Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Apparently, April 27th is Tell a Story Day.

 Who first invented work, and bound the free and holiday-rejoicing spirit down?
                                                             Charles Lamb

The first thing many of us do in the morning after we pour that first cup of coffee is to fire up our computers. Many of us head to our Facebook page. Personally, my first stop would be to our local newspaper to see what the world has been up to while I slept.

I suppose, the Facebook phenomena has mostly to do with a curiosity of wanting to know what went on last night in the lives of our friends, since we could not be there. It seems that I get up so early in the morning so there are not very many updates. If there were, I would know something “Really” big had happened while my friends should have been sleeping. If you think about it this is actually a very strange obsession. It is similar in some ways, to getting up in the morning, grabbing that coffee, pulling on a robe and then going over to your neighbours’ house. You would find a comfortable spot and then could be seen peering in the windows through the cracks in the drapes before they get up. Just a bit strange don’t you think?

While on Facebook I did notice that today is National Tell a Story Day. You can find a label for every day of the year I suppose, if you are so inclined to look for it. Facebook is great for providing those little important dates you know nothing about. According to the National Day calendar (yes there is such a thing, who knew?) this day is celebrated on October 27 in England, and in Scotland. Well, this day is one that appeals to me for a number of reasons. What a fantastic idea.

There is actually a website for those of you who are now as curious as I was, proving the fact that you can find anything on the internet. It is a site that I am not going to link to for many reasons.  If you needed an excuse to celebrate something in our sometimes lacking luster, mundane life this would the site for you. This site actually has an alphabetized list of days that you more than likely never knew existed. You can celebrate something, every day if you are so inclined. I am not going to complain about those important days that mean something, you know the ones. Breast Cancer, Alzheimer, and the many other wonderful and important days to be remembered. Nurse Day, Firefighter Day, and Grandparent Day are all great days to celebrate in my eyes.

I would never complain about any of those days. I do feel this need to point out that there are actually very offensive, at least to me, days here that I would not want to promote or even give any credence to. This is about those other National days that honestly crack me up. What do you think of National Bad Breath Day? How would you even celebrate that? I suppose you could walk into a restaurant, watch those Caesar salad eating customers and then hide the complimentary bowl of mints sitting near the cash.

Nap Day, oh yes, I am pretty sure your boss would love that one. Netflix Day was apparently on March 13th, I may have celebrated that one, but who needs a day especially in the winter? How about People who Tolerate Me Day? I think that is what Facebook is for, am I right? Pina Colada Day, Beer Day, Margarita Day and there is quite a hardy list of beverage days. I am pretty sure these would be very popular days but let us face it. Most of the people you, and I know that partake, do not need a day. Many a country song, prove this fact. Two Pina Coladas by Garth Brooks, It’s 5 clock Somewhere by Alan Jackson and I could go on and one but it is Tell a Story Day.

Well; I got nothin’, I will try again next year. I have noticed that you do find the strangest of things, in the strangest of places. I wonder if there is a National Day for that.

Tomorrow is National Denim Day I will be wearing jeans as usual. I could go on and on.



  1. It's crazy, some of the"official" days that can be celebrated! Today is"I hope it rains"day here!

  2. Well I'm one day out - I'm wearing jeans today!

    All the best Jan

  3. Wow Buttons ... I had no idea!! I guess I'd better get busy and come up with something :). You tell such great stories through your blog and other publications that I think almost every day is "Tell a Story Day" for you.

  4. Actually, you had something good: this thing about every day being a "something" day. I'd go for Nap Day, or Netflix Day. I like your other suggestions too. So, I'm declaring this "Buttons Day" because you do indeed deserve a day for all of the stories you've told, and will continue to tell. Hugs, C

  5. I always wondered about the origin of National days. In our city people apply to the Mayor to declare a special day.

  6. On FB it is always a, "special", day! lol

  7. Love your lighthearted tone to this post, Miss B. National *Fill in the Blank* Day is kind of fun. Every once in a while I catch such an announcement on the radio. There are some that really make me scratch my head.

    I'll share with you that is has been snowing all day. It started to accumulate mid afternoon and we have several inches of the white stuff! I'm glad the cows slowed down calving; I think J said we've had one baby today.

  8. Pretty sure that what you wrote constitutes a story, so you're good here.
    I'd never heard of tell a story day and I'll have forgotten again by next year.

  9. There is a Day for most things these days. Unfortunately I never what they are!
    I always look on Twitter for the news from overnight/on my phone. Hugs M xoxox

  10. A wonderful tale woven around a lot of celebrations.

  11. Thankfully for us, almost every day is Tell A Story Day in Buttons' Land! :)

  12. I wondered where people found out what the day's celebration was. And I suppose that's all I want to know. Thanks!


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