Sunday, May 29, 2016

A critter tourist attraction

Avoid popularity; it has many snares, and no real benefit.
                                             William Penn

Our house has turned into a critter magnet. Cute little critters, the kind that usually reside elsewhere, appear to be very interested in being part of our daily routine. Early mornings, around here have turned into a game of mystery, mixed with excitement for sure.

Take this innocent looking groundhog for instance. We have not seen a groundhog around here for about ten years. Coyotes love groundhog (if you know what I mean).We, indeed have many coyotes. The groundhog is not necessarily a farmer’s best friend. They love to dig holes anywhere, and everywhere. Yes, holes in hay fields where fast moving tractors with drivers are thrown about the cab if you are not wearing your seatbelt. In the old days, before we had cabs on our tractors you would nearly be thrown off the tractor when the front tire dropped into a hole. This is true, and very scary, this I know from my own experience. Cows also are not a big fan of the groundhog. There have been many twisted ankles and one broken leg that had resulted from hidden groundhog holes around this farm. Why is he coming to our house now?

My Hero says that early this morning while I slept, I missed the raccoon that sat behind our house. Very, very close to our house, and apparently on a mission, or something. Could this raccoon be looking for the same thing that the groundhog was looking for? Could there be treasure under our house? 

So many questions come to mind. Possibly or maybe simply, we are the newest tourist attraction, written up in all those tourist books for critters as the coolest place to visit.

There is the black squirrel with the white patches that looks like a Dalmatian but I have yet to get a photo of him/her. It may just be old and the grey is now emerging, it was grey last year too. There is a skunk that comes to visit most evenings. Unusual probably not, but all during the same few week is an unusual activity for sure. I have to believe that there is some kind of explanation.

Turkey vultures are circling over our house as I write this. The crows are being attacked by the blackbirds and the chipmunks run side by side with the squirrels. I have no idea what is happening around here.

This is very strange and I will have to get to the bottom of this activity. After all, someone is pocketing a lot of money on this tour. It is not me, and that is for sure.
I will be taking a few days off to get to the bottom of this mystery. See you all soon.



  1. How lucky you are.
    Critters which I can only read about visiting you. Regularly.
    Your ground hogs probably dig smaller holes than our wombats though.

  2. Sounds like the wild life there knows something you don't lol ! Hope it all settles down soon . Thanks for sharing Lovely photos . Have a good week !

  3. haha. you must have gotten good reviews on yelp. :)

  4. Love this quote:

    "Avoid popularity; it has many snares, and no real benefit."
    William Penn

    I am amazed at the wildlife that comes so close to your house!

  5. Good luck with this mystery activity! Sounds like our farm! We recently had some trouble with groundhogs setting up, "housekeeping", in our barn.

  6. Enjoy your critters . As you say you haven't seen a groundhog for ten years. I haven't seen a groundhog since the early 80's.

  7. Maybe this is your opportunity to write a good novel, maybe like a sequel to "the Birds" only with 4 legged critters. This could be your chance to become Rich AND Famous!

  8. If groundhogs are looking for treasure, there must be a windfall under our fields!! Maybe we need some of your coyotes to come help us with the problem,'cause our dogs aren't interested in earning their keep! :)

  9. That was us last year. Wayward skunks and packrats. Hope you find out what is drawing them in. Perhaps they are looking for love?

  10. That was us last year. Wayward skunks and packrats. Hope you find out what is drawing them in. Perhaps they are looking for love?

  11. Interesting to read that they have been coming to your farm.
    Hugs M xox

  12. They've probably all heard of your hat making skills and would all love to have warm ears next winter.

  13. Lovely photo's those critters provided though!
    Enjoy your few days.

    All the best Jan

  14. It could be that the critters have heard you make hats for the cows and they want a souvenir hat from this tourist attraction. Or, because we have had summer start early, they want to beat the rush and check out your place early. Either way, it is a good mystery and I am sure you and your Hero will figure it out. Enjoy your sleuthing time.

  15. Maybe they are running away from somewhere not friendly or an impending disaster. Just a thought. They found a good place to run to!

  16. Grace girl you have me wondering what is going on too !
    I hope you get to the bottom of this .. and maybe your rightful commission for the animal tourist attractions!!
    I'm rooting for you : ) LOL
    Take care !


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