Friday, April 29, 2016


Change is an easy panacea.
It takes character to stay in one place and be happy there.
               Elizabeth Clarke Dunn

The other morning, I stood in the window and something caught my eye. A shadow in the west, created by the peak of the hen house now lay on the faded paint of the barn, which stands beside. The sunrise in the east was not visible to me. Ever since the change of time and season it now enters my world at a very different angle. That change would now require me to run outside to capture that moment, a moment I had enjoyed all winter long. This beautiful moment has continued to escape my eye since that change. The effort seemed to be too much. Change is sometimes a daunting thing, in all different aspects of our lives.

Take Bossy2, for instance, she used to love wearing hats and modelling for all of my readers and loved to entertain the children that came to the farm. The winter had always found her wearing my hand-knitted hats,and I have to say, showing off. Things changed when I did not venture out as much with those hats in the New Year. I have a feeling she probably felt a bit ignored. I tried to correct this when spring made its way back into our lives, but she was still holding onto a grudge. Possibly she felt abandoned by me, which was not true. Life gets in the way sometimes, and a change in our own lives may ultimately change someone else’s way of thinking. Most times it has nothing to do with them, and you did not even think about them, you were just trying to get through what entered your own life.

Bossy2 has always entertained us with her antics, making it difficult for others in the herd to get noticed. Now it was to be Red’s time to jump into the spotlight. She would wear the hats I brought while Bossy2 looked on from afar. Red was certainly filling in well. I felt bad and hoped Bossy2 would come back around eventually.

One day, a tiny visitor came to the farm, and I had promised him cows wearing hats. As per usual I walked right up to Bossy2 and asked if she would like to wear my hat. She did not protest, so I placed it on her head. The little visitor was thrilled. It was not for the reason you may think. He was thrilled that the hat was tossed into the mud, bringing a squeal of delight and I swear a smile, from Bossy2. It was my ball cap so the mud was not funny to me, but I had to forgive her. The next week we had another visitor and the same thing happened, Bossy2 tossed my hat into the mud and this little girl also squealed with delight. I picked up that hat and put the muddy thing back on my head. Bossy2 was punishing me, or was she just entertaining the young ones? I had no idea.

The last couple of weeks Bossy2, Red and I have been getting reacquainted. Bossy seems to have forgotten those feelings of abandonment. Red, now worried about being second place once again, has been making sure that they both get equal screen time.

Change is inevitable in all aspects of our lives, and we honestly have to choose the way we deal with it. Bossy2 and I have figured that out.



  1. Change is hard. Sometimes it makes me want to toss my proverbial hat into the mud, too.

  2. Change is never easy ... although some do appear/seem to do it with ease!
    Life in general is how we deal with it, and we do it to the best of our ability.

    I always like seeing your hat!

    All the best Jan

  3. so cute. she was just being entertaining. ;)

  4. She looks so beautiful in that hat!

  5. I love the new spring hat!

  6. Cows are funny that way. I have a friend whose milk cow wanted a pink halter. No other colour would do. Glad things are getting back on track for you - and Bossy 2!

  7. I like this post a lot Buttons. You've used humour to make a great point, that change can affect others as much as it affects us. And by the way, you have quite the hat collection!

  8. You couldn't have timed this post better (for me, anyway) and I thank you. *hugs*

  9. Bossy2, Red and your other girls are so lucky that you share your hats with them, and they can delight your young visitors by either wearing or tossing the hats in the mud! A lovely story that highlights that change is not always easy, but sometimes, it can help us take life a little less seriously, which is good for cows and people! Great story, as usual.

  10. We like to think that we train animals. In my case animals train me. I suspect Bossy 2 did some training on you! I like bossy 2's character.

  11. Sounds like you reached a wonderful compromise.

  12. Girls are looking good.
    Hope you are well.
    Hugs M xoxox

  13. oh how i have missed seeing the girls and their hats! Change is great for our mind and bodies means we are willing to learn!!

  14. I'm not a fan of change. I cope when it's inevitable, but it isn't easy. While things are re-settling, I tend to hide away from people until I feel stable again.

  15. Change can be difficult but also it can be exciting. "Change is as good as a holiday" Change is supposed to be good for making our brain work better. e.g. One shouldn't walk the same route everyday. It is good to try and do things in reverse sometimes. Embrace change, Buttons, Red and Bossy 2.

  16. Love your images today especially that last one. As we get older, it seems harder to accept change.

  17. From the moment we are born change is inevitable in our lives and it is how we deal with it that is important.
    When my mum and dad and I first left the farm and came to the city when I was 6 change was a large part of our lives as we lived in 8 different rented houses over 14 years until mum and dad built a house. I guess I got used to change.
    Phil and I have now lived where we are for 42 years and I think they'll have to finally carry us out as neither of use want to leave our little cottage and our untidy garden. I guess it will eventually have to happen but it is a moment to be put off as much as we possibly can.
    So glad Bossy2, Red and yourself are all good again. Hugs.


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