Saturday, August 13, 2016

More please, and a steamy auction

The thirsty earth soaks up the rain,
And drinks, and gapes, for drink again.
                                             Abraham Cowley

“Do you think I should cut that field of hay, correction, field of weeds beside the house?” My Hero asked.

“Yes, if it has any Murphy’s law attached to it, it may rain, and wouldn’t that be wonderful?” I quickly threw back at him.

“Yes it would”, he says with a smile.

So, he did.

It took a couple of days. He was going to rake and bale it to feed, as our cows need it but it did indeed rain last night. I slept to the sound of raindrops lightly bouncing off the roof. In the morning it was still raining, and I watched as the birds swam in the tiny puddles that were in the laneway.

And then, it stopped. It was not a lot of rain but it brought hope to all who have been waiting. I want him to cut more second cut hay, or should I say weeds, now.

The thistles, along with that horrible Wild Parsnip that grows on our lawn and in our pasture fields were probably very grateful for the little rain. If we are lucky, the grass can fight its way back.  Maybe, the water holes captured some much-needed water for a herd of cattle that consist of dusty grey coloured cattle, the ones that used to be white. Yes, it has been a long couple of months full of watching the skies. Farmers, actually everyone, anxiously wait for any bit of moisture and for that blazing hot sun to disappear, if only for a few days.

We drove by a few houses in the suburbs and some rural ones, yesterday. Right in the middle of a row of some houses with lawns brown and crunchy and much similar to ours, there were some green lawns. I wondered if the people living in those houses knew they just look like the silly ones, wasting the water on something that will come back. Wasting water that people need to grow their food, which will be needed to get them through, and according to the Farmer’s Almanac an upcoming harsh winter. My cows would love to come mow your lovely lawn if it gets too long for you. That would be silly too because at this point in this drought I am sure they would really rather drink from a trough set in front of your perfectly manicured lawn house.

I am not going to go on about this. I am pretty sure the majority of us know what is the right thing here.

We were driving to an auction in our air conditioned truck when we passed those green lawns. It was so hot and humid out that I really did not want to go. But, with no air conditioning in our farm house, it sounded delightful to go for a drive and escape "the "melting of me". Yes, I am getting to that point.

There were quite a few others who must have had the same idea. The auction had many vehicles parked in front of it. As soon as I stepped out to go and see what was there, I knew we would not be staying too long. I felt so sorry for the family that had booked this date for an auction, never knowing that it would be so uncomfortably hot and miserable.

There were the young, and the old standing already early in the morning still sweltering heat. There was some tree cover, where the people tried to huddle. Apple trees partially loaded with apples but now also littered the ground, that needed rain and found it hard to cling to the trees, any longer. There were quite a few antiques but there was no farm machinery or tools that My Hero and I could imagine that we could stand in the heat to wait for. I do hope after we left, that others did not leave. Others who were stronger then we tried to be.

We drove near those burnt crunchy lawns, and those silly looking green lawns on our way back to our uncomfortably, closed up, dark but still very warm house. We settled in, to wait for the rain that was promised and the sun to go down.

I am happy that he cut the hay or should I say weeds. It now lies on the ground a little damp but not floating. We need more. Take care, everyone.



  1. What a poignant post. Finally, today, rain. It is most welcomed by many, especially those who are victims of fire.

  2. Seems like the weeds love this drought and can survive well unlike everything else lol ! I saw on CTV news people are getting fake yet real looking and feeling green grass put in or they can get it sprayed with a eco friendly green spray that helps the lawns in the dry spells to save on watering as the spray protects it and lasts for a few years guess the look of brown dried lawns they dont like and it helps prevent fires that can happen on these dried lawns . To humid for me to even be in my gardens , hoping for more rain then we got which wasn't enough to begin with and a bit of a cool down soon lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. I am glad that you received some of the precious life-giver. And hope you get more.

  4. I do hope you receive more.

  5. I would invite your cattle to eat all our grass. The pastures are full of grass but empty without livestock.

  6. Good that you got some rain. Once it starts it may continue.

  7. B,

    The rain finally came!!!! We've been waiting patiently as well, had a few drops the other night.
    We all need a slow calm continuous drizzle with a slight cool breeze.


  8. Glad you've had some rain and hope you get more soon. But just rain, no flooding.

  9. Glad to hear you got some much needed rain and I pray you and other farmers will get more. We finally got some down here in my part of s.e. FL and I am so thankful for that.

    Love & hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  10. I can't believe how excited I was to know real rain was in the forecast. I have one of those brown, crunchy lawns but my heart aches for the farmers whose livelihoods are controlled by weather. Let us hope that more of the lovely, elixir of rain is in our future.

  11. I love the sound of rain! It's amazing at how much tension you can build up, waiting and waiting for rain. When it comes, your shoulders finally leave your earlobes!

  12. Sounds awfully hot, dry and uncomfortable. I hope things improve for you soon.

  13. A shame that my state Louisiana can't share with you folks. As for the heat, we still have it. Can't even imagine a home without AC anymore. We even put in AC in our apartment in The Netherlands. When my hub was back there in June, he used it everyday for two weeks ((25-30 C temps). I still remember when our friends in Pennsylvania had no AC in house or vehicle and thought we were spoiled. Guess we were and still are. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  14. The cattle might not want to eat that silky green grass you saw that's possibly loaded with fertilizer and who knows what other chemicals. It's been that kind of hot here, too, no one wants to be outside for any length of time.

  15. Buttons, I sure hope you got some of the rain that fell here on Saturday! We had 3 and half inches on Friday and Saturday, and another inch and half yesterday. I bet all your cows are dancing around, celebrating it all!

  16. We've had rain all week, but before that it was humid sticky hot miserable. When I think of Canada, I can't hardly wrap my head around the weather that you are having. I hope the rains come soon, and slow, steady ones that will sink into the ground!


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