Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Something very different from me.

Poets utter great and wise things they do not themselves understand.


We are orphans
There is no one left to stop us
To tell us to slow down
Stay away from the water
The power of the lake will suck you down
Under a layer of thick ice you will slip
Finding your way back will be impossible
A life now gone
We are orphans

There is no one to save us
To pull us out
Of our own mistakes
Our own messes
Our own paths
We are orphans

Slow down, the ice will trip you
You’re going to fall, hold on
Don’t jump
Don’t cry
Don’t, don’t, don’t

Only silence
Swing higher
Run faster
Go to the edge
That is not the way it should be

The orphans run out onto the ice
They jump from the swing
Slide down the hill
Step into the traffic
Waiting for a voice
That never came
They are orphans

And that is the way it is
Don’t cry. 

Miss you Mom.


What do you think? 


  1. Lovely photos ! Glad you had fun that day ! Hey we are old enough to know better but still young enough not to care . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  2. What di I think? I think I love it! :D

  3. Even better are kids who are free to explore, discover, take risks, be themselves, have fun, and go home to loving and nurturing parents. (Maybe I missed something. I'm not a poet by nature. LOL) Love the photos!

  4. Your poem is beautiful. Mom's voice is still there even though I'm orphaned too. It stayed with me but not to the extend you described. My mom was more the praising kind and we had older kids to warn us of danger like of thin ice but all in all we were pretty free to play outdoors unlike today's kids who are plagued by danger everywhere. We were nature savvy.

    Have a great day Button.

  5. This touched me when you read it in class. Reading it again, and seeing the photos just brings joy, not sadness. Enjoy the time you have with your sisters. Your mom's voice will always be in your head, and so will your dad's, so you will never really be an orphan.

  6. We'll always miss our mom, want to share our day with her and we'll keep looking for her even though we know we'll need special eyes to see her. Nice work.

  7. The spirit and energy of youth and the guiding hands we come to expect to keep everything in check; stark is the contrast where guiding hands are absent.

    The complexity of poetry leaves each to many interpretations. Well done, friend.

  8. Hugs.
    And your mother's voice will always be a part of you. A part which reminds you, just as she did, to stay safe.

  9. A child learns from our actions not our words. YOU learned well!..:)JP

  10. The photos are beautiful, but more beautiful still are the words... and the emotions behind them. Please continue sharing your poetry with us. *hugs*

  11. It seems I've been an orphan for a long time. It doesn't get easier. But, I often still know what she'd tell me - it's stamped in my heart and mind. But, it's OK to cry. It's sad when the mom is gone.

  12. Great metaphor of being orphans and missing your mother's guidance. I think our mother's guidance says with us for a long time.

  13. We ARE the orphans . . .
    Well, well . . . you have added another layer of Buttons creativity . . .
    I thought this was reflective, real . . . very good . . .

  14. I like it. I knew right away you were writing about adult orphans, for I am one too.

  15. I liked your poem, I was an only child and lost both my parents by the time I was 37, it took me several years to adjust to being without either of them but after a bit I kind of enjoyed the orphan status as I could go anywhere without feeling guilty or lonely (no children of my own either) I do move along way from my roots as that moment of discovery. I miss my parents tons but they are everywhere in our home and of course in my head and heart...lovely photos Button.

  16. B,

    Very well written, and heart felt. I so understand the feeling. Now we (you and I) are considered the elders of the family. Beautiful tribute to your Mom, and I love your pictures.

  17. such a beautifully sad truth

  18. Isn't it great to play like a kid? You and your sisters were making memories at the park, not just reliving them.

  19. Really great and so different from your usual posts. These photos are really good also.

  20. Yes it is true. My Mom died 3 years ago and I still think that I can call her and of course I can't. We still have my Dad..Michelle

  21. poignant, and so very true. I am still processing the loss of my mom, this rings very true to me. Hugs my friend


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