Wednesday, January 25, 2017

To wear or not to wear

I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as normality.
That is what makes story-telling such an absorbing task,
the attempt to reduce to order the anarchic raw materials of life.
                                      Evelyn Arthur St. John Waugh

There have been some strange winter weather happenings so far here on the farm. Take yesterday, for instance, it called for snow. Well, as you probably guessed, I was excited. It has been awhile since we have actually had any amount that would require snowshoes and my camera in the bush among the trees. We have had a whole lot of freezing rain days here, especially on Tuesdays for some strange reason. Once again, there is now some snow but a layer of ice lurks below. This makes for tricky maneuvering for all outside work, or fun.

This brings me to the “Wear or not wear thing;” and what lurks below. This post is not about me. This post is all about Red and/or Bossy2 or for that matter any of the girls. Our cows have always been able to figure out how thick their luxurious furry coats should be. Last winter it was very cold and they were ready. The thick layers have always sustained them comfortably through whatever the weather has thrown at them.

Most of you know I spend a lot of time with the girls. I also usually have a hat or two in my pocket. This freezing rain stuff has kept me inside. Instead of “bored” eating this year it seems I have fallen into “bored” knitting. For those of you who are wondering, oh yes, it is a much better thing. I have accumulated quite a few hats. Well, I accumulate, and then have Bossy2 or Red try them on. I then snap a few photos and then send them (the cows, and the hats) on their way.

The other morning as I was just to set a beautiful fuzzy, girly hat on Red I noticed her luxurious head of hair. Then I noticed her thick glossy strawberry blonde coat. Oh my, I was impressed by the softness of it, the thickness of it. The hair on top of her head was styled just right. I had to run my fingers through it. I stuffed the two hats in my pocket and took the time to admire what had been hiding under those hats that I insist they try on.

After a time Red asked me to get on with it, as the drizzle that was coming down was now freezing rain and she needed to get into the bush under a tree.  I placed those hats one, by one quickly on her head. Then, off she went to join the others to weather the storm among the cedars.

 I made it back up to the house and then I started to wonder what Mother Nature had in store for us for the rest of this winter.  You see, the luxurious curly top head of hair and those thick coats the girls wear have never been wrong. I suspect that there is more in our near future than just warmish temperatures and that freezing rain.

Perhaps, some snow and cold will finally come so this farm girl will finally get to dust off her snowshoes.



  1. Hello Grace girl !
    I love the girl's "hair" I only wish mine was in the shape theirs are .. thick and beautiful ! .. I just now you tell them that every time you are with them.
    We had some snow over night but not all that much .. maybe you have more than we do ? I am glad for the garden .. I swear I saw it shivering while the freezing rain was going on.
    Who knows what the rest of this winter will turn out like .. fingers crossed not too severe .. more snow is fine but within reason ? haha
    Mean while back at the mad house here .. I am still waiting for word on my computer .. the coffee machine had a FIT when I tried to use it .. it spit and screamed at me .. Garden PA fixed it for me .. I might have to call him Mr. Coffee now ?
    Then the kitchen tap had a fit ... none of this happens to Garden PA .. I am beginning to get paranoid around appliances now.
    In any case .. your hats are sweet and even cuter on the girls. Well done you !!
    Take care
    Joy : )

  2. They do seem to have a thick head of hair. We are cold again, but no moisture is in the forecast. Maybe the muddy lots will dry out a bit. One silly heifer had her calf in a mud puddle this AM. Randy rescued it and it's now in the calving shed, out of the wind.

  3. It sure has been a strange winter. I heard we are in for a lot of snow come February. Maybe your girls "hair" is a testament to that!

  4. I've never seen such glorious hair or is it fur on a cow. How long do their hats stay on?

  5. I suspect our weather boffins could learn a lot from your girls - and all the animals and birds. Science doesn't yet have all the answers.

  6. Yes, your girls' glorious head of hair and thick coats may well be telling you something. When we see the ants scurrying around and trying to come indoors - that's a sure sign of a lot of rain on the way.
    Red makes a gorgeous model for your lovely hats B. Cheers :D)

  7. Those fur coats are seldom wrong....I wish they were.

  8. your cows are so beautiful b, especially with their "hand knitted with love" hats!!

    bored knitting, no such thing - we are lucky to have the gift and share it with others, peeps or cows!! our weather has been all over the place, one snow, one nor'easter, a lot of rain and very warm temperatures!! i feel kinda' cheated with the snow!!!

  9. A thickening coat seems to be an excellent predictor of weather to come, if only humans could have the same.

  10. I agree. They know much more than they tell. My girls haven't been coating up near as much as last year even with the much wetter weather. And the temps are quite cold at times. But they seem to be warm and happy. Cute cows and cute hats. It is a win win! And yes bored knitting wins over bored eating anytime.

  11. What beautiful hair! Who would think they have such lovely locks. Thanks for showing another side of life with cows. :-)

    Happy knitting ~ FlowerLady

  12. What beautiful cows you have! And I agree - knitting from boredom is much safer than eating from boredom! This has been a very strange winter, indeed.

  13. Better bored knitting than bored eating. I too am looking forward to friendly weather to entice me outside. My snow shoes are still in the basement.

  14. I wish I knit or crochetted to stop the bored eating...and I did half teach myself to crochet a few years ago but was slower than molasses. Besides, I need no more habits. Quilting is expensive enough.

  15. I've had my snowshoes out a couple of times, but we had a big melt a couple of weeks ago and now there really isn't enough snow. There barely was enough before the melt. Lovely photos of the girls. They are so sweet.

  16. The wait continues here too . . .
    I will take a foot or two any day now!
    (Mister Weather Man says, "not much" in the picture though.)
    Colorful hats for your golden haired friends . . .


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