Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snow Kidding.

Story-telling is subject to two unavoidable defects—
frequent repetition and being soon exhausted;
so that whoever values this gift in himself,
has need of a good memory,
and ought frequently to shift his company.
                                    Johnathan Swift

The snow was coming down rather heavily. It was beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful to me than to see the farm covered in a fresh coat of white. It makes everything look so clean and new.

My Hero was in the tractor Saturday afternoon. He had just finished giving the cows their hay back in the bush. We did know that the weather was to change, and we wanted to be prepared and make sure all the animals were comfortable. It was warmer out than it had been in a few days but there was a forecast for freezing rain, and our temperatures were to plummet for Sunday night. The melt of the snow and then a quick freeze have never been a nice combination to deal with on the farm.

While I watched My Hero, make his way up the lane I was hypnotized by the contrast of the red tractor on the pure white snow. I snapped away with my camera. Suddenly, I was distracted by a most unusual sight. It was taking place on top of the barn roof. I had to look twice to figure out what was going on. I pointed my camera at the barn and focused on the activity taking place.

Yes, it was true. My eyes were not deceiving me. There was a gigantic raven circling around the roof vent. I have always loved the look of those old roof vents. I must admit I was a little perturbed at that big old beautiful raven. He and his friends had ripped my garbage apart, in front of my house on garbage day. The only thing they dragged far away was a plastic broken hanger, with two metal clips attached. I know they love shiny things but there was no way possible they could have seen through that black bag. I thought it was weird but they are supposed to be clever, so it still has me wonder.

Anyway, back to my story.

This beautiful shimmering black raven circled in unison with the swirling snowflakes around that vent. He seemed very interested in something. He swooped down then soared back up in the air. It was like I was watching a graceful, perfectly choreographed dance on stage, but this was in the sky. I began to forgive this beautiful creature for the garbage incident and enjoy his entertainment.  My eyes were fixated on the barn roof. I was mesmerized by this dance, meaning, the rest of my farm view disappeared in my eyes.

Then the raven landed. Questions popped into my head. What was he up to? Did he finally see what he wanted? Was it another shiny thing, like a screw that had popped out of the roof? After all, the thought of those metal clips on that hanger from my garbage was still on my mind.

Then it happened. This beautiful raven started to roll around in the deep fresh fallen snow on top of the barn. He was taking a snow bath. “Snow kidding.” He was there for about fifteen minutes and he sure enjoyed his time on that roof. Oh, what a beautiful sight.

This proved to me that you just never know when a mediocre story will land in your lap, or in this case, on your barn roof.



  1. A little gift for you from the universe on a snowy day.

  2. I liked today's story about the snow, and the farm, and the raven (and even the trash). Here's a strange thing: ravens rarely come on our property. I see them on trees just slightly downhill at my neighbor's house but they don't fly up to our trees. Is it the slight increase in altitude between the neighbor and us? Anyway, the bird who built a nest in our back door wreath this summer didn't have to worry about the ravens robbing her nest. In case I don't get the chance to visit again this week, have a wonderful holiday and a very happy New Year.

  3. Snow good to see you got some! :-}

  4. The ravens are amassing tools with which to take over the world. Hairclips, mostly.

    The snow makes everything so peaceful! Love your photos and story.

  5. What a great moment you captured with this Raven. I think they are beautiful, but sorry to hear they got into your trash! I wouldn't have liked that either!

  6. Well I am shivering and covered with goose bumps just thinking about a snow bath! brrrrr..... We've had snow and ice too. And not many people can make it up our driveway. I prefer to see everything looking clean by having the grass grow from the summer sun! Not snow!!! I know you love it though. I was thinking you were going to tell us that the raven took that hanger and put it high up on your barn rooftop!!!!! Now that would have been funny. Have a great week dear friend.


  7. Stories like this goes unwritten sometimes because we are just too preoccupied to even take notice of all the wonderful antics that goes on in nature. You were there at the right moment, camera in hand. ( I honestly thought that the raven was looking under the snow for the hanger he dug out of the trash) lol...

  8. Now that would have been a sight to see . . .
    You were in the right place at the right time . . .
    And a story was born . . .

  9. This is what you call being sidetracked and in this case the raven stole your story. Maybe the story was shiny.

  10. Well now, how about that - I didn't realise they loved to have a snow bath! Just shows, it pays to keep watching sometimes! Cheers :D)

  11. Never seen a raven take a snow bath/shower...awesome.
    Merry Christmas to you and family - Hugs M xoxox

  12. That is really neat! You were there at the right time to capture that interesting scene.

    Happy Christmas week and day to you and your husband and all of your critters.


  13. Cool! I love ravens and crows - I didn't realize they took snow baths, but it does figure. Thank you for capturing it so we can all enjoy it!!!

  14. I loved your snow shots. We probably got 2" of snow, but the real story here were the sub-zero temperatures. It had been awhile since we were -12, but we were Sunday AM! Merry Christmas, B!

  15. Oh I bet that was fun to watch! He sure is a beautiful bird.

  16. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze! I love the story and great photos. Merry Christmas!


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