Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring Expectations

In eastern lands they talk of flowers,
and tell in a garland their loves and cares.
                  James Gates Percival

Snuggled under a down duvet and lingering just a bit longer this Saturday, I listen to the birds chirping outside the window. The faint sound of a bawling calf off in the distance echoes through the morning. Could that be coffee? 

Oh yes, My Hero, who has been up for a while now, and no doubt looking out the window enjoying the view, knows how to get me out of bed in the morning. I throw back the duvet and the chill of the air holds that first sign of the real spring. The woodstove is not going. That beautiful warm day yesterday had lulled us into a false sense of comfort.

Oh yes, yesterday my hands were buried in the dirt. A flower bed that has been neglected and ignored since those first snowfalls came. The rake slid over the remnants of dead grass and dead sedum branches. The new sprouts of I would like to say flowers and plants pushed through the cold dirt. I would like to say flowers and plants, but honestly at that stage of the season I really had no idea. You see when our daughter had her wedding here I had planted all kinds of perennials. 

Well, it appears since I am not an awesome or knowledgeable gardener like I had always hoped to be, it has been brought to my attention that some of those plants were bi-perennials. Last year most of my plants had not emerged from that cold wet ground. I assumed I had killed them.

The thistle plants, oh yes I know them, I had to pull on gloves and pull and dig, they were tough little guys to extract. The sweet smell of lavender perked my senses and I smiled. I jumped back out of the garden. I had no idea where that smell was coming from. Was I stepping on them? There was nothing under foot except more thistle and some emerging buds, I did hope they were weeds but who really knows.

That was yesterday and the day did not end there. It seems the warmth and beauty of a for real spring day will get you into all kinds of trouble. It will make you think all things are possible and you will work and work without thinking about the next day when you have to get up.

You see, after the garden was emptied of I do hope weeds and winter debris I had a crazy idea jump into my head. After washing and washing the dirt from under my fingernails I was pumped to accomplish more on this beautiful spring day. All the windows of the house were opened to let the fresh air in. I jumped into the clothes closets. That is the first step if you have grand ideas of painting bedrooms and such. See what I mean it never stopped.

Now with a car full of donations, hands still stained with dirt, and a room empty of clothes and now waiting for paint swatches to be taped to the walls in anticipation I jump out of bed. Ouch, it seems that spring hurts. Maybe I did jump a little too hard into spring. “Pace yourself” would have been some good advice. I probably would not have listened.

This Saturday morning I smile while sipping coffee and layered in fleece sitting at the window where the birds sing, calves bawl and my mind runs through a list of spring things to accomplish. Thoughts of a mix of pretty weeds and flowers float in my head because there is no use kidding myself. My idea of garden pretty always ends up a bit different than most, and I am OK with that.



  1. Amazing how the energy hits, things are accomplished
    and also amazing how we FEEL IT the next day!
    Enjoy that coffee and time with "Mister Buttons" . . .

  2. right there with you. Yesterday was the siren call of spring after a winter that just wouldn't go away.
    We really don't have to get everything done in one day.

  3. I feel your aches! I have such bursts of activity and then I pay for it the next day. Good thing for aspercreme! Happy Spring to you two! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Your pictures are lovely. I got fooled too, thought spring was here yesterday and woke up to a frosty 22F this morning. I replied to your reply on your last post.

  5. The sunshine is almost deceiving as to the actual temperature outside these early spring days. We had frost again this morning and that wind from the northeast is so very cold and raw. It's exciting to see the new plants emerge and although I have metal plant markers on all mine the ink has faded and I can't read them now. I'll have to re-write on them as I try to recall each plant! Enjoy this spring weekend. xx Pam

  6. Big smiles of rueful reminiscence. And a hip which is still reminding me that I SHOULD have paced myself.

  7. dirt and fresh growth - even weeds - is renewing. :)

  8. Spring can often lull us into a false sense of security ...
    I did enjoy looking at your photo's.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend

    All the best Jan

  9. I don't need spring to do those sort of things. It all starts with a little burst of energy and off I go......all day from one thing to another! Oh yes.....I pay for it the next day, but oh it was worth it!

  10. Is that Queen Anne's Lace mixed in with the thistles? It's so pretty.
    I'd love a mixed flower bed again, I used to plant them in the Eastern States when I lived there, but here in South Australia a lot of areas have unsuitable soil and/or too much hot north/west exposure, like mine.
    I'm guilty of jumping in too fast too soon also and pay for it the next few days with creaks and groans.

  11. Gardens are a lot of work and you have to learn so much about plants. That's why I keep my garden simple.

  12. Thistles we don't often see down here even in the country but they do have a nice flower.
    Hugs M xox

  13. My idea of a garden is different from most, too - but I get such pleasure when I see things blooming. Do you have foxglove already? I've tried to grow that for years and can't seem to get it past the first planting. Sounds like your spring (and spring cleaning) are in full swing. We've gotten about 2' of snow in 3 days, so our spring is on hold for now.

  14. Like the flowers in the beds people too are popping up. It seems that this delicious warm weather has drawn folks out of their winter quarters. People wandered from yard to yard sharing stories about the plans for their lawns and flower beds. What a difference a few degrees makes. I look forward to seeing your flowers.

  15. Can I tell you how much I love thistles? I used to pull them, but their beauty overcame me after awhile. And the bees LOVE them!

  16. One of these days your spring will finally be there to stay, I promise!! I think ours has finally arrived, so yours can't be far behind! It will be fun to see what all comes up in your flower gardens!

  17. I know the feeling of jumping into spring too hard. Another pleasant read.

  18. I really have no problem with weeds, most of my yard is filled with them.

  19. Most weeds are so pretty - looks as though your world is brightening up, ready for full-fledged spring!


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