Wednesday, June 15, 2016

One end or the other

To do each day two things one dislikes is a percept I have followed scrupulously:
every day I have got up and I have gone to bed.
                        (William) Somerset Maugham

An early morning yawn, a huge stretch and then a scan of the view are a huge part of every morning. The days are long now. This means, to sleep in is not something this girl can do. Most evenings now are spent trying to stay awake.

 After all, the sun is still up till almost ten now and there is so much to do. Ultimately, I continue to fall asleep sitting in front of the TV. Just a little rest would be the thought around that sit-down thing. Surely, I would be able to accomplish something before bed after just a little rest. I do know that I should prepare for nights of work with the hay harvest starting this weekend. The weatherman says seven days of sun so the rush will be on.

The whole sleep in front of the TV thing may not sound too bad, but it seems to happen earlier and earlier. Seven o’clock was that magic number last night. It appears to me that our body does need sleep and it will take it, no matter what. There may be some choices in which end of the day that catch-up of sleep will happen. Morning or night, one of those ends will take it for sure unless of course you are lucky enough to have naps during the day. The view in the morning continues to pull me out of bed.

This past Sunday morning at 5:30 I hopped out of bed pulled on warm clothes, (something I cannot believe I still have to do in the month of June). Pulled on shoes and a hat, grabbed my little camera to head down the lane. My Hero sat with a cup of coffee and wondered where I was going. I pointed to the trees, and then he knew.

The cows were already out to look for the beauty that can only be found in the mornings. The sun started to peek over the horizon, and I did know that it would make its way to the bush and weave that light through the trees. I had to hurry because that is something not to be missed. Early mornings, are the only time of the day that your eyes will witness the trees absorb the first light. My feet hit the dry dirt of the lane as I rushed to get back there. The dust stirred, and then floated into the air. It is so dry. Almost there, I stopped for a second to look behind and then I walked into the trees that were waiting for the sun too.

The sounds of the birds and the rustling of leaves greeted me as the wind danced across the tops of the trees. Snap, snap was the sound of the trees that bent and then the sound of cracking as they slammed against their neighbour. The strong wind made its way through the bush. The light crept up bit by bit as I ventured deeper into the trees.

The sound of turkeys echoed through the bush. The thought of turning towards the sound crossed my mind but I had to see the trees welcome the sun so I continued on my way.
Inch, by inch the light made its way into the darkness and was welcomed by a girl who heard the bush calling and chose not ignore it, this time. The trees always knew that she would make it back there eventually, because she needs it as much as they need that sun.

It was so worth the rush to once again enjoy this beautiful sight which will continue to be only found early in the mornings. The birds sang, the trees continued to slam into their neighbour pushed by the wind, and the leaves continued to rustle. The girl stood still, smack dab in the middle and absorbed the light along with the trees. She could never give up her mornings, for her evenings. She knew that falling asleep on the couch was what she would have to get used to.

The sun made its way high in the sky above the trees. Satisfied, the girl smiled and then turned to follow the sound of those turkeys that echoed through those happy trees. See you tomorrow, she whispered. Those same cows that had followed her into the bush now followed her back to where she had begun.

This early Wednesday morning, I sit and enjoy the great view, where a beautiful dark red coated buck with his incredibly beautiful red velvet antlers walks behind the house in the field. I try not to think about the dishes in the sink, the “to do list” on this table or worry about what time I will nod off tonight. One end or the other that catch-up sleep will happen.   



  1. wonderful. You take me with you every time. I never get up that early. Thanks

  2. Dishes will wait! You have such a connection with all things nature! Seven days of sunshine sounds wonderful. Hope the haying goes well!

  3. Sometimes dishes can wait ...
    Love your photo's here

    All the best Jan

  4. Having to put on a sweatshirt sounds good to me today. It's 100+ in Kansas and is definitely wheat harvest weather.

  5. Beautiful.
    And, as I type, the early morning magic is unfolding here...

  6. Miss B,

    Glad you got up early and headed out to the brush to take in nature. Sounds like a wonderful and peaceful way to start the day. That was right after your first cup of coffee, right? lol!

    Good Luck with haying. J is on his way home with the last parts he needs for the swather and he wants to start cutting in the morning. We had a "perfect storm" of warm temps too early combined with late frost that hurt the hay crop. In addition, it's very dry here and the alfalfa bugs are doing some major damage. Those who are haying say it's a mediocre crop.

    We were lucky to get a couple showers that allowed us to spray for bugs. It bought us a week to ten days. We are not going to have a runaway hay harvest, thankfully we have a lot of carry over from last year.

  7. From one gal that rushes out in the early mornings (to not miss the sounds and emerging light) to another...
    Thank you for taking us back to the bush.

  8. Sunrise in the trees is different than sunrise on the horizon. They're both beautiful in their own way.

  9. B. We are so on the same page. I wake up to sunlight and just can't sleep through it...sometimes it's way before 6.
    And in the evening! There is no way I can keep my eyes open to read or watch something. (We did, however, binge through some Netflix series...did you ever watch Graceland?) Around 2pm my body wants to slow down, so if I'm not out and about I pretend that I am going to read and can hardly get through 5 pages. Congrats on all you are getting published!

  10. I've never thought of capturing the morning sun as it rises through trees. I'd have to stand close to a heavily trafficked main road to do that here.
    Your photos are delightful.
    I've found 5pm to be my nod-off time. I'm thinking about cooking dinner, next thing I'm waking up at about 6.30pm

  11. such cute cows following the leader.

  12. What a delight to walk with you this morning! Lovely pictures of your early morning.

    Have a great day and a good sleep tonight ~ FlowerLady

  13. Is there anything better than "sweet nature looks and listens!"

  14. Morning- my favourite time of day. Although it's a toss up on whether I like morning light or evening light the best. Both beautiful and peaceful times of the day. Like life's beginning and end are supposed to be.

  15. I too am a morning person but since retiring the time has shifted away from 5:30 to a slightly more acceptable time.

  16. it sounds like you will have good haying weather!! i have a button on my bottom and i struggle in the morning, i require more sleep now!!!

  17. What a beautiful description of the joys of early morning. I love it. Of course being retired I'm on a sparkling trout stream...:)

  18. A great way to start the day. Happy, sunny, birds, trees and cows not sure about the wind.

  19. wonderful trip...and of course the cow herd following....they have to know whats up don't they!


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