Sunday, May 15, 2016

Workin' Boots

The guard of virtue is labor, and ease her sleep.
                                                    Torquato Tasso

Things are literally hopping here on the farm. There is so much to do before haying season begins. Much to do before our cows can move to another section of our pasture land. There does not seem to be enough hours in the day, but we move along as best we can. I will not speak for My Hero, but every year for me these jobs seem to become a little more difficult.

Yesterday morning, My Hero needed to put in a new gate at the back of the farm, in front of our best hay field. The discbine just fits through the narrow opening, and the existing gate has become difficult for me to open. This man is great at welding things, and the portable gate posts he created (much like a work of art) a few years ago, will be moved to another opening that requires the drilling into rock, for gate posts. This is expensive, so we wait.

It was a beautiful overcast (going to rain any moment) morning when the words “Could you check the fence on the west side of the farm?” came from his lips. Well, of course, I had to say “Yes”. After all, he would obviously be doing the hard work. I, on the other hand, had an excuse to walk through the beautiful forest and lush meadows.
He left with a jug of water, wearing his old, orange chainsaw boots, and I cleaned up the kitchen a bit, and then grabbed a jug myself, and headed out with my Pink Cadillac Boots.

The cows were all lying down, a sure sign those dark clouds above were more than a threat indeed. They always seem to know these things. I walked by them and only a couple stood up. The others did not care that I was off to do work to protect them from harm.

The always beautiful walk, along with the cedar rail fence line, showed much damage from the long winter. There were top cedar rails broken, and the pickets, that held those rails up had dropped down from the weight of the snow and/or deer hops or possibly bear launch off points. I took photos and made a mental note of where the fence needed attention. That damage would have to be fixed before we let our cows back there.

The spring flowers were out, so that was a bit of a distraction. I probably spent more time than I needed, surrounded by my forest, with my rocks and trees which I had not visited for a while. The fence, in the clearing and over the hill looked fine as far as I could see. The sound of a chainsaw echoed through the forest, so I headed into the direction of that sound.

There I found My Hero kneeling on the ground in his orange boots. He was sharpening his chainsaw. It took some time for him to notice me. I stood and watched him work. His ear protection had blocked the sound of my pink boots dragging on the ground. The walk had been longer than I had remembered, and I was literally, dragging my feet by the time I had found him.

 He appeared to be as exhausted as I felt. He looked up and we both smiled. The new gate posts looked great, and the fence line had already been cleared to make room for the wider gate. I automatically glanced down the fence line, guarding the hay field. There was so much damage and work left to do on that fence line. The use of cedar fence rails does make for a lot more work, but it works well and it looks so pretty.

The clouds had suddenly opened up, and we packed up everything quickly into the backhoe. I had made it just in time. Next weekend, we will get back there and try to get some more done.

Both pairs of boots work hard but in very different ways.



  1. Sort of reminds me of the song 'These Boots Were Made For Walking' ... but yours are also made for working!

    All the best Jan

  2. I can just imagine your walk..and how easily it would be to get distracted in the woods. No rain here today, but the weather is coolish and cloudy. I'm loving this break from bad weather.

  3. These boots are made for working, and that's just what they do...

  4. Your fields and fence lines and everything they keep knows all too well of its 2 and 4 legged inhabitants
    and their activities. :)

  5. These boots are made for walking . . . (and working.)
    I think there is a song kind of like that, isn't there?
    Fancy boots you both have!

  6. and it would rain on the weekend when you wanted to get lots of things done.

  7. Rain will make that hay grow.

    Happy boots, I'd say.

  8. It's a shame that the so pretty cedar rails break down so easily, you couldn't use a stronger substitute just as pretty?
    I bought a pair of rubber boots years ago, for wet weather work when I planted a large veggie garden. Then we moved house and I still have the boots, but they are very rarely worn.

  9. How time fly's - your hay time coming up once again..
    Hugs M xoxox

  10. Bless your hearts. Your smiles at each other make me :-)

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  11. B,

    Having a farm is full time 24/7 work. I commend you and your Hero for all your work.

  12. Those boots are made for working! Lovely to be able to spend some time in the forest!

  13. i was tired buttons, now i'm exhausted. i don't know how you do it all!!!

  14. Your boots probably needed a nap after all that.

  15. Teamwork is always exhausting but good boots and a strong will get you through it!...:)JP

  16. Fencing, a never ending ranch task. Yea for gate latches, and those who install them, that make it easier for Ranch Wives to open gates.

    J and I fenced around summer pasture today. With very little snow last winter, the fences were in good shape. Tomorrow we are hoping to finish up the electric fence project we started last week.

  17. I had no idea how much work Farmers faced, nor the trials and tribulations until I began to drop by 'Farmer's Blogs'; I applaud you all. Hard as it is, you make it all sound enjoyable, you, your Hero and your girls! Lovely post..

  18. Your post makes me re-appreciate all the hard work that farmers do.

  19. Looks really great, hard work pays off in the end. Warm greetings and best wishes!

  20. Spring has certainlly been taking its time! We may get hay off the field at the end of this month. Hard to believe it is that time already.

  21. OK - now an expert (you) has confirmed it. My mother had many superstitions and sayings. One was, "When the cows are laying down (notice she said laying not lying), it's going to rain." I still say it to Bob if we see cows in a meadow and they're lying down. Sounds like both your boots got a workout. Your land and animals always need attention. A farmer's work is never done!


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