Thursday, April 21, 2016

With a feather in her cap, she will continue to march to a different beat.

Knowest thou not,
thou canst not move a step on this earth without finding some duty to be done,
and that every man is useful to his kind,
by fact of his existence?
                                              Thomas Carlyle                         

1- The other day, my sisters and I filled a cemetery with bubbles as we celebrated the life of a strong woman who enjoyed the simple things in life, and never stopped laughing or loving. Luckily, our Mom has passed those gifts on to us along with that bit of silliness, and we thank her every day. One year full of so much sadness floated away with those bubbles, surrounded by that laughter. This was the turning point I needed to get back to where I wanted to be, where I need to be.

2- The winter was long, and I have to admit I had let it defeat me. The heartbreak of watching too many people that I love suffer, and then be defeated by a disease that the mere mention of the word “cancer” makes me sick to my stomach. A blown out knee, a rational fear of ticks carrying Lyme disease, and probably a slight addiction to Netflix kept me away from the thing that has actually kept me sane (relatively) for my entire life. Today, I decided, to smash that fear, endure that pain, and come to terms with the loss of too many people that I love in such a short time, and never forget them. With any luck at all, I will also kick or at the very least postpone that addiction to Netflix, to find my own brand of humour again. I hit the trail.

3- There were some things that I had forgotten, and they hit me as soon as I stepped out of that tractor, and walked into the center of massive maples and fragrant pines. I had forgotten all about the smell. A rich earthy smell that has always penetrated my senses and soothed my soul. Unfortunately, I had also forgotten to remove my bifocals before I ventured into that very sunny, uneven ground, remember to duck under those branches, and prickly ash scratching bushes. Let me just say that required some getting used to, but I did it.

4- I believe from my own experiences that no matter what I was going through, that there will always be something to grab hold of, something that will pull me back to where I need to be. Those little things that had lain unnoticed and possibly stomped underfoot will suddenly bring a smile and finally be acknowledged.  I then know I have to grab it, hold it tight and appreciate and remember what life is really all about and why we are here.

The light of the sun danced across the ground. It cast shadows from the trees and the light played with those flowers of spring that were trying their best to push through the winter debris. Oh, it was absolutely gorgeous. It was just what a girl needing a little boost up had to see to get over her mountain.

5- A girl, who once again, may be seen marching through the bush with a turkey feather stuck in her version of a spring bonnet. Unfortunately, for the creatures of the forest, she will probably be singing at the top of her lungs, out of tune, while she hikes amongst the trees. She will understand that she may indeed be different than other people, but that is not a bad thing. She will continue to march to her own drummer and not worry about what others think.

Thanks, Mom, I promise to keep marching and never forget that. I am back.

Joining Theresa at Good Fences and Nancy at Random Five Friday. Thank you, my friends.



  1. Beautiful

  2. So thankful for spring and the renewal and growing that we can experience too! Lovely post and photos!

  3. Hello Buttons, what a lovely post. I try to think of the happy memories and times with those who have passed on. I would think those we have lost would want us to be happy, shine and smile on. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. Always march to the tune of your own drummer---keep it up. I find going up into the mountains close to where we live is always uplifting to me. Hope you put behind you all the loss and suffering that have preceded you and just keep the good memories--wrap them around your heart. Miss me but let me go!

  5. As long as you are alright. Good to have a giggle with your bubbles, life goes on.
    Have fun my friend and enjoy your life the best you are able.
    Hugs M xox

  6. Being different is most certainly NOT a bad thing. Be yourself, tramp through the woods and sing, blow bubbles as often as you need to, enjoy life once again.

  7. Wonderful....we do have years or at least times that we are drifting, lost or just not heading where we should be. If you have the strength inside you [often given by a strong parent or influence] you do come back! I am glad your back and I can see the bubbles....God Bless your Mother!

  8. Oh this post is so wonderful ~ I have been isolating with Netflix and Tom Selleck DVDs ~ I get out in nature but not nearly enough lately ~ thank you and your Mom for inspiration to get out more and see Nature's gifts ~ Wonderful and creative photos!

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  9. love your bouquet of spring flowers cap! and the plucky feather stuck in it. keep marching, girl!

  10. Thank YOU, for that heartfelt and inspiring post.

  11. I'm so glad to have you back; your mother would be proud and I am grateful. *hugs*

  12. Wonderful images as always!

  13. What a sweet and heartfelt post. I know your mom would be proud of you.

  14. Anniversaries bring back memories. It's good that you've found a way to move on from your grief.

  15. Back to the bush. Just what you and all of us needed.

  16. buttons, i want to hug you...what a beautiful post and #1 makes my heart happy for you and your sister. take care sweet b!

  17. This was just what I needed to read this morning. Your post was a lovely dose of encouragement. I'm glad you were refreshed and revived, ready to face each new day that comes your way.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  18. I'm sorry for your loss. It sounds like you are on the right path to rejuvenate.

  19. What a Life Affirming Post . . . Such a Journey YOU have had . . Thank You for sharing . . .
    and, welcome home . . .

    love & love,

  20. Today it is raining and that rain will bring out more beauty in the bush for you to enjoy.

  21. Beautiful post. A lovely tribute to your loved ones and to yourself. March on!!!!!

  22. Grace girl ... I am happy for you : )
    That smell in the woods was something that wrapped me in such a deep feeling of appreciation of nature it is almost indescribable .. I miss it .. it saved my sanity as a girl and totally addicted me to the woods. I am so thankful for that experience and appreciation way before it became "cool" to do so ... love the feather ... keep it going ! LOL
    We just had a spot of rain .. mom nature needs it here ... phew !

  23. I love the smell of the earth. We only get it here after a good rain and we don't get a good rain very often. Today is a year since Errol passed. I know your sorrow as you know mine. Writing about in has helped and I know it helps you also. I so love the story of the red chair you sent last year. My mom lives in my heart and she is not moving out of there. I still talk to her almost every day. Sending hugs.

  24. I am happy you have found your center again B. Enjoy your walks in the bush!

  25. It looks like your sister, bubbles and spring have worked some magic for you. Glad to hear the fog has lifted. Nice pics too.

  26. I am glad you are finding your happy again. I feel your pain, as I watch my mother go through the evil cancer & even worse, the poison that they are giving her for it. {{hugs}}

  27. Great post to read ...
    Keep marching on ...
    Forward we go ...

    I do like your photo's.

    All the best Jan


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