Baby" (for now). There are a few of you. I will email "The parent" so they can also chase those Trolls away.Please scan your blogs. Thank you.

Your thoughts are welcome.



  1. The way you have described the problem is wonderful.
    We do need a clean out once in a while.
    Hugs M xx

  2. great writing.. sorry you have to even think about those bad people

  3. Wow...that sounds nasty. I'd best do some house cleaning.

  4. I guess I just don't understand what happened. But I'm glad you fixed it, or ran off the bad guys. Have a blessed Sunday!

  5. well written and yes I too need to have a wander through my blog list and see who is who.....thank you for reminding me.

  6. I have seen this happen. Over and over again. I am glad you were able to do something. It is sad when those people do try to take down our blogs.
    Take care

  7. WoW buttons, how sad!!! I have never experienced this but will keep my guard up. I have recently lost a lot of followers and have no idea why....but I have been seeing your comments on my place so I think I am ok!!!!

  8. I am so illiterate in technology "stuff"!
    I hope I am not doing anything wrong, losing you or others . . .
    I think I need you to teach me . . .
    Great piece . . . I DO NOT want to lose MY BABY!

  9. Gosh, it sounds very serious. I hope my blog is safe. I know that Google is blocking access to blogs who are using a different provider like Yahoo and AOL and others and to be allowed access to blogs powered by Google, they have to open a google account. Everyone of my regular blog commenters have lost followers too including myself. I made a post about this as I read a notice on Blogger Buzz a few weeks a go warning friends why they were loosing followers.

    It's a hard job keeping safe out there.
    Have a great week.

  10. Nope, no worries here...I'm still with ya...:)JP

  11. I'm here, I think.

    If that happens to me, I will be in trouble. My tech skills are non-existent.

  12. Buttons, Google did it! I will try to put something up that I learned, OK.

  13. I know Google requires you to follow with only a google account now, nothing else will work. Other than that I am lost...i have a number of blogs I follow that are defunct...I will have to look into unfollowing them I guess. Not sure how to do that.
    I am still reading and it is really me:)

    1. Click on "follow" as if you are going to follow them and a window should pop up saying you are already following and there should be an "unfollow" button there. Click on that.

  14. no worries, buttons, as my "baby" never really had a strong following, she was "put to bed" (or out to pasture?) some time ago. i look at it from time to time, but i suppose there may be things going on beneath the surface that are a mystery to me. i'm glad we can touch base on facebook these days and maintain an offshoot of the old blogging days there (for me anyway). hugs!!

  15. I am so sorry that you had to do this.

  16. You are right to be concerned. I recently thought a blogger who hadn't posted for awhile was back and when I tried to visit, it was something else entirely. I immediately deleted the blog and alerted the original owner whose e-mail I have. When I retired one of my blogs, I made it private access only and have my kids' e-mail addresses as ones who can access it. If people don't want to write their blog anymore, that's what I'd advise them to do. Just letting a blog inactive but open to all invites piracy. You've made me realize I probably have to do some housecleaning again, too. If a person hasn't blogged in over 6 months, they probably should be taken off your dashboard reading list.

  17. Boooo! I think you discontinued following my Wetcreek Blog. If that keeps your Baby safe, then I understand. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  18. This is all such a mystery to me, Buttons! I just don't understand why this happens! I suppose I should really clean up my reading list as well. -xo Nellie

  19. I'm still hanging about! You can't get rid of me, girl! ;)

  20. I like the metaphor you use as family and baby. The analogy you use that we protect each member of the family makes sense. I do not know how to get rid of followers. Maybe I should do some research as I don't know why they follow. This is a very informative post and I have to read it again.

  21. I posted all about why the google friends connect is dropping followers it is if people do not have a google account they can no longer follow During the past weekend, Blogger started the process of simplifying Following. This involves removing non Google accounts and profiles from Following.

    As part of this plan, starting the week of January 11, we’ll remove the ability for people with Twitter, Yahoo, Orkut or other OpenId providers to sign in to Google Friend Connect and follow blogs. At the same time, we’ll remove non-Google Account profiles so you may see a decrease in your blog follower count. So those who have gone from your followers are followers who do not have a google account and were following by another sorce . Doesn’t seem simple to me for the people that were following and now cant . So if you are finding that your followers are diminishing this is why ! I just wish they would leave well enough alone . Thanks for letting us know hope nothing else happens to the land of blog !

  22. Still here! Sorry to hear that you have had so much trouble!

  23. I like how you explained this. I noticed a few weeks back that a blog I hadn't seen in a while came back - when I went over to look it was some advertising and stupid stuff. I quit following that blog. I use to look forward to her writing. I also noticed that I lost a few followers last week - maybe others are cleaning up too. We all need to be aware of this. Thanks.

  24. Do you have any tips for us? As in how to check on some of this stuff?

  25. You've still showed up in my blog list, so I assume I'm fine, but I will check my comments "spam" folder and see if I've been catching any trolls in there. If yes, I'll delete them. Their comments don't usually make it through to my public screen.

  26. I go through and clean house now and then but I'm not sure how to find trolls. I have deleted comments from people I knew weren't friends and we're trying to sell stuff. Isn't it sad people put all of that time and energy into doing bad when you think of all the good they could do with that knowledge . I have been trying to make changes to the looks of my blog but my followers didn't show up in the preview so I was afraid to push the save changes button. I need a kid around the house to do this stuff for me!

    Cindy Bee

  27. Isn't it funny how our writing becomes our baby? You want everyone to love it as much as you do.

  28. Be sure and let me know if you see a "wolf" at my door. I very much appreciate my connection to you and other bloggers throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and beyond!

  29. Hello Miss B! I am sorry to hear that you've been getting some unfriendly traffic as of late. The trolls are definitely out there, and they do not grow weary of spreading their 'bad karma' (for lack of a better word). Rest assured that I am still me, and my blog is still mine, although it is sporadically updated. I have lots of fodder for a new post, but as it will be about gifts I've been making, I have to wait for those gifts to reach their recipients first!

    I think of you often - I have the photo you sent me of Bossy2 in her gorgeous pink and white hat up on my bulletin board behind my monitor at work, so when I need a break from Paid Employment I can gaze at Bossy2 and wonder what fashionable hat she is wearing today.

    Big hugs!!!!

  30. I am sorry to hear you had problems. Any tips on how to look for these kind of problems?

  31. Thanks for the advice. I will do a sweep this week. Best wishes in the new year...

  32. Hmmmm....those dang trolls. I guess I wouldn't even know if they showed up here. I shall be more vigilant.

  33. This is terrifying! I have never even heard about this type of thing! I would hate for trolls to get into my blog. Though I am still not 100% what trolls are or how they get into your blog or anything like that - I am not at all tech savvy!

  34. Being secure is so important and am always worried my blog is misbehaving! Take care of your security!

  35. B,

    Security is a number one thing which always needs to be taken care of.
    Friends will return, no worries.


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