Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wait for it.

Patience and time do more than strength and passion.
                                               Jean de La Fontaine

Early morning and just outside my window has never failed to provide beautiful and unexpected views. This is a great thing for a girl who does most of her important stuff early in the morning, in front of that window. That important stuff would be to sip my coffee, read, write, surf the net and sometimes knit. Yes, indeed the important stuff. As of late, it has been all about my knitting. Whenever I find a minute these days I pick it up and do a few more rows of what I have on the needles.

Well, the view outside the window early this morning was somewhat beautiful but not the best I have seen. The clouds over the lake, which happens to be very far off in the distance, looked like mountains. I love when that happens. This meant that the sun was going to have to travel quite far up in the sky for me to see it. A solid wall of black cloud just above the tree line hid the sunrise that I expected.  To get this shot I opened the window. Yikes, the frigid wind blew snow into my face at a force that was unexpected for sure. I persevered, and then snapped away.  You are welcome, wink wink.

If truth be told I had not partaken in the knitting thing very much since my Mom passed away. For me to pick up needles and knit a hat had been a constant reminder of how my Mom had taught me. A constant reminder of all that time we had spent together. These memories now make me giggle. Her Alzheimer’s mixed with my willingness but complete, lack of skills had certainly made for lots of giggles. The good news for me is that now, I can associate my knitting with those good memories and the joy that this time brought to both of our lives. I do not dwell on what had been lost as often. To knit makes me very happy once again but now those happy moments are entwined with wonderful memories.

I had to learn to wait for my joy of knitting to return, much like the wait for a beautiful sunrise. All I could do was keep busy while I waited and continue to believe that it would happen. Yes, a whole lot of patience is required and I am not known as a very patient person. I had to believe that these things would eventually come back in time, even when I was full of doubt. I am pretty sure this can be said of many things in the lives of many people. Different waits for different things.

The constant click of my needles makes me smile. A scarf for someone who already wears the matching hat, combined with the incredible view of the sun that had finally conquered that wall of dark clouds made for a perfect morning.

It is true “Good things do come to those who wait.”



  1. I'm happy for you that you've taking up your knitting again. Your view while you knit, read, blog etc. is a lovely one. Pretty soon we'll be noticing the days getting a wee bit longer. Well, in a few weeks. :) Take care. Pam

  2. Knitting can be a very calming exercise.

  3. You keep busy with both indoor and outdoor activities. It'sgood you can remember the good things about your Mom.

  4. Your snowy photos have beautiful blue tones to them.

  5. Thank you for opening your window to take that beautiful photo B... appreciate it :D)
    Lovely to read that your knitting has brought you back to the happy memories - I love that quote, so true. I've had to exercise patience (something I was very short of in younger days!!) over the past while and it's well worth it. Hugs and continue to enjoy your window mornings. Cheers now :D)

  6. I am very, very happy that some good things have returned.
    And thank you so much for that sunrise.

  7. It's good that you are able to knit again and think happy thoughts of your mother. The sunrise was worth waiting for.

  8. Lovely to read that you are clicking the needles once again...happy knitting. I'm crocheting at the moment.
    Merry Christmas to you and W, your family from we down under :)
    Hugs M xoxox

  9. Wonderful! And I am certain your mother is smiling upon each stitch. You have been busy girlie. Thanks for braving the elements for the photo opt much appreciated.

  10. What an inspiring post! Your sunrise is lovely and your knitting projects very nice to see and will be enjoyed and appreciated by the ones receiving.

    It is good to not dwell on what we have lost, but to let the love, peace and joy of precious memories fill our hearts.

    Love & hugs and wishes for a Happy Christmas week. ~ FlowerLady

  11. I am delighted that you are embracing your memories through knitting. Keep on clicking.

  12. I'm so glad you've reached that point of 'happy memories'.

  13. Good morning Buttons, Your post is full of HOPE and that is such a gift. I'm so glad that your needles feel useful again and those beautiful hats are once again sprouting everywhere. There's something to be said about waiting for healing. It take time and patience. What comes to mind is Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. A Time for Everything.

    Not too long from now, December 22, the days will once again start their slow movements to more daylight.
    Seasons's greetings.

  14. I knew knitting would come back to you in you own time. Enjoy all the good memories with each and every stitch.

  15. You will soon have a hat for every cow in the paddock. You are taking after your mum with the knitting. You must teach your grand daughter next.

  16. I knit...therefore I am! Love your hats.

  17. and the wait brought joy . . .
    happy day . . .


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