Saturday, January 23, 2016

Night light and simple moments

The joys I have possessed are ever mine;
out of reach, behind eternity,
hid in the scared treasure of the past,
but blest remembrance brings them hourly back.
                      John Dryden

Toss, turn, toss turn. A night full of dreams that has her worry and fret hangs on. Worries, where there will be no control but her need to control. Rolling over she lies flat on her back. Her eyes flutter. There is so much light. Could she be in the city? It has to be, the street lights of the city are the only explanation for so much light. That city, where the street lights cast light into every window, every night. 

There are no sounds. Where are the traffic noises? Is it too early for commuters to venture out? Could everyone be sleeping but her?

Dark shadows trying to escape the light, dance on the walls only to add to the mystery, and those questions. It is difficult for her to get her bearings in this sleep deprived stupor. The curtains were left open. The girl from the country never likes to block out the night sky. She thinks that she recognizes that silence. A familiar sound creeps slowly down the hall. A humming refrigerator clicks on and soothes her. Her eyes open.

Beams of light crawl across the snow covered ground then up the bank that lies deep and high under her bedroom window. It then bounds through that window unstoppable. It runs across the walls of white only to pounce on her face. A girl that wants to sleep after a very busy week then realizes she is really me. This is not another dream. I jump out of bed to take in the beauty of the night.

A full moon hangs over the line of spruce trees. Beautiful tall trees that my younger brother helped plant so many years ago. The moons bright light illuminates that night sky, and stirs those memories of years gone by as I stare out the window. Unlike those uncontrollable dreams which I want to forget, those memories of him I want to hold tight to, try to fade. Bits and pieces once forgotten but now found are thrown unto to a huge pile that I continue to stitch together as carefully as I can. A growing pile of tapestries full of memories and stories, and my need to stitch stitch stitch.

A brother who if he was still here, would more than likely also stand in the snow outside shivering in slippers while taking advantage of this gift with all its finery. While the moon illuminates life in that moment, a speech given free long ago by a wise friend comes to mind. “It is not what is in our future that we should worry about. It is all about what we have today and to know how to take advantage of every simple moment. It does no good to worry about tomorrow.”

It is so beautiful out here. Night T, I will not forget. I know that it has always been about catching those simple moments, no matter when they come. They are the ones that last.



  1. So very true . I am always catching those simple moments be it at night like your moon shot very nice by the way or during the day it is these moments that make me smile and feel ever so happy , Nature fills my heart each and every day with wonder and awe ! Lovely post and photos ! Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  2. True. May the memories and joy always be with you.

  3. I too was hoping for enough snow to get out with my brand new snow shoes. Mission accomplished. If this snow stays put I will be a happy camper. Winter is not for wusses. Keep warm Buttons.

  4. That moon was so beautiful and bright last night, it casts it's light on the white snow and made everything look so magical. the stars also shone so brightly in the cold crisp air. I looked out the window too when I got up to my nightly mini trip. Those are special little moments to cherish because they are so very real.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Catching life's simple moments is what gives up peace and happiness. That's why I love my simple life here, as do you where you are. To know this is a gift, I think. Hugs, Inger

  6. Love this, Buttons! We had snow falling during the night! Clouds covered this very special moonlight! - xo Nellie

  7. I am glad you have lasting moments.

  8. This sounds like a dream, written down.

  9. I noticed the beautiful moonlight last night too.

    Keep warm and enjoying the moments you are blessed with. Thank you for sharing them. I love the way you write.


  10. A wonderful, almost ethereal, post.

  11. Beautiful reflection . . .
    Made evemore because of the full moon last night
    Where . . . oh why . . . is that brother who once helped plant spruce trees . . .

  12. Catch the moment and hold on tight! I saw the moon shining bright on the snow last evening when we were driving home from a grandson's performance. I was glad to be outside in the night enjoying that glow. We're linked by these moments to others we might not even know.

  13. The memories of my eldest son turn with these thoughts...:)

  14. I went hunting early this morning and the moon was so illuminating. It was amazing.

  15. There is certainly no use in worrying about tomorrow - tomorrow will take care of itself :)
    Hugs M xoxox

  16. This is so beautiful. I should really make more time to find the moments.

  17. It sounds like you have always surrounded yourself by wise people. :)

  18. i love the moon shot, i am going to check out your magazine right now. i am so behind. ( :
    have a lovely warm & cozy week, Buttons my friend.

  19. are you on your way yet with that tractor?! :)

  20. B,

    Love the gift we've been provided. The moon, stars, and beautiful cool weather provides us with the opportunity to feel the presence of our angels afar.

  21. Beautiful post. It has been so beautiful every night - I love to look up at the moon and all those brilliant stars.

  22. every part of each day is special, for different reasons!! our sunsets and full moons have been extraordinary!!! such a comforting read b, i enjoyed it!!!

  23. It is strange the moments that draw us to a memory of a loved one now gone. Thank you for sharing yours. I slept through the whole night last night until almost 8:00 - 9 hours!! But, the other full moon nights I was up late or early to enjoy the beauty of it on the white landscape. Have a blessed week and better sleep too!

  24. Very poetic - you write well!

    And congrats on the good report coming from the editor of Rural Mag, but why am I not surprised? :D



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