Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Canadian May 2-4

It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition.
                                                               Henry James

Yesterday while cutting the lawn I was wearing my winter parka with a hoodie. I was watching dandelion heads fly as they tried to duck, but with the cold their reflexes had obviously slowed. They knew that even without their heads, they would once again regenerate and be back when the warmth returned hopefully in a few days.

The sun, shining through the window that early morning combined with the heat of a smouldering hastily lit fire the night before in the woodstove confused my judgement of clothing choices for the upcoming day. The warmth inside lulled me into believing it was also warm outside. You may have possibly like I did pull on capris and a light top, looked in the mirror and were happy that you could now wear less clothing.

As soon as I stepped out the door onto the step into the biting north winds I spun around to start pulling on more layers and a coat I had packed away. Over the course of the day, I peeled off layer by layer while going about my day until night time found me once again wearing flannels and starting up that woodstove again.

Yes, it is that time of year again. May 2-4 weekend or also called Victoria Day is a tradition we all look forward to. There will be people outside enjoying this great country we live in, no matter the weather.

I should explain my choice of the title for this story. It is actually a day to celebrate a loved Queen’s birthday from long ago, Queen Victoria. To many Canadians, it has everything to do with a long weekend that falls on or around the 24th of May every year and a great weekend to celebrate. It possibly may involve a 24 pack of beer. It may involve happy people who will huddle around a campfire celebrating. The first long weekend of the year when we can celebrate that our winter is over.

It will involve those truly tough Canadians, those who will head up north to cottage country to live in tents, or if you are lucky a cottage. To wear layer upon layer of flannel and fleece and battle massive swarms of black flies, as big as our Loonie leaving them to scratch all night long. Those, who remembered to bring their armour to battle these beasts, will smell funny while empty cans of bug spray fill those garbage containers.

This is the weekend we have all been waiting for. It has always led to exciting times.

In my case, however, I will also be wearing layer upon layer of flannel and fleece but will no doubt peel off layer by layer as the day goes on. I will also be sneezing while wearing my armour to hold off those beasts as big as our Loonie. The big difference for me would be that while others are all bundled up hiking in the wilderness, possibly boating on a lake and possibly partaking of those 24’s of beer, and loving every moment of gathering with friends and family to celebrate this great Canadian tradition. I will be found deep in the wilderness, holding up fence rails while repairing fence with My Hero. Our cows are excited too. They love May 2-4 weekend. It is the tradition on this farm to let them over to the new pasture next door.

Be safe and enjoy every moment my fellow Canadians. Don’t forget your bug armour and Please remember don’t drink and drive.



  1. Great photos of the cows running through the pasture. It looks like a good weather weekend for the most part here and hopefully warmer than the past few days. I'm glad the black flies aren't bad at our house as they adore me and drive me crazy. Have a super holiday weekend building fences and playing with the cows. Hugs. Pam

  2. I enjoyed this post and your photo's too.
    Have a good holiday weekend, it will be here soon!

    All the best Jan

  3. Great photos Buttons . . .
    Enjoy your "Fence Post Happening" with your hero as you celebrate Vuctoria Day, your way!
    (Sometimes it is more fun to be home, away from the crowds, black flies and the 24 beers!)

  4. Oops,
    Victoria Day . . .

  5. I hope you have a happy Victoria weekend. Without too much adding and subtracting of layers.
    Those big black flies would have me huddled inside with doors and windows locked to keep them out.

  6. You day sounds wonderful. Productive, and shared with someone you love. Hard to beat that.

  7. Black fly season always sounds so dreadful to me. I must be tired because it took me a while to figure out that the animal in the first picture was a cow, not a white dog trying to get into a little wooden shed!

  8. Going to be a weekend of work. Maybe some gardening. I've hauled the bin of summer duds out of the spare closet but haven't unpacked anything yet.

  9. I hope you have a great weekend...and may you soon be able to put away the flannels and extra layers! It's sounding quite familiar...same weather here! Happy pasturing to the girls!

  10. I know you will enjoy your version of the celebration. Have fun!

  11. Like you, it's been a long time since I went out and camped on the May long weekend. Too many times I camped in snow!

  12. The weather in between, all seasons in one day near enough.
    The flies - oh gosh, they will need hats with corkscrews attached to string :) just kidding not many wear those hats here at all these days.
    Your cows - the grass is greener over the fence, may they enjoy.
    Happy times there on your farm - Hugs M xox

  13. Love your cows. I bet they are looking forward to the move into different pastures. May all of your work go smoothly.


  14. B,

    Happy Victoria Day!!! Don't work to hard.

  15. Happy holiday to you, Buttons! It certainly is a time when looks can be deceiving - the sun may be out, but its warmth has not quite reached us.

  16. For some reason, don't know why, I love, love to see cows and calves running. They are so cute! It was freezing here this morning too as I went out early to clear some debris so the tractor man could come and do his thing, cutting down the weeds. He's wonderful, doing such a great job! Thanks for the Happy Cow pictures, my friend.

  17. Hope you two and the cows have a great long weekend!

  18. Have a wonderful holiday!

  19. This is a lovely piece of writing! Enjoy the week-end! xo Nellie

  20. How wonderful even the cows get to celebrate! Our weather has been like that, I had to pull out a sweater and jeans to wear to lunch with a friend. I guess I'm anxious to get into shorts and tank tops again.

  21. Miss B.,
    I am with you on the early morning layer and layer-by-layer removal. I washed and put away my heaviest snow pants and coats. I still have a pair of lighter snow pants and medium weight coat readily accessible. I was surprised at an early morning temp of 58*. The strong wind still has me in a hooded sweatshirt on an 80* afternoon.

    Good luck with your fencing project. Enjoy the extra day with your Hero.
    I like your cattle pictures.


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