Thursday, May 12, 2016

Courtesy advice from Grandma

Real work lies in knowing how to wait.
                              John Milton

So, it has been awhile since I have been here, and I do know that this is very rude.  There are a few important things that my Grandma taught me that come to mind this morning. “When you start something you should finish it.” “When people are expecting you to be there always show up, or at the very least let them know you cannot make it”, “Never be intentionally rude’, and lastly, “Play nice”.

I must tell you, I have been busy. That is what I have always told everyone, and though it may very well be true, it is not an excuse. I have been busy for as long as I can remember but had still managed to get a blog post on here. I am not sure about the quality of the post though. Some of my earlier posts (when I look back now) are grammar and punctuation lacking, but I must believe, full of heart. I will not go back to change them, they were a journey that I needed to travel to prove to myself that I could do something different, and stick with it. I have stuck with this writing/blogging thing for over five years now. I still want to keep going, it has become a huge part of who I am.

So, what have I been up to, I am sure you are wondering? Well,technical difficulties started to enter my world when I downloaded Windows 10. FREE, that word is tricky, and that word was probably the only reason I clicked the download button. Windows 10, and I had a little bit of a rough start, but we did manage to overcome. Our relationship blossomed over time as we tried to get to know each other better, just as it should happen in any new relationship. It had quirks, but honestly so do I, so I overlooked them while I hoped he overlooked mine. That seemed to have worked wonderfully, for quite a while. “Ignorance is bliss” another Grandma saying. We wandered along getting very familiar with each other and I skirted around asking those questions I did not really want to know the answer to. A relationship “Big no no”, I can see that clearly now.

These problems have been more to do with my photos, and I, like most of you, am very protective of my photos. Windows 10 had a duel with a program I loved. Windows 10, being a bully, kicked my easy to love program out, and now I am left trying to get them back together. Much like in real life, I did learn that you cannot make others like each other, just because you get along. Chemistry and other things come into play here, I think.

So my friends, while I was battling with Windows 10, and hoping to make him be more willing to except my way of thinking, and play nice with my friends I have in turn ignored all of you. Yes, there you have it. Grandma was right. I am rude. I have also been busy trying to play nice, just like my Grandma had taught me.

Another quick note: I am truly busy here on the farm. It is that time of year after all. Even without juggling all this relationship stuff, my time has been stretched. So there you have it. I will be back. I have quite a few good stories piled up, and now I am waiting to see if Windows 10 approves. I love it here. My apologies, and thank you for holding on.



  1. I still have Windows Vista...and I'm sure it's getting way out of date, but I've heard similar stories like yours about Windows 10. Eric's laptop that he bought for college has Windows 10 on it, and he had lots of glitches at first. Ugh...hope you get your relationship under control! :) I am sooooooo technologically challenged!

  2. I haven't downloaded Windows 10 even though they bug me EVERY SINGLE TIME I open my computer. That in itself is annoying. But no one better mess with my photos. :-) Hope you have a great day there.

  3. I'm so sorry for all the issues you've had with Windows 10 and your photos. Playing around with computers is a challenge at times and I wouldn't have a clue what to do if my hubby wasn't here to help me. I hope you figure it all out. Yes, it is a busy time of year on farms and also with outdoor work and gardening, so we bloggers may have to be excused due to that. I totally understand. I haven't been around much either. Take care and we'll be here when you return. Hugs. Pam

  4. So...windows10 is cheating on me and causing havoc with other kind, trusting bloggers. He came into my life though a new laptop. I didn't even go seeking him out. I should have stuck to my instincts that he was a no good dirty rotten scoundrel.

  5. I think we who read your wonderful blog posts understand how busy you are. I know I look forward to thenext post...God bless and stay safe. Windows 10 took out a friends entire system...the install was free but the recovery took a trip to their local computer guy!

  6. Oh Buttons, I REALLY hear you when it comes to technical stuff. If I didn't have my technical spouse, I would be in a whole world of trouble. Good luck. I hope you have it all sorted out. In a moment of weakness, I recently agreed to get a Fitbit which I now can't get synced up with my phone. I guess they don't like one another either!

  7. Sorry to hear about your issues with Windows 10 ...hope all gets sorted.

    Just take care

    All the best Jan

  8. We haven't yet succeeded in loading Windows 10 - and I am in no hurry.
    You are not, not, not rude - and it is always a joy to see your posts.
    I hope in your busy life you find some fun too.

  9. I keep it simple with my iMac. Sorry you have had to go through this and don't worry....we will all be waiting when you are back in your normal gear.

  10. I haven't downloaded windows 10....and don't want to!

  11. I'm waiting for more of your comments on windows 10. I have to go there someday and will need a lot of help.

  12. I smiled with your Windows 10 story.
    I've had it awhile now and do like it, expect for the photo part of it.
    Solved that.
    Hugs M xox

  13. Dont stress because you can't blog sometimes. It makes it all the more exciting when you pop up. I've heard many complain about windows 10. I'm still developing my relationship with Apple. he keeps wanting me to upgrade but I don't want the hassle of what you are going through.

  14. Windows 10 is a bully. There are several things now I either cannot do or must do differently from when I had Windows 7. But I'm used to it now, as much as I'll be used to anything that constantly upgrades and changes. I still miss Windows 98 and Windows XP. But life moves on and so does Windows.

  15. Hello, you do not have to apologize for being busy. I keep seeing that Window 10 thingy pop up on my computer, I am afraid to make the change. I always love your hat wearing cows. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  16. Grace girl ... "Free" is how they fish you in and wowzzer it is so not worth it .. Garden PA tried it and had a blue cloud over him for .. hum .. days ? weeks? he warned me if I wanted to keep what is left of my mind do NOT download it .. so I paid attention to him (unusual but it happens ? haha) ... and kept it at bay even though it constantly tried to woo ? me ..
    Hope all is well now with your pictures .. I understand you must be VERY busy ... take your time and do what is right for YOU!
    Take care dear heart !
    Joy : )

  17. B,

    We have Windows 10 because Windows 8 was terrible. I would prefer to work with Windows 7 instead!!!
    Family, and animals come first....

  18. I said yes to that Windows 10 Free too . . .
    I was fine with Windows 7 . . . should have stayed there.
    My problem is with the photos too . . . I can't find THEIR way to get my photos to load into my posts.
    So I do this "figgled giggled" way of putting a post together that takes extra time . . .
    But I do so cuz' I like me these blogging friends and I like creating too.
    I do wonder why when there is a good system in place, why I change . . .
    I am still operating in a "7" world when the game in town is a "10!"
    I do feel better because as I read above from you and some of your friends . . . I am not alone!
    And like you, it is a busy time around here so I will have to solve my part in it all . . . LATER!
    Thanks for your post, my momma reminded me about "thank you!"

  19. I see the summer hats have come out and I love it. She's looking good in the top picture. I got Windows 10 for free too a while back, last fall I think. I use Google for most things. I use Picasa to load the pictures from my camera to my computer. And they load to both Picasa and Windows 10. I find it faster to load pictures from Windows to my blog and I have had no problems with it. I just don't like the photo library in Windows 10, but haven't found the time to work with it yet. I have no cows, but it's amazing how busy life can be even so.

  20. I keep declining the "free" download. Now I feel vindicated :-).

  21. I'm sure there is much to do in spring. Big computer changes - a road no one likes going down! Glad you're getting things worked out. See you soon!

  22. oh buttons, never trust free!! i have a mac now, so i don't think i do the windows thing. i hope not!!!


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