Friday, September 30, 2016

My domesticity versus farming

Every duty which we omit,
obscures some truth which we should have known.
                                           John Ruskin

There is a fine line between being domestic and being a farmer. So fine a line, that the line most often disappears. I do know many farm women friends, who at this very moment have a delicious meal in a crock pot and may possibly have a sink full of dishes.
They were up first thing in the morning, and threw it all together knowing after a long day (and I mean sunup to sundown and sometimes into the night), it will be waiting. 

These women are out in the fields harvesting beans or any number of multitudes of different crops, right now. They drive combines, bigger than houses that some people live in. They haul overflowing harvest wagons, down busy highways and back roads, non-stop. Wagons, all loaded down with all kinds of things that we may find in our own crock pots. I am so proud to know these strong, resilient women. No matter what needs to be done, be that inside or outside, they can and will do it. These women are amazing.

On our farm, we no longer do crop farming so things are easier for us. The only stories I have about early morning crock pot experiences mixed with those long days on a tractor are during haying season. This year, as some of you know, this did not happen for me because of my injury.

Most days I tried to have an empty sink. The dust was kept at bay. I say that and can almost believe it, till I look around on most days. It was easy for me to explain a sink full of dishes, or dusty furniture when I was a farmer. I do have excuses now, but as I write this I can see why no one falls for any of them.

I am a writer, and sometimes things do get away from me if my muse happens to drop in. This would be when you must drop everything and sit to write. I am good at dropping everything when it comes to domestic stuff it seems. Thank you, my muse for that excuse. There are those trips to town, with an excuse that grocery and farm supplies need to be picked up. Even though, I also find time to have a coffee with my friends.

There are however a few domestic things that did happen. Someone dropped off a basket of cucumbers and I remembered when I used to be domestic, long ago. I knew I could tackle that easily. It took me two days, consisting of a lot of mistakes and corrections, but they did turn out and look pretty. I thought about going back buying that relish at the store after I saw the aftermath. I was left with four jars of relish and one huge mess in my kitchen that I could not ignore, no matter what.

I tackled making aprons for a while, and people seemed to like them. This I knew I could do and jumped in with both feet to make more. Six more were cut out. Currently, they are sitting on the ironing board that I pushed down the hall, all gathering dust. I guess I could not find an excuse not to finish them, or to finish them.

I think I have figured it out. It appears that I am a better farmer than a “domestic goddess.” I need to be outside, driving those big machines and tackling the domestic stuff when it is needed. Honestly, it was much easier for me to do both, if I did not have any choice, and no time to think about any excuses.


I will be taking a break from blogging for a few weeks. During that time I will be out gathering stories. Take care my friends. Hugs B


  1. Wave when you fly over Gracie...I'll be out in the garden moving perennials...have a wonderful time.


  2. Looking forward to the stories...dusting is highly over rated.

  3. Outdoors is my favourite place too Buttons! Have a great trip to Vancouver. I wish I could meet up with you again. I still have fond memories of our time on the mountain a few years ago. Snowball fight anyone?! :)

  4. Homebody stuff....whether outside on your property or in the house, doesn't matter. Just do what you love best!

  5. I hear you.
    The Lick and a Promise Queen is standing in for the Domestic Goddess here. And has been for a very long time.

  6. i am so not a domesticly gifted housekeeper. just don't care. i'll vacuum, sweep, do laundry and dishes, but the dust will come back.

  7. Hope you have a great time and the weather is good. (My cousins from the west coast are driving east for a visit with us in Ontario as I type!)

  8. Have a great break, and I hope you come back with lots of stories!

  9. Bon Voyage B! There will always be dust.

  10. I admire farming wives. They are such hard workers. Makes me feel slothful.

    I'm no homemaking goddess either. I'd rather be working with beads, threads, etc. or working in my gardens.

    Have a wonderful break! FlowerLady

  11. You are okay being a tractor driving farmer rather than a pumpkin pie kitchen gal . . .
    Or something like that . . .
    I am an outdoor gal too . . .
    Ten plus days if constant rain are doing me in!
    My creative bug has found me though and I am about to begin . . .
    Keep on writing your stories . . . you do it very well . . .

  12. "Dust if you must", is something a friend told me. There are so many wonderful things to do in life, besides domestic chores! I do clean, but not to perfection anymore!! lol Enjoy your trip!

  13. The dust gathers no matter how many times I half-heartedly swipe at it.... Domestic guru I am not.
    Have a safe trip. If you were driving I'd say stop in Creston for a visit, but you are probably flying.

  14. I wish you happy times in Vancouver! I don't even have a muse and my housework still suffers. I wish I had something I could blame!

  15. Domesticity is for the no brainers. I hate it but I also hate a messy house so I get it done, which is hard with a sore back as you would know.

  16. I was never a farmer, but I often had large pots of things cooking, or an extra roast in the oven; one for dinner,the other for slicing for sandwiches for school lunches. Several pans of brownies for freezing for after school snacks, multiple apple pies.
    I still have cook-up days, but the frozen servings are single size these days.
    But housework? I can do it if I have to...

  17. I bet your relish tastes better than store bought, just knowing all the work that went into it! Yes, canning is definitely a labor of love. I made autumn olive jelly this weekend. Big old mess. But we'll enjoy it on our toast for weeks to come.

  18. there is nothing wrong with this buttons, nothing!! we all enjoy different things, we are all good at different chores. don't worry, be happy....

    chuck always tells me "that dust will be here 100 years after we are gone!!!!"

  19. Miss B.,
    I have days when I just want to be outside and working. I have days when I just want to be inside and get caught up. I agree, there is a fine line between domestic wife and ranch hand. We all have to find our balance between the two.

  20. I would call you a Farm Goddess. Dusting is so overrated.

  21. But you make hats that cows love to show off!

  22. Hope you are ok...from M in Coffs Harbour, NSW.

  23. It sounds like you are very good at the domestic goddess bit! You should sell your aprons!

  24. I hope you back is slowly improving, somedays I am happy in the kitchen and some days outside, a good mix I think:)

  25. God luck story hunting. Winter is my domestic time. When the weather is nice you can't get me in the house.

  26. The thing about capable farm women is they just get the job done, fill in as needed and never fuss or yell about equal rights. They know equality is not part of a good team on a farm. Getting things done when they need to makes the teamwork what it should be. Oh and as to canning...I see photos of tidy canning jobs...not me....bombsite with a full sink that I plow into to empty. My problem is when Ralph needs help it is much more fun than dishes!

  27. I too am a better 'outdoor person' because I am not a farmer in the literal sense of the word but because I need to be outside with my hand in the soil. I always love your posts buttons.

  28. I'm sorry that I missed what happened to yup Grace .. I haven't been in the blog world for a while ..
    I hope you are healing and feeling better!
    You are an AWESOME woman with all that you do .. I am sure your last thoughts on earth will not be "I wish that I had dusted more and cleaned up that sink full of dishes ?" haha ... nope .. it will be that you are glad you did the things you did because you loved doing them ! ... you rock !
    Take care !
    Joy : )

  29. Someone wants to view the farm/house tomorrow and I told them, "My barns look a lot better than my house!" ahem. I am not a house proud woman but I am a farm/barn proud Grace, be SAFE and go easy on yourself. It took me a year to learn he work will always be there so take time for myself. Now, I don't always do it but I do always remember it.
    I'm so sad


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