Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bird Tales

Even when the bird walks we see that it has wings.
                           Antoine-Marin Lemierre

My days have been filled with many bird sightings lately. This turkey vulture sitting on top of our bluebird house was not what we had in mind, as far as providing homes for birds. He sat and watched us let the cows over into the new pasture.

Our bluebirds are indeed back but they are very clever so to get a good photo is difficult for me. The new houses, they deemed not suitable, have now been occupied by families of tree swallows. Barn swallows have built their mud houses under the soffit of the chicken coop. It looks like it is a great year for the birds around this farm. I must tell you that a particularly friendly and helpful bird has captured our imaginations and our hearts this week.

Fence-building can be a lonely job, especially so, if it is in the middle of the bush and your helper bails on you. That fence still needs to be built so you have no choice but to continue on, alone. Some people wonder if we are ever really alone in this world today. I have never believed that we were, and this gives me more proof of that.

My Hero had spent two days in the bush on the weekend rebuilding a section of cedar rail fence. It happens to lie in front of our best clover and alfalfa hay field. I had other commitments so basically I only brought him a lunch. When I brought him back his lunch, he had an interesting story to share.

My Hero works very hard, and usually, when I bring back those lunches I notice the exhaustion on his face, I expect this. On Saturday, when he finally did turn around and realized I had stood and watched him for a while I could see a huge smile come over his face. He pointed to the fence-line in the bushes and said, “Look.” Well, I came over and I could see absolutely nothing. “Right there” he points, once again to those bushes. Still nothing, so I walked over closer and there she sat. It was a beautiful well-camouflaged partridge. I smiled and then I wondered why it was not flying off. In my experience, these are very skittish birds and rarely stand still. Most times, they will fly up from the bushes while you are hiking bringing on a near heart attack due to the fright. This has been my only experience with these birds.

This particular partridge, apparently, had been hanging around with him for two days. The first day she would run the rails to follow My Hero from one end of the fence to the other. She would sit near him and come right up to him. The next day, My Hero had moved from one section of the fence to the other section further down in the field, and she had still found him. The noise of the backhoe must have acted like a signal to let her know where he had run off to. This partridge was either training to be his supervisor or had taken a liking to this hard-working man. 

Either way, I will go back today to see if she likes me, as much as she likes him while My Hero is at his day job.

Joining my friend Theresa at Good Fences today. Check it out. HERE. 

My friend Eileen believes my Partridge is actually a Ruffled Grouse and I do believe she is right. She is an expert in birding. Thank you, Eileen.



  1. What a neat story! How sweet of her to follow him around. I wonder if she's actually been watching you both for a while, and only just now got brave enough to show her face?!

  2. You see the neatest things out in your fields. Thanks for sharing your bird tales with us.

  3. I love it when birds follow unexpectedly :) Perhaps she's hoping for cedar shavings for a nest?
    I remember a pair of crows following from tree to tree one summer each time I walked home from the cinema instead of catching the bus.

  4. How absolutely lovely to know that a partridge can recognise good people too. Thank you. I am smiling a lot here.

  5. What a beautiful tale of the partridge.
    Hugs M xox

  6. What a great story and I'm sure Miss P was good company for your Hero.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. Hello, wonderful birds and sightings. It is also great you have your very own hero. I would have thought your partridge was a Ruffed Grouse, but I am not expert on birds. I just like to watch them. Great story and photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

    1. Hi Eileen and thank you I do believe you are right and you are certainly more of a bird expert than I. Hug B

  8. oh, i love it. so very cool!!

  9. It seems the bird likes the company too! How wonderful & I hope it stays around!

  10. What a delightful post and fantastic photos ~ love the birds and fence ~ you definitely have some 'character' birds ~ you are blessed with your Hero and sweet birds visiting ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  11. It's nice to have a distraction when you're doing a tough job. My guess is that there's a nest in the area.

  12. Lovely post. I think that is so neat about the partridge spending time watching your husband as he worked on the fences. The turkey vulture is an interesting bird and those bluebirds sure are pretty.

  13. Between nature and your husband's finds, does not get much better.

  14. How sweet! Your Hero is lucky to have such company!

  15. How sweet. I agree with Red's comment...maybe there is a nest in the area.

  16. What a neat find! You never know what you might see when you are out in nature. I'm glad you and your Hero took time to notice the partridge.

    Hope you get the fence finished up with good luck.

  17. You are never alone in the woods, are you? Neato!

  18. Buttons,

    How awesome to have a bird follow your hero while he works.

  19. I love the partridge! I have never seen a turkey vulture up close in the flesh before. They are so ugly!

  20. Uh oh, competition. Watch out! :) so cute how some animals attach themselves to us for awhile, then off they go.
    This little one is his cheer leader!

  21. Yes, there could well be a nest nearby!
    Enjoyed your post, thank you.

    Happy Weekend Wishes

    All the best Jan

  22. Grace, I barely know one bird from another but loved this post...I can envision her as she watches your husband. Perhaps she has a nest with young close by?


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