Friday, October 28, 2016

A BLUE HAT kind of day.

Half the confusion in the world comes from not knowing how little we need…
I live more simply now, and with more peace.
                                                        Richard Evelyn Byrd

The bush full of trees that lie off in the distance taunted me as I savoured my coffee. With my head still full of the sweetest of dreams, I headed downstairs.

It was a very chilly start to my Friday morning. On opening the door, that cold old wind pushed its way past me, and then knocked me back as it rushed to the woodstove to get some warmth. I grabbed a hat which happens to be My Hero’s, off the rack. A nice blue hat that was a bit big but I pulled it on over top of my hoodie. I shut the door and headed out, leaving that wind to warm by the fire.

Yesterday it happened to snow here pretty heavily for a bit but it did not really amount to anything. After all, most of the leaves are still on our trees and it is only the end of October, so I knew any snow that comes now will probably not last. There is one place where the leaves cling to the trees but also covers the ground. That was where I was headed.

As I headed down the lane, all our cows were headed towards the house. They had spent the night in the bush. That sounds like a wonderful idea, does it not? My Hero was behind me with two fresh green bales of hay waiting on the forks of the tractor. The cows wanted nothing to do with me. They wanted everything to do with their breakfast. We all continued on to our happy place.

The ground was wet after the snow and a bit of a melt. The remaining snow still clung to the exposed grass and mud puddles where the cows have walked greeted my already cold wet feet. I looked down to my running shoes and wished I had of put on my Pink Cadillac Boots.

The leaves cover the ground as I enter the entrance to Gracie’s Lane. I slow my pace down, as to savour all that wet, cold beauty. There is no place I have ever travelled that has such a tight grip on my heart. The colours, the beauty and its peace are indescribable. Soon it will all be covered in snow. There is no place like this anywhere, as far as I am concerned. This is my home.

On the way back I did stop off to say Hi to the cows. As always Bossy2 needed to try on My Hero’s blue hat.



  1. I love that laneway too ... beautiful photo with the leaves. Snow will be soon enough!

  2. I always love to see your cows. I miss mine and Ralph and I are debating getting some. The fall winter transition is lovely on your farm!

  3. i love the line of sweet cows coming for their hay. :) happy first snow!

  4. It's awesome to have a place where you feel so much contentment! I love the photo of the cows heading to breakfast!

  5. Sounds like the cows are gentled...a very good thing. When I had steers I swore...never again!
    My Jersey cow is sweet but I never forget she's a LOT bigger than me.
    Have a lovely weekend, Grace. We've yet to have a hard frost...and you've had a skiff of snow.

  6. I feel you peace in these photos!

  7. Your Hero better be careful. Bossy2 looks like that hat suits her. People who live in places that hold their hearts are the lucky ones.

  8. I am so glad you share the beauty of the places which have claimed your heart.

  9. Great fall colors and description. It almost feels like I'm there.

  10. I felt your heart in this. Beautiful words and beautiful message.


  11. Your posts are so inspiring and your photos just wonderful! I loved the quote at the head of this post. You are an inspiration to me to keep going, enjoying the beauty and the life that I have been blessed with. Thank you.


  12. Oh my, a bit of snow you said :)
    Hugs M xoxox

  13. Snow? Oh no!
    Your life sounds so lovely. I just love your posts and photos.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  14. Such a wonderful, beautiful post. Wished I was with you all the way. By the way, what is "the bush"? Is that the forest around you?

  15. It is so wonderful to love where you live like that. I miss having a house somewhere that I can really connect to the World around me - it isn't the same in the city.


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