Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rambling thoughts of a girl in her house

To improve the golden moment of opportunity and catch the good
that is within our reach,

is the great art of life.

                             Samuel Johnson

It is hot and it is dry. Oh so very dry. Yes it is summer on the farm. A ‘real’ summer and I have no idea what a 'real' anything is these days. I was a ‘real’ farmer a few weeks ago. Things have changed and the thoughts of change honestly scared me.

The days are long, here on the farm. The hay is getting done (slow but sure) because Mother Nature has always been the boss around here, and she sets the timetable. The threat of rain, that is desperately needed, makes you wait and hope. Then it does not come, so you hope for the next weekend either for rain or to finally get those last fields of hay off. This delay has you watch your ‘real’ farmer in residence (My Hero) putter around with a paint can, and his welder as tools of the hour, to create. It is a weird time of year, and that is for sure. We have been here, in this situation before. The weather and the situation have obvious to me swung around once again. Just like in the fashion world the ‘real’ world, with weather and circumstances has happened once or twice before, at least on this farm, and I believe in most people’s worlds. Oh yes it has, but people forget this, I believe.

The girl watches as the chipmunks dance on the well top. They are clever and take advantage of the coolness of this early morning before they will run to hibernate in a cool place, somewhere. The girl hopes it is not in the tractor air-conditioning unit once again. The girl and her farmer really did not appreciate the wires that were chewed and left the poor farmer melting in his cab.

This girl sits, and she watches all the action this morning while sipping her coffee. She now notices things that had been going on in this world. Things, that probably happened way back when, while she rushed around baling hay every year, at this same time. She has noticed things. Things that she needs to explore, that have always been put on hold while she toiled in the fields. This girl realized she does not want to waste this down time, and she should think of it as a gift. She needed this time in the house to find her new, possibly hidden side of her, or possibly the old her who had been buried.

She is now using her creative side to keep herself busy. Those familiar old habits to gravitate to the couch and to Netflix have been averted, and the bad eating has been adverted too. The girl wants to keep herself fit, and healthy for when she can get back to her 'real' world. That world where farmers rush, and then they worry and try to make it through the time of year based on all on the moods of the weather. The world that has farmers sleepless, but when all is said and done leaves them with smiles on their faces knowing they can get through anything and always do.

The girl is grateful for this unexpected gift of time, and the chance to explore the other side of the ‘real’ her. With her pen and paper in hand, she moves away from the window where those chipmunks continue to dance. She sets the stack of creativity on the table. She walks over to her farmer and to say goodbye and hands him his to-go coffee. He walks out the door to head back into his world. She heads back to hers. Life is good.



  1. Buttons, I love those shots of the hay bales! It isn't the easiest for me either to be still and solitary. I discovered that last summer when I broke my ankle. Good for you easing into a world of observation and gratitude. And of course creativity. Enjoy that gift.

  2. I love your attitude.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty of your world (and yourself).

  3. Smart girl, taking advantage of your time. Loved this. Taught me a good lesson. Especially putting Netflix aside. Boy oh boy, do I use that as an escape time from all the stress in my life. Should be using my time in more create ways.

  4. Making the best use of this time you've been given. I like it!

  5. You sound hopeful. You've set it up so you win no matter what.

  6. It's nice to see you are finding positive things about the down time.

  7. Dear Buttons ~ Your positive attitude is a blessing and inspiration to me.

    Love, hugs & prayers for you and your Farmer ~ FlowerLady

  8. You're sounding so positive and hopeful; it can't help but rub off!

  9. Life can be good even during "down time". I once thought my down time held me in limbo. But one day I realised that I created that limbo myself. Every minute we are alive, is a gift, no matter what we are doing or not doing. I have learned to make every moment matter, to enjoy that time, and make the most of it. I have also learned to let go of the guilt that often accompanied those times, when I could not do what I used to do, or complete tasks that I always had completed. You have a positive attitude, and you are on the right path, your path. {hugs}

  10. Karen has said it all and very well too. The hay looks great in the fields. I hope you get rain when the job is done.Good for you to think of using your creative talents while confined. Hope you mend soon.

  11. I'm sure it's hard to sit and watch while the summer progresses in front of you, Miss B. I'd be antsy too. I am glad to hear your optimistic side come through in this post, as you know this is down time is an opportunity.

    Keep your positive attitude and continue to take care of your body.


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