Sunday, January 29, 2017

This winter and eviction thoughts

Maybe if we can all laugh alike, and laugh at the same time,
this world of ours wouldn’t be able to find so many things to squabble about.
                                  Bob (LesleiyTownes) Hope

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. According to My Hero that is never a good thing.  So, you have been warned. He indeed knows me better than anyone. Sometimes my thoughts are jumbled and make absolutely no sense but here we go. You be the judge.

Last night it snowed, let me rephrase that, last night we had a tease of snow. Kind of like a sprinkle of rain during a drought. We need so much more to make up for our drought season this past summer and fall. People on other blogs are posting photos of their families outside snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing and just plain old building snowmen in the snow. We are not engaged in any of those fun activities. Do not get me wrong I have been out there walking in the snow and I tend to play with my cows a lot. I am not real sure how they feel about this weather, they are keeping that to themselves. This last snow is barely up to the top of the soles on my boots. A thin layer of ice lurks below just to trip you up. Is it wrong for me to constantly wish for snow, and be jealous of those who have it?

This morning, I read a report that this time of year is a very depressing time for so many people because there is not enough sunlight, and yes I do understand that one. I may have a thought as to why.
This morning while “swiffering” the floor, because honestly I was too lazy to pull out the vacuum, I noticed two very large dust bunnies. I stared at them for a long time with amazement and wonder. Their beady little eyes and big teeth; never mind that may have been in my head, but whatever. I thought about a house that I had just visited where no one lives and realized just how clean it was. There were no dust bunnies anywhere to be found. This made me wonder how two people like us, could generate so much dirt and grime and such huge menacing dust bunnies. This is the part of the story where I must tell you that I am not that incompetent of a housekeeper. Honestly, I was once a professional housekeeper so I do know “stuff.” Well, I did know “stuff.”

I vaguely remember doing this very same “swiffering’ just last weekend. I have come to the conclusion that those dust bunnies are hiding out when I clean and then come out when I am sitting down to admire my professional work.

There is a law in our province that you are not allowed to evict tenants in the winter months. I may be wrong about whether it is still in effect, so do not quote me. I have come to the conclusion that these huge dust bunnies and their little buddies got wind of that law. I do know they tend to share information.
It has been a bit windy out there, so let us face it, they would not have a chance. I “swiffered” near them and off they ran again. I look forward to the spring when I will be able to evict those two and their families.

I did have one thought, though. Possibly, if I did drag out that vacuum hose that seems so cumbersome and heavy these days, and then sucked them into the bag, they could live there instead of under the refrigerator. I am pretty sure there is no law about just where in the house they had to live.

I warned you that My Hero says my thinking is never a good thing. You understand why now, don’t you?

Have a happy week everyone. Find some humour, and the laughter that will follow, no matter how strange it may seem at the time, and just go with it. After all, spring is just around the corner.

If this post can make, at the very least one or two people laugh, then it has done what it was meant to do. I may need to do some more thinking. This may take some time.



  1. You have a beautiful active mind. But really, only you Buttons, would be concerned about where the dust bunnies would live. Hey...I think maybe their cousins are under my bed.

  2. I've been wondering the same thing as you. They also have set residence in my house and they pretty much behave like yours.
    Only, I'm not too concern about evicting them in the cold of winter, after all, I'm sure they will quickly return when my head is turned. lol.
    I love your imagination. I have lots of snow to share with you and also lots of ice...
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Love reading your blogs.. I have the same problem with dust bunnies.. my husband says get out the vacuum.. I say that just pushes them around and finding more places to hide.. the swiffer dance is much more effective for capturing dust bunnies.. have a great week.. happy days all the way from Florida..

  4. I think a home in the vacuum is just fine. Among friends.
    Smiling at your thoughts. Thank you.

  5. Hi Grace - not sure my comment went thru...thinking of naming the dust bunnies and claiming as dependents.
    Tax time approacheth.

  6. I just bought a tiny little vacuum to catch those little critters. The heavy old thing downstairs is just too much to haul up where I do all my sewing. Sewing generates a LOT of dust. I am noticing the lack of dog hair this week. I did the rug upstairs and got hardly a thing off was awfully hard to clean the last of it out of the bucket.
    I was a landlord for a few years. (NEVER AGAIN!) The old rule about eviction in the winter is no longer valid. Pay up or get out, no matter if it is February.

  7. Vacuum time tomorrow (think I said that every single day last week��). But no dusting. We are going away for two months, and who will see the dusted furniture? Thanks for your kind comment and support on my blogpost today, Buttons. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  8. Oh gosh, I think a couple of your dust bunnies found their way over here - "Travelling Dusties". Good fun B., thanks for the laugh. Have a great week :D)

  9. I don't know about your thinking but your hero's statement could certainly apply to many people. Dust bunnies? I think they have a mind of their own.

  10. LOL that was a funny post . Hubs here always says me thinking is dangerous as well lol ! I have to swifter / sweep every day with the cat and dog as they are both pretty furry as for the dust bunnies they get evicted to the vacuum once a week here lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day .

  11. I have been sucking up dust bunnies with the vacuum just this weekend! Oh, the excitement! Our ancient house always seems dusty.

  12. I hate dust bunnies, but now you have changed my attitude about them. I can see the ears and big teeth. Ha Ha Ha! Just cute.

  13. I actually feel sad about evicting my dust bunnies now - somehow you have given them life!

  14. B,

    I think you need a special lock on your vacuum to ensure those dust bunnies stay where they belong :-)

    Great story, you did make me laugh, and put a smile on my face.

  15. The dust bunnies have made me laugh. I have the same. I swiffer around and later when I shake the bedcovers while making the bed, bunnies get blown out from under the bed.
    Then in the living room, I'll turn on the fans to stir the air, and dust bunnies roll out from under the cabinet and couch to play in the breeze.

  16. Better dust bunnies than the clumps of mud that seem to never end on my back porch these days! I like that last photo. It looks like she's laughing with her mouth full!

  17. You can count me as one of the laugh-out-loud-ers! We haven't had much snow, either - if you don't count the first snow, which was a humdinger. This time of year we sure do need our senses of humor, don't we? xoxo

  18. LOVE the quote at the top of your post!!
    I also love the white cow! Is she all white? Very pretty.

  19. I love the white cow too, I haven't seen her before. What kind of cows are your cows? Breed, I mean. Dust here in the dry mountains don't seem to make bunnies. It's just dust, thick dust, unless you dust every three days or so (and who does that?). My bunnies are now left by Samson, who after three years of no shedding, decided to start. And shed he does! So lots of cute little white bunnies all around the house.

  20. Hello Grace girl ... yes you made me laugh ! .. I wasn't expecting this when I read the title but how funny is the dust bunny population in the winter .. add one cat to the mix and you get a breed of dust bunny that can be SCARY ! haha
    This is the "winter that hasn't happened" even after all those dire expectations from the Farmer's Almanac .. what happened ?
    All that hot air the creature (Trump) from the south blew off our proper winter .. and he still doesn't believe in climate change? go figure !! haha
    Love the girls as usual : )
    Take care
    Joy : )

  21. Oh, what a breath of fresh air you are today. (Or whenever this thinking took place.) I think I saw the free-loading relatives of your dust bunnies lurking around the premises. Thankfully, they don't eat much. Have a lovely day, Buttons, and I hope you get some precipitation to help recover from that nasty drought.

  22. I bought a roomba and now she looks for the dust bunnies while I watch her to make sure she does not get stuck underneath anything. There truly is no "housewife helper" that does not include the housewife's help. Have a great weekend!

  23. Love your cow photos and your imagination. I have a friend, Helen, who thinks like you. She makes up the silliest stories in the car. She and my Bill kept each other entertained for ages talking about what "Refuge Islands" were for. (In Australia the waiting places in the middle of the road for pedestrians are called 'Refuge Islands". Are they called that in Canada?

  24. :) I understand...hope you get some snow soon:)


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